Does Lance Armstrong's admission of using performance-enhancing drugs change your opinion of him?

SportsNation 2013/01/15 00:04:00
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  • Moodybloo70 2013/01/15 11:45:02
    Doping is nothing new to cycling anyway. He is still the best thing that ever happened to the sport.
  • nerak611 2013/01/15 04:19:57
    Yes, for the worse
    He lied. He cheated. Nothing else needs to be said.
  • jeepster4 2013/01/15 03:20:40
    In a world of cheaters, he did it best.
  • PBAB 2013/01/15 02:41:24
    Yes, for the worse
    I thought it was a witch hunt against poor Lance, but I was conned like everyone else. It's one thing to cheat and lie about a single event, but year after year after year? To accept the accolades, the money, the fame for so many years knowing it was all one big lie. I find him disgusting. I have no patience for the "I'm sorry" apology tour and Oprah appearance. I have even less patience for the inevitable tell all book he will write. My sympathy goes to the honest second place finishers in those races. They are victims robbed by a despicable con man.
  • Prime T... PBAB 2013/01/15 02:54:16
    Prime Time Lime
    I agree,he was winning races that everyone could easily see as impossible to win without a heavy dose of illegal drugs to enhance his performances,and that is why he was stipped of his medals and all the glory that came from it.I agree he is a con man.
  • Prime Time Lime 2013/01/15 02:18:16
    Prime Time Lime
    I was aware he was a cheater when he supposedly won all those titles.I was never impressed by him.

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