Does Joe Paterno’s Statue Need to Be Removed?

Chris D 2012/07/13 20:00:00
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There has been new damaging evidence brought to light in the past few days that Joe Paterno covered up what he knew about child molester Jerry Sandusky in order not to tarnish the reputation of Penn State University and its sacred football program. It seems that Joe Paterno has tarnished his entire legacy, the football program and the university itself by not doing the right thing and turning Jerry in to authorities.

Bobby Bowden, the longtime Florida State football coach, and close friend of Joe Paterno says that the statue of Paterno on the Penn State campus should be removed. Do you agree with him?

When news surfaced of Joe Paterno's connection with a child sex scandal at Penn State, former Florida State coach Bobby Bowden proclaimed that he only wanted to remember the good things about his friend of 50 years.
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  • gynger.fyer 2012/07/14 05:45:53 (edited)
    Yes, take it down!
    All the records in the world won't give those boys their innocence back. We should not idolize people who don't protect children from preditors. When an athlete is found to be doping, they strip them of all their medals. This is no different.

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  • SJG 2012/07/14 19:06:44
    Yes, take it down!
    There should be NO question, what he did in unconscionable!!!! and can never be excused!!!!!! Take it down NOW!
  • aibohphobia 2012/07/14 19:05:20
  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/14 18:19:50
    Yes, take it down!
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    Unfortunately. I used watch his games in the 80's going after Miami.
  • angie45 2012/07/14 17:32:36 (edited)
    Yes, take it down!
    I think he is just as guilty!! so, yes!..take it down!!
  • Chris -... angie45 2012/07/14 17:39:55
  • angie45 Chris -... 2012/07/14 17:45:13
    he is just as guilty, he knew about it and done nothing, like he should have done.to report it or even put a stop to it!
  • Chris -... angie45 2012/07/14 17:47:30
  • baboula Chris -... 2012/07/14 18:58:23
    he only did so when he had to
  • Chris -... baboula 2012/07/16 13:42:29
  • Patric Chris -... 2012/07/14 19:31:31
    he squashed the information,

    he held back information

    he made sure the state cops , the local police were NOT informed of children being raped in the football buildings....
  • Chris -... Patric 2012/07/16 13:43:39
  • Patric Chris -... 2012/07/16 19:32:50
    upset with the guy that walked in on them ? yes, he has my pity , and I wonder how he could ever look in the mirror with out looking away in shame.

    I am not sure what I would do in the same situation, I HOPE I would stand up and do the right thing, but , we / I do not know what the reaction would be ,
  • Chris -... Patric 2012/07/16 20:14:33
  • Patric Chris -... 2012/07/16 20:17:09 (edited)
    that is a starting point ,, there will be enuff blame to go around on this .

    and , IMO , paterno earned some of the blame..

    I am not giving the others a pass on this, I am voiceing my thoughts that paterno to be included in the responsibility of the crime..

    it is my understanding, paterno knew what was going on, and paterno took active steps to keep it quite and squashed any investigation for 15 years..
    if ( a big IF ) this comes out as true, and I have belief it shall, the tearing down of a statue will be small compaired to the law suit coming
  • Patric Chris -... 2012/07/14 19:30:20
    he knew what happened,
    he knew what was going on
    he had a reasonable knowledge of what was going to happen ..

    damn, before , during , and he did nothing but hide it from authorities ..

    he allowed it to continue, he hid information so that it could continue , and continue it did

    for 15 years sandusky was raping young children, and paterno knew ...
  • Chris -... Patric 2012/07/16 13:44:13
  • baboula Chris -... 2012/07/16 14:29:33
    Paterno did his part! If nothing was his part, he certainly did so with gusto. Someone who Paterno himself called a friend is accused of child molestation, which by the way is a felony and all he did was pass it on the the atheletic director? Never checked and never called the cops, and let the guy stay on in an unofficial capacity. Does that mean he would have also let it go if other of his "friends" were committing crimes? Why are you upset with the parents? According to the victims, they didn't tell their parents
  • Chris -... baboula 2012/07/16 14:33:24
  • baboula Chris -... 2012/07/16 15:37:07
    speed? What was speedy about this? People do tend to get upset when the has been a cover up of illegality especially when those involved portray themselves as the opposite. But at least the law has run its' course and the Penn State report condemns Paterno.
    The vigilante mentality is seen with cases such as George Zimmerman or Casey Anthony where guilt is determined regardless of a trial or it's outcome.
  • Chris -... baboula 2012/07/16 16:12:13
  • baboula Chris -... 2012/07/16 16:27:39
    by "suits" you mean the report authors? it was a prime example of CYA.
    Frankly I just don't understand how he could not check about a supposed friend - it made Paterno an enabler especially since he said nothing to the police. I don't know why Penn State would want that reminder, because that is what he will be from now on
  • Chris -... baboula 2012/07/16 16:35:30 (edited)
  • baboula Chris -... 2012/07/16 17:13:21
    Yes his plce was only football but he made it otherwise when he held himself up as an ethical symbol. It all beacme a case of do what I say, not what I do. As a head coach of the football team, he should know everyone on the team, most especially the coaches as they represent him

