Do you think Ryan Lochte is a disappointment?

HAHAJKDOTCOM 2012/07/30 23:52:24
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Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte won a gold medal in his first race and has no had two disappointing races since.

HAHAJK.COM reports:
(HAHAJK) -- Ryan Lochte has turned two straight disappointing performances after opening the games with a dominant win in the 400 individual medley and is now blaming it on copious amounts of what he calls “Pre-Olympics pussy.” He finished fourth and off the podium Monday night in the 200 freestyle, but claims that it is all of the sex prior to the Olympics which is causing his legs to give out, and not his desire to win that is to blame. France's Yannick Agnel won by a full body length against a field with gold medalists galore during the race and credits his ability to refrain from sex for the last few months that put him in first place.

length field gold medalists galore race credits ability refrain sex

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  • boss hawg 2012/08/01 01:37:29
    Ryan Who?
    boss hawg
    not fast enough this week
  • PandoraBoxe 2012/07/31 23:14:09
    He's no Michael Phelps
    stupid question. stupid options. Ryan Lochte is terrific in his own right as a champion swimmer... and so is Michael Phelps.... Why can't we appreciate each one for their own talents!
  • mikeeonly 2012/07/31 19:25:25
    He's no Michael Phelps
    don't care about his sex life, and no, I don't agree about sex wearing you down. In a competition, it helps you to remain cool and not uptight, and the physical aspect is like any other workout. That is just an excuse
  • YOUR EARTH ANGEL'S REDEMPTION 2012/07/31 08:00:49
    He's the second swimming of Christ
    Good excuse not to play lol lol

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