Do you think the zoo is to blame in this tragic case?

L.A. Times 2012/11/05 15:38:00
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The 2-year-old Pennsylvania boy who died at the Pittsburgh Zoo over the weekend bounced two times on a protective netting after falling off a railing and into an African painted dog exhibit, where the dogs then attacked and killed him, the zoo's chief executive said Monday.

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  • FatherLiberty 2012/11/06 00:12:17
    I hate to direct blame in such a tragic situation, but I can not see how anyone but the mother is a fault for this childs death. Its a horrible accident, but everyone know you do not climb on the railings at a zoo, or in this case, place your child on top of it.

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  • Mrs.Vader 2012/11/08 20:27:44
    I think the stupid parent who held put him in harm's way like that is to blame.
  • SuperCee 2012/11/08 19:39:28
    The mother had no business placing that child on the rails....she is directly responsible for her child's death.
  • jc 2012/11/08 19:18:27
    OK, I agree that it is not the zoo's fault. I'm sure the mother regrets her mistake more than any of us can imagine, so let's please stop railing against someone we don't know. HOWEVER, I would also like to point out that a lot of commenters clearly didn't read the article before jumping to conclusions because it clearly states that there were no signs on the rail. No, this does not make it the zoo's fault, but if you're going to call someone stupid, you might not want to incriminate yourself in the process.
  • TombstoneJim 2012/11/08 18:20:01
    PARENTS!!!!! Who the hell puts thier child in such danger? Just make sure the mother is sterilized immeadiately so she can't cause pain and suffering to another child.
  • robert.goldsmith.14 2012/11/08 16:23:42
  • TiffanyBelle 2012/11/08 15:11:21
    the mother had him up on a railing.
    no 2 year old would've been allowed up there on their own.
    it's tragic yes but the zoo's fault? no!!!