    A lookout does not witness the robbery of a bank and yet he is still charged with bank robbery
  • Chris -... baboula 2012/07/16 17:36:45
  • Patric Chris -... 2012/07/16 19:35:32
    I disagree, paterno enabled sandusky to do what he did for 15 years,

    the only part that paterno did was negoiate terms for his retirement when the hammer was falling on his head, paterno let a lot of people down .. and for that paterno will be remembered,, as the guy that allowed a child rapist in his building to rape children .... for 15 years..
  • Chris -... Patric 2012/07/16 20:16:10
  • Patric Chris -... 2012/07/16 23:21:43
    and on that point , we agree, the azz rapist of children has earned capitol punishment , IMO.

    the guy that stood and watched ( peeping tom ? ) and ran home to daddy to see what to do about it , damn, what a coward ..

    the president , all involved in the suppression , and this includes paterno , all of them are scum , and not one , IMO , should get a free pass and get off .

    the authorities have taken care of sandusky, the university president and his partner in crime will face the judge with the lie to grand jury .

    paterno ? not much kicking a dead horse ... but his death will not save , nor should it save , his legacy or repretation.. 50 years of running a clean house
    ( or what the public thought he ran a clean house, looks like he was dirty as sin ) and all it will come down.. to me a hero has fell, and it seems that paterno was not all what I though he was, and that is sad,,,
  • Chris -... Patric 2012/07/17 13:03:06
  • Manuel M 2012/07/14 17:29:39
    Yes, take it down!
    Manuel M
    I voted to take it down because there wasn't another choice. I vote to just blow it up. Why go through tax payer or school money to take it down. Or Give those kids a sledge hammer let them get a whack at him.
  • angie45 Manuel M 2012/07/14 17:33:28
    tottally agree!
  • Taxman 2012/07/14 17:12:57
    Yes, take it down!
    Or just weld some BLINDERS on it!!!!
  • Patric Taxman 2012/07/14 19:32:46
    see no evil,
    hear no evil
    do not bring in police to stop the evil...

    paterno, allowed this to happen, allowed it to contine for 15 years in the football buildings.
  • Taxman Patric 2012/07/14 19:38:30
    As a parent, it makes me sick to my stomach. How could he stand by? I don't get it.
  • Patric Taxman 2012/07/14 19:45:27
    not sure exactly, here in western Pa. this is all over the papers, tv news, the talk shows , etc.

    it seems , for what ever his motives,, paterno was active in his with holding information from authoritites, and also paterno used his influence to stop others from going to the authorities with the information ..

    seems as though paterno was an allowing this action to continue..

    looks like more and more info is coming out, paterno is no longer able to hide the info and his family is either unwilling or unable to hide it also..
  • Kingarthurup 2012/07/14 16:46:59
    No, leave it up!
    unless you want to replace it with an odumba statue
  • baboula Kingart... 2012/07/14 18:50:12
    plant a weeping willow
  • SJG Kingart... 2012/07/14 19:07:38
    Another stupid response!!!!!
  • Jen SJG 2012/07/15 03:56:06
    Not really.!! I think that's a very profound alternative to Put in place of Joe's statue! A weeeping willow on Penn State's campus reminds students of those young victims who were forever changed; no, I mean ruined by a freakin' perv.
  • SJG Jen 2012/07/15 15:36:14
    Not talking about the weeping willow, talking about your odumba statue comment.
  • Twinky Kingart... 2012/07/15 00:09:22
    blah blah some random political response in a poll that has nothing to do with it... blah

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