Does anyone else think The Event on NBC is a takeoff on Arthur C. Clarke's Childhood's End?

Jeok 2011/05/24 03:48:22
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I just watched the latest episode of The Event and Sophia has opened A Portal to her world, where 2.5 Billion of her people will invade Earth. It has been revealed that her people are originally from Earth, had abandoned it, sometime in distant prehistory, to a relatively nearby planet of a Sun about to go Nova. They believe when they return to Earth, they will evolve, to a higher state of being, and Sophia's wanting to wipeout all human existence is humane compared to what will happen when her people return and begin to Evolve. Well, that's Childhood's End, except Clarke depicted his aliens to resemble a huge Spock, with wings, and more of a "V" presence, hovering over every city. What do you think? Thank You For Your Indulgence

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  • Jeok 2011/05/24 13:26:33
    I only look in to watch The Event once in a while, and was usually as disappointed as I am with "V" and was with most of "Lost" until Season 5 (Season 6 sucked more than its horrid holy-roller Finale'), but, since tis Series Finale' time, thought I check in ... nothing else but scripted reality crap on elsewhere, and just noticed this Childhood's End paralell. IMHO Thank You For Your Indulgence
  • Tau_Seti 2011/05/24 12:01:44
  • cmdrbnd007 2011/05/24 09:43:03
    I watched the first episode and it was so confusing I just couldn't bring myself to watch another.
  • Jeok cmdrbnd007 2011/05/24 13:27:14
    Me, too.
  • sjalan 2011/05/24 08:42:24
    There are elements of Childhood's End as well as a mix of others as well.
  • RogerCoppock 2011/05/24 06:54:23 (edited)
    Yes, NBC's "The Event" borrows from Clarke's "Childhood's End." Being American network TV, they had to add the usual cops and robbers junk.

    TV and movie sci fi owes a lot creatively to the novels.
  • Jeok RogerCo... 2011/05/24 13:29:32
    Yeah. They have to dumb down series to a level where most Corporate-Conditioned Americans can be comfortable and have some understanding. IMHO Thank You For Your Indulgence
  • RogerCo... Jeok 2011/05/25 05:13:57
    NBC has not renewed the series for a second season.
  • Jeok RogerCo... 2011/05/25 12:34:34
    Well, at least we will get an ending, I hope. TYFYI

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