    but, that being said - i do send out all my love and sorrow for her serious loss... no mother should have to witness this let alone feel any sort of guilt for it being her fault.
  • BabyBear 2012/11/08 14:50:19
    Signs and barriers are there for a reason. If you choose to ignore the signs and bypass the barriers, it's your own fault.
  • ID51 2012/11/08 14:05:45
    The mother who placed her child on top of the railing is at fault. Stupid move!
  • Kirby 2012/11/08 13:35:46
    Let's place the blame solely were it belongs on the parents!
  • The Sane One 2012/11/08 12:40:55
    The Sane One
    No, the fault lies 100 % in the lap of the (incredibly stupid) parents.
  • Jason McClure 2012/11/08 09:34:48
    Jason McClure
    Its the mother/father's fault for not watching the damn kid.. if the parent is planning on sueing the zoo I believe she should just jump into the lion area.
  • motherm... Jason M... 2012/11/08 12:28:08
    I think it should read "The DAMN parents fault for not watching the kid..
  • Jason M... motherm... 2012/11/08 12:34:52
    Jason McClure
  • QTKaulitz 2012/11/08 07:38:04
    Where the hell was his mother??? Why is a 2 yr old unsupervised at a zoo??
  • BabyBear QTKaulitz 2012/11/08 14:52:17
    The mother placed the 2 year old on top of the fence. The mother decided not to observe the warning signs and ignore the fact that guard rails are there for a reason.
  • QTKaulitz BabyBear 2012/11/10 15:01:03
    the mom is an idiot. she caused her son's demise.
  • mark 2012/11/08 04:45:45
    The responsibility is the parents.
  • Dave The Canuck 2012/11/08 04:23:49
    Dave The Canuck
    But I'd say his mom is to blame for not supervising him well.
  • Morgan 2012/11/08 01:28:13
    The mother shouldn't have had her kid on the railing in the first place. I get it the zoo should put up signs but sometimes people have to meet them halfway and use some common sense.
  • Merry 2012/11/08 01:18:37
    This is just so horrible. :(
  • luke 2012/11/08 00:12:36 (edited)
    Sorry she was dumb and got her kid killed.
  • Nomie luke 2012/11/08 04:10:27
    This is little child. Morgan, above said the mother had the child. I agree with Liam Murray. There's no fixing stupid. Sorry to the mother, but is a leopard usually spotted? This child should not have been where he could fall, and obviously not even held tightly. Did he squirm, mom? Don't two-year-olds often squirm. Sometimes they are down-right intractable, and slippery. Know this, and be careful where you put your child.
  • luke Nomie 2012/11/08 04:15:35
    Uh, I don't have a child, so I can't put it anywhere.
  • srini 2012/11/07 22:28:16
    No more than they should be blamed when some moron enters the big-cats exhibit and gets mauled (unfortunately, this has happened more than once -- the most recent case less than two years ago).
  • Max Ride 2012/11/07 21:54:42
    Max Ride
    no, it;s the kid's(mostly his parents) fault
  • Nomie Max Ride 2012/11/08 04:12:48
    This cannot be laid on the child. I have a grandson I would not take near a zoo without a child's harness and leash, yes folks, I said leash. My mother had one for me, and I had one for my son. It was that or let him get himself killed. My daughter didn't need it.
  • Just Me Max Ride 2012/11/11 07:13:34
    Just Me
    are you completely insane or just plain stupid, how can you blame a 2 year old who had no idea he was in harms way. I hope you don't have any kids.
  • Max Ride Just Me 2012/11/12 23:05:08
    Max Ride
    no I'm 15! I meant that u shouldnt always lame the animals!
  • mandy may 2012/11/07 20:33:04
    mandy may
    Way to go Mom.
  • Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC 2012/11/07 20:10:36
    Nam Era Vet #1 DNA TLC
    I feel for the mother's loss. But it does not take much thinking power to understand that you don't put your kid on the rail above a wild dog exhibit. Tragically, I guess she knows now.
  • Charles... Nam Era... 2012/11/08 17:01:32
    Charles Braley
    I don't feel one bit sorry for the mother .................. there are sings & barricades. up all over the place in zoos FOR A REASON!
    But I do feel sorry for the kid though, and pray for the safety of any other kids she may have.
  • pennie 2012/11/07 19:56:21
    Why are you being careless with your BABY..really then ooopppppsssss your drop the baby WTF she should have just fell in right after the baby. This is just really SADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD it brakes my hart, I'm upset now with the mother, and I know she is hurtting deeply inside about her son. My prayers are still with the family
  • kassy t... pennie 2012/11/08 21:08:13
    kassy the killer koala
    I can't really take the pain in your hEart seriously if you can't even spell it correctly. Sorry~
  • Runaway ✩ 2012/11/07 17:38:14
    Runaway ✩
    I'm not saying that we should go around killing people - but we should just quietly remove all the warning labels that tend to keep idiots from killing themselves!
  • YYCDad 2012/11/07 17:21:06
    This "mother" should get one day in prison for every person that has viewed or read any media or posted a response to any media that is related to this tragedy!

    She would never see the light of day again for killing her child.
  • JonDeniro 2012/11/07 16:58:20
    The world is a big, scary place that can not be made accident proof. Sometimes bad things happen. Give the Zoo, and the mother a break.
  • Peregrine 2012/11/07 16:32:40
    New headline: Retarded mothers more likely to blame zoos.
  • JimTheGeek 2012/11/07 16:09:39
    The mother was to blame for putting her child in danger. unfortunately for the child, but fortunately for society, her stupidity gene in that child will not be passed on.
  • Jason M... JimTheGeek 2012/11/08 09:36:43
  • SoD 2012/11/07 15:59:31
    When we go to the zoo, I am always vigilant and I'm always armed in some manner or another just in case some other child's parents are not as watchful as they should be.

    If a baby falls into the hyena pit, I'll be fighting some dogs.

    Humans have big brains, but not all of us use them.

    That's why God created people like me ;)
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