Do you think Taylor Swift used Country Music to get famous?

Kole 2012/09/01 16:19:20
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Before I get fussed at, no I'm not saying I don't like her. I think all of her songs are kind of good. But, honestly she can't be considered country anymore. If you listen to her very first song, "Tim McGraw", it sounds really country. Then, listen to her latest song, "We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together", it is nothing but pop. It seems like every song keeps getting further from country. This is causing me to think either two thing. She used country music just to get famous, or she has just changed her interest in music. Also, if you look at her when she first started singing she looks more country. I think she was prettier back then, but that's just my opinion. Please let me know what you think.Country TaylorCountry TaylorPop TaylorPop Taylor
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  • The Amazin' Guru of Chibis 2012/09/01 19:17:42
    I think her interest in music changed.
    The Amazin' Guru of Chibis
    An artists sound evolves over time. They don't usually keep grinding out the same song and stay relevant.
  • Sister Jean 2012/09/01 19:08:02
    I think she is still Country.
    Sister Jean
    does it matter?
  • Tearwhisker 2012/09/01 18:42:42
    I think she used Country Music to get famous.
    But she changes to rock contry pop
  • gem 2012/09/01 18:37:46
  • jc 2012/09/01 18:35:23
    I do not think she was ever country.
    I think her hits made her famous.Not particularly a fan.But I listen to her on the radio.
  • Michaela★ 2012/09/01 17:33:35
    I think her interest in music changed.
    Still I miss the old t-swift, her 1st album was her best, the second was good I guess, but the 3rd one (her new one) sucks, she has become so pop...
  • Vijay Pawar 2012/09/01 17:20:54
    I do not think she was ever country.
    Vijay Pawar
    Music is music..... with no land... creed.... boundary ..... so she is she...!
  • Tennessee3501 2012/09/01 17:02:56
    I think she is still Country.
    I think that her manager hired Kanye West to pretend to embarrass her at the music award show just to get her more publicity and make her famous, I also think that Taylor does not write her own music. All her songs are ghost written by gangster rap stars who are trying to go main stream! She lives in Nashville, Tennessee, the capital of country music, just to deceive us! She really wants to live in down town Chicago! (Satire and Sarcasm - Taylor is talented and beautiful).
  • teamboo... Tenness... 2012/09/01 17:34:30
    You're being sarcastic right?
  • Tenness... teamboo... 2012/09/01 17:42:07
    My comment says "satire and sarcasm." Read what is in the parentheses! LOL !
  • Will 2012/09/01 17:01:25
    I think her interest in music changed.
    Tell me one band who doesn't change their music style slowly from album to album, and they are probably the worst band ever then lol. People change, style changes, influences change, time keeps progressing; and so do musicians. :)
  • teamboo... Will 2012/09/01 17:35:01
    Se has to keep all the fans happy who love both pop, country, or rock.
  • Will teamboo... 2012/09/01 17:38:05
    Ooooo don't say that, that makes her sound shallow as if she is only trying to make more money. It's better an idea to think that she makes music for her own expression and not her fan base. And I'm not even a fan of Taylor Swift lol
  • teamboo... Will 2012/09/01 18:34:52
    I know hit when people say that they don't like her pop sound they have to remember that it what she likes and what her fans like
  • shellyBlink182ToMark17 2012/09/01 16:56:09
    I think her interest in music changed.
    her new songs are more pop then country.

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