Does Lady Gaga Deserve an Oscar?

Music 2011/12/23 10:02:18
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At 25 years old, Lady Gaga already has five Grammys, four world records, two platinum-selling albums, and some of the best sales figures of all time. But adding an Oscar to that would be the icing on the cake. Her duet with Elton John, "Hello, Hello," was nominated for Best Original Song. The song appeared in "Gnomeo & Juliet," and animated kid's film.

Gaga tweeted, "Just heard my duet 'Hello, Hello' with Elton [John] is up for nomination at the Oscars! 'Gnomeo & Juliet' is such a beautiful film. I'm so happy!!" If she wins, she'll be halfway to an EGOT -- an honor held by only ten people, most recently awarded to James Earl Jones. If they're all

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  • Just Jenn for Now 2011/12/23 19:21:15
    Just Jenn for Now
    I'm glad to see the majority of voters here are coming to their senses. So many look down upon her because she's weird and not fitting of the normal celebrity standards. Shame, really, seeing as she's gone through so much in so little time.

    Some may think "Oh no, give her a few years, then maybe she's worthy.", and I disagree with that statement 100%. Celebrity life is NOT easy, and whether or not you choose to take my word for it, Gaga's career was NOT handed to her on a silver platter.

    She is a creative mind and an INCREDIBLY strong person to put up with what she has - all the backlash of nay-sayers, haters, and people flat out against Gaga - and still keeps doing what she does with her head held high. She's even ADDRESSED her dislikers time to time simply saying "It's no big deal if you don't like me." rather than insulting them. Not everyone can do that.

    Many just lump her in with Justin Bieber and mark them both as undeserving celebrities... don't. You can't compare the two - she worked, he didn't. She's got talent, he doesn't. She DESERVES the benefits she's gotten... and you guessed it, he doesn't.

    All I'm saying is don't judge a book by its cover. Don't be so quick to judge Lady Gaga. Just because you personally don't like her doesn't mean she has no talent.

    beautiful lady gaga gif

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  • Omni Aly Hart 2011/12/25 18:37:43
  • Aly Hart Omni 2011/12/25 18:40:56
  • Omni Aly Hart 2011/12/25 18:42:54
  • Aly Hart Omni 2011/12/25 19:25:01
  • Omni Aly Hart 2011/12/25 19:49:47
  • Aly Hart Omni 2011/12/25 20:27:50
    Aly Hart
    If you can name a song on mainstream radio right now that sounds like this, please let me know.
  • Omni Aly Hart 2011/12/25 20:46:19 (edited)
    Mainstream radio? Why does it have to be mainstream? -and why, above all, from the radio? The backtrack is so cliche. Just sounds like slowed rave beats...with nothing else to show for it. Most electronic artists incorporate some form of that into their music, but compliment it with much more to make their individual tracks stand out. It's just generic techno in the background. Her voice is auto-tuned to hell, and the rhythm sounds like any other pop artist.

    I've never thought of Lady Gaga as bad, but her talent being heralded is a slap in the face to the more talented artists. Her music wouldn't come off as generic if she she incorporated more. All together, the final piece *seems* different, but dissect the actual tract, and it's all incredibly generic pieces of music taken from different genre's. The techno is generic, the voice is auto-tuned to hell (generic), and the rhythm doesn't divert towards anything unique. Nothing I haven't already heard is in that track.
  • Michelle Vision ... 2011/12/24 04:01:41
    It is a sad testament to our society that a hack like her can ride on the back of a legend like Elton John to claim an Oscar .....outrageous
  • Just Je... Vision ... 2011/12/24 07:46:29
    Just Jenn for Now
    Admittedly I skimmed through that. Not enough time to read essays.

    She sucks? Really? Then how, I wonder, did she become an icon so quickly? How, I wonder, has she inspired others and given hope to the little guys and girls who don't fit the mold society's built for them?

