Do You Think Suge Knight Was Involved in Tupac's Murder?

Film 2011/09/28 13:00:00
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Fifteen years after the anniversary of Tupac's death, there are still movies coming out about it. Well, this isn't exactly about Tupac, but it's close enough to count. Antoine Fuqua, director of "Training Day" and the man reportedly in charge of an official Tupac biopic, will be directing a Showtime movie about Suge Knight.

Suge Knight was the co-founder and CEO of Death Row Records -- at one time home to Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur -- until a series of problems, including the murders of Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G. and multiple incarcerations, led the public to distrust Knight.

Though Knight was in the car with Tupac when the shooting happened, some still believe that Knight was involved in or even orchestrated Tupac's murder. Police maintain that there is no evidence suggesting Knight had anything to do with it, but former Death Row artist Snoop Dogg has publicly accused him of it, causing frequent media feuds between the two.

Since the dissolution of Death Row, Knight has been publicly beaten, filed for bankruptcy, landed in jail multiple times, tried and failed to start a new record label and watched his reputation dissolve into one of the least-trusted figures in the music industry. Fuqua's documentary, the first in a series of Showtime biopics about controversial people, will include interviews with Knight to give him a chance to combat his bad reputation.

Co-producer Bradley Fischer said in a statement, "Suge Knight's reputation and rise to power in the music business has become the stuff of legend, and he remains one of the entertainment industry's most provocative and enduring myths ... But while his name elicits an immediate and powerful reaction from people around the world, very few can legitimately claim to know the man."
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  • NeutronBomb 2012/08/05 23:36:50
    Hes a sick greedy bully who only cares about money and himself.
  • Taylor 2011/10/02 20:40:57
    Suge didnt kill tupac, but he set him up to be killed. There's so much information, I cant even begin to explain, you'll have to look it up yourself. But suge had plenty of motives to want tupac dead. Evil shall not prosper, karma's a bitch suge knight so watch your back.
  • Felicia 2011/10/02 01:06:14
    Yes he did, he's a coward, liar, and a manipulator. He knows a lot more then what he claims. He wants attention, he'll do anything and say anything just to be in the spot light again. He's a nobody now and it needs to stay that way. He will be one of many that will burn in hell.
  • Kelly 2011/09/29 13:42:15
    Of course he was, how does someone get shot that many times and then he came out of it with a sling on his arm? Pls, that is a cover up BIG time, he was scared when Pac wanted to leave death row, that his money flow would stop, so I guess its that saying, if I can't have him nobody will, its such a shame too, he was one of the greatest! I also think he was involved with Biggie's death too.
  • krispykreme335 2011/09/29 12:56:10
    I always believed that Shug Knight had more to do with the death of Tupac than he said. He probably arranged the whole murder. You see he walked away with a scratch. Why didn't anyone come and fill his side of the car with bullets. He's a killer that's what he does. I think Tupac was ready to move on with his life in a more positive way and Shug couldn't lose his money maker, and now he has nothing. I hope he rots in jail. I saw his clothes being auctioned off on television. Serves him right.
  • coach k 2011/09/29 11:46:00
    coach k
    this guy is a thug and he knows something
  • witchafalls sofalls witcha 2011/09/29 07:08:13
    witchafalls sofalls witcha
    he is such a dumb ass ;and a bully suge is a thug. tupac wrong place wrong time
  • Martin Zaragoza 2011/09/29 04:56:47
    Martin Zaragoza
    suge would be stupid to be in that situation if he was involve.. if suge wanted 2Pac DEAD i think suge would have never open the door since the door was stuck people try to open the door but FAIL.. but i do blame suge for being not responsible enough to put more SECURITY around PAC when u know u just had beaten THE HELL OUT OF a CRIP!!!!
  • Maleficent 2011/09/29 04:16:24
    im not sure. but sgue knight does seem like a sneaky person.
  • MassDebate 2011/09/29 01:05:48 (edited)
    Yes, definitely. I never trust anyone holding an alcoholic beverage in each hand, and a big fat juicy cigar in their mouth.
  • DavidK 2011/09/28 23:40:29
  • Taylor DavidK 2011/10/02 20:30:01
  • DavidK Taylor 2011/10/03 03:50:24
    because I can!
  • rustyshackelford 2011/09/28 23:25:22
  • wandadear rustysh... 2011/09/29 03:43:40
  • C-ZAR™ ... wandadear 2011/09/29 03:51:24
    C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT
    because it IS!
  • rustysh... wandadear 2011/09/29 08:39:05
  • wandadear rustysh... 2011/09/29 15:47:30 (edited)
    watch you say
  • rustysh... wandadear 2011/09/29 18:26:26
  • wandadear rustysh... 2011/09/30 04:18:21
    you saw what i said dont what?? me!
  • rustysh... wandadear 2011/09/30 05:46:20
  • wandadear rustysh... 2011/10/01 03:31:11
    im done here you are just another idiot online
  • rustysh... wandadear 2011/10/01 04:42:27
  • C-ZAR™ ... rustysh... 2011/09/29 03:51:02
    C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT
    "Yeah, it was just some negroes, what do I care?"
  • witchaf... C-ZAR™ ... 2011/09/29 07:10:59
    witchafalls sofalls witcha
    what if it was your mama?
  • C-ZAR™ ... witchaf... 2011/09/29 08:09:52
    C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT
    What if it was YOURS?
  • witchaf... C-ZAR™ ... 2011/09/29 11:06:06
    witchafalls sofalls witcha
    what would you do with a brain if you had one?
  • C-ZAR™ ... witchaf... 2011/09/29 14:08:41
  • Taylor C-ZAR™ ... 2011/10/02 20:32:41
    Wow, its 2011 and ignorant pricks like you still haven't changed. Hahaha I can only say I feel sorry for you.
  • C-ZAR™ ... Taylor 2011/10/02 23:02:58
    C-ZAR™ of the PHÆT
    Screw Off, SOCK!
  • Gone 2011/09/28 23:14:43
  • Kelly Gone 2011/09/29 13:38:30
    its a hot pic though lol
  • Bomb a 2011/09/28 22:38:43
    Bomb a
    Involved? He needs to be in jail.
  • jacktown kid 2011/09/28 20:38:50
    jacktown kid
    But I don't know for sure unless u have evidence
  • ReasonOverFaith BN - 0 2011/09/28 20:31:20
    ReasonOverFaith BN - 0
    Involved? Yes. The orchestrator of? Maybe.
    Switch it to Biggie though, and Suge Knight is certainly the orchestrator of the murder. And the LAPD was involved heavily, and covered it up to protect their own crooked cops (one of whom was the shooter in the murder of Biggie).
    RIP Biggie. RIP Pac.

    Suge, you're gonna get yours.
  • kevracer 2011/09/28 20:29:56
    of course he was
  • Abel Lewis 2011/09/28 19:48:25
    Abel Lewis
    Tupac been dead for years. No.
  • Mr.Hood... Abel Lewis 2011/09/28 20:43:52
    Mr.Hoodz the Truth Troll
    Suge was in the car with him. Did you even read the article? Dude was in the drivers seat when Pac got shot up. You telling me he seen nothing? LoL
  • Smokey 2011/09/28 19:04:15
    This guy did it!

    OJ Simpson
  • Melizmatic Smokey 2011/09/28 19:27:30
    He killed everyone.

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