Do Zombies Make Everything Better?

Gaming 2012/01/20 14:00:00
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Kotaku just previewed concept art for an upcoming zombie video game, "Project Zomboid," and it got us thinking. More than a year ago, western shooter "Red Dead Redemption" released "Undead Nightmare," which was essentially an expansion of the exact same game, with the exact same map... But instead of desperados, you fought zombies. And you know what? It was pretty frickin' awesome.

If things go according to plan, "Project Zomboid" will be a zombie game manifesto. The zombie gaming aethetic has been evolving since "House of the Dead" and "Resident Evil," and since "Left 4 Dead" came out in 2008 game producers have been trying to get the formula just right. "Project Zomboid" differentiates between fast zombies and slow zombies, presumes you will eventually succumb to the infection, and even incorporates issues like depression and alcoholism. Zombie games are practically an artform unto themselves.

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