Does Music Today Suck?

Mina Charles 2012/12/28 19:06:46
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Yes. Yes it does:| I hate the music they play today. They always put Punk, Heavy Metal, etc. in Alternative Music. It sucks, I wish kids these days would appreciate legends like Led Zeplin or Bruce Springsten. Turn off the Beiber and the 1D!
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  • xmusicloverx 2013/10/14 18:41:47
    I guess
    Well there is some music today that is tolerable to listen to, but as of 1d, Justin Bieber and all the other boy bands, yes, music of today sucks.
  • Jason Krajniak 2013/07/30 02:11:50
    Jason Krajniak
    Not all of it
  • Scarlett Jasmine 2013/01/18 02:38:14
    I guess
    Scarlett Jasmine
    If you're talking about mainstream pop or rap music, then yes. But if you're talking about underground music that's rock, Metal, etc. then no. There's still some good music left, it's just that the music that's good is left completely unnoticed while autotuned rappers earn millions. It's quite sad, really.
  • aracely_dosxx 2013/01/04 17:02:24
    I guess
    not all music but Justin Bieber Nikki Manaj etc does
  • Cunning Stunts 2012/12/30 10:22:01
  • DecreeB 2012/12/29 03:34:52
    Not all of it, but there has been a ton of recent stuff that I wouldn't even classify as music.
  • Prettyawesome 2012/12/28 20:12:33
    Not all modern music sucks. I personally like new music, but not bands like 1D or stupid pop or rap songs that are very popular nowadays.
  • John 2012/12/28 19:20:27
    I like some of the old music of the 60's and 70's but I like today's music better. I think every generation has it's own music that the older generation hates. I don't know your age but if Bruce Springstein was a part of your generations music, didn't your parents hate it?
  • Mina Ch... John 2012/12/30 17:01:11
    Mina Charles
    My parents LOVE Bruce Springstein, they are actually the reason I started listening to Bruce S. Im 13 and my generations music (in my opinion) sucks. Yeah there are some stuff thats new and good but Im a 70's, 80's, & 90's kinda girl.
  • John Mina Ch... 2012/12/30 17:54:51
    I get that. You can find good music from every generation.

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