    Sure, she is different. Different, odd, weird, abnormal, even crazy and rebellious. I never addressed that nor am I denying it, it's perfectly true. So what? It's not a bad thing.

    I'll tell you one thing: like it or not, she is a bloody GENIUS. Oh I won't praise her up and down on everything - I don't like all of her songs. I am such a fan of Gaga simply because of who she is - a sweetheart, a wild one, sensitive and sexual at the same time. But more than that, she has embraced what she has and utilized everything - EVERYTHING - to her benefit and made it WORK.
  • Omni Just Je... 2011/12/24 18:06:14 (edited)
    "Genius" is subjective here. The only thing she could be a "genius" in is music, and the sheer amount of critics this woman has garnered is staggering. Mozart and Beethoven never had critics, or at least critics in these numbers; they were genius's, and nearly the entire world acknowledged it. If Lady Gaga is a genius, then why isn't she acknowledged as one? Why is her music hated so much? And most of all, why is her music made up of recycled beats you'd find at any rave? Why is her music so EASY to play? There's so much at play here.
  • Just Je... Omni 2011/12/25 01:09:46
    Just Jenn for Now
    It is not ENTIRELY about her music. Lady Gaga, a musical artist or not, has offered much more than JUST music. Subjective? Perhaps, but just because not all of her music is good doesn't mean she is not a genius.
  • Omni Just Je... 2011/12/25 02:22:44
    If you're saying she's a genius because of rise to fame, then are you also saying all entrepreneurs are geniuses as well? Because if that's the case, there's a lot of geniuses in the world. Damn you Donald Trump! How dare you show up Schroedinger, and Einstein!
  • Randomc... Just Je... 2011/12/24 18:19:44
    Thank You :)
  • Just Je... Randomc... 2011/12/25 01:10:25
    Just Jenn for Now
    You're Welcome <3
  • Little ... Just Je... 2011/12/25 08:42:34
    Little Fawn
    I definitely agree with you there. I judged her the second I saw her and only based my bad opinion of her on only her appearance but I heard her song Just Dance one day and I didn't know who it was by and I liked it a lot. When I found out she sang it, I was so surprised. Then I ended up liking Bad Romance and then Poker Face and then Alejandro and soon enough I was a full blown Gaga fan. Lol
  • Just Je... Little ... 2011/12/26 21:32:46
    Just Jenn for Now
    That's so ironic, I was the same way. My first memory of seeing her was on one of her first appearances on Saturday Night Live I think, and the performance wasn't only mediocre, but she was in her bubble suit I think and.... let's just say it made her performance even more complicated for her. Not a good first impression. Before that all I'd heard was Poker Face and, while I did like it, it was burned out played over and over on the radio here and I grew sick of it.

    But I gave her another chance and, while I didn't much care for some things she did like the Kermit suit or the green leotard she wore once, when I listened to more songs and watched more videos, I became more interested. And after reading up on her as time went by, I realized she really does work hard for what she's got, and I admire her. Not only for her music and appearance, but just for her. She really is a sweetheart in person, and even a genius when it comes to the media.

    Needless to say I'm proud to be a little monster now. Lol.
  • Little ... Just Je... 2011/12/27 12:16:58
    Little Fawn
    Lol yeah, I'm going through that now too but I am glad to call myself a fan of hers. Took a while, but I warmed up to her and I think she's pretty cool.
  • Velma~BN-0 Just Je... 2011/12/26 00:43:01
    Aren't you doing the same thing to Justin Beiber that people do to Lady Gaga? I don't like Justin AT ALL,but still.....
  • Just Je... Velma~BN-0 2011/12/26 21:28:08
    Just Jenn for Now
    I'm just saying there's a difference between Bieber and Gaga. I don't see how Justin got to where he is... sure he's charming and has potential, but to me it seems like he got started too early in his career, yet somehow despite not being the best there is, he's topped charts more than once.

    While Gaga I will admit, doesn't make every song of hers a masterpiece and has her own flaws too, has not only got the talent and became a hit at the pique of her life, but has the talent to back it up. Even if she couldn't make it as a singer or if something happened to her voice, with her creative mind, she could still hang on to her fame as a visual artist.
  • Bay Just Je... 2011/12/26 14:50:24
    amen. thank you.
  • Twinky Just Je... 2011/12/27 16:56:14
    Gaga's career wasn't handed to her on a silver platter? Really? What exactly did this poor little rich girl have to do?
    She attended the same school as the hiltons and the kennedys! She had good friends, good money and good connections. I have no problem with any of this - but to claim that is was HARD for her is just daft!
  • Bett17 2011/12/23 19:16:24 (edited)
    No. No. No. NO. NO! NO! NO!

    What is wrong with this world?
  • Rachel Bett17 2011/12/24 01:03:17
    You are.
  • Bett17 Rachel 2011/12/24 19:32:31
    Nerve touched. Mission complete.
  • Rachel Bett17 2011/12/24 21:55:13
  • nofrills Bett17 2011/12/27 04:36:48
    to think after she wore animal deal flesh to influence the gullible,mindless and animal abusers ppl would consider er a disgusting whore now they want to reward for her badness.
  • Cece 2011/12/23 18:22:23
    not quite yet...let her establish herself a bit more.
  • birdie1224 2011/12/23 18:20:39
    for what? what movie has she starred in to deserve it?
  • Rachel birdie1224 2011/12/23 19:06:27
    Did you not see her "Marry the night" video? It's like, 13 minutes long, she was in it(obviously) and was AMAZING, and she directed it herself.
  • birdie1224 Rachel 2011/12/24 02:50:16
    and so what, its a god dam music video not a movie. She should not be acredited for an oscar for a music video. There are well established actors who deserve an oscar.
  • Rachel birdie1224 2011/12/24 04:07:04
    Well than blame the people that made a catagory for music videos. It's not her fault that she made a damn good music video and people noticed, it's the Oscar people's fault for making a catagory that she could win.
  • Butterb... Rachel 2011/12/24 06:42:30
    There's not a category for music videos. The category is "Best Original Song" and has nothing to do with music videos. And the music and lyrics were written by Elton John and some other guy. Stefani Germanotta (Lady Gaga) is not nominated for the Oscar, she just made a guest-appearance with Elton John when he performed it. This is a misleading question.
  • Butterb... Rachel 2011/12/24 06:35:59
    That's what the VMA's are for.
  • davidl 2011/12/23 18:16:32
    I don't know, never heard the song. I just think it is funny that people actually have nothing else better to do then monitor her tweets !
  • Aspect of B 2011/12/23 18:14:54
    Aspect of B
    Ooh, I hope so. Her and Elton sound so nice together.
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2011/12/23 18:12:49
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    These are Oscar Winners:
    Oscar Winner Oscar Winner Oscar Winner daniel day lewis Oscar Winner

    NOT Lady "Gimmick" Gaga
  • Hobbitt... glass_b... 2011/12/23 20:35:18
    Hobbitt / Oldsquid
    Spot on and Kate deserves it just for being Kate.
  • Rachel glass_b... 2011/12/24 01:05:24
    Half those people you don't even know who they are. I mean seriously, who are the 4 half bald guys in the bottom corner. I'd rather have someone who I know has talent win rather than people that no one knows.
  • Michelle Rachel 2011/12/24 05:37:33
    You gotta be kidding me right? You don't know who Steven Spielberg George Lucas Francis Ford Coppula and Martin Scorcese are?????
  • Firedye Rachel 2011/12/24 06:11:04
    Although I am pretty sure one of them is Steven Spielberg, I know for a fact the man on the far right is George Lucas, and millions of other people know him as well. You should know him as the creator of Star Wars, so you are wrong in the sense that they are "people that no one knows."

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