Do you think news organizations actually care about your responses to polls?

Rome is burning 2007/05/22 03:01:30
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  • Bren 2007/07/10 01:16:04
    No, and they mock you for your participation
    We totally mock you.
  • jackrorabbit 2007/05/22 16:30:26
    They word questions in such a way as to get the answers that they want
    in order to sway the public in a direction that they want. They are
    also very good at using numbers to scare people. I.E. Most fatal car
    crashes happen within 5 miles of a persons home. Now unless people
    think for themselves, you have just scared them to death. Duh, most
    people drive the majority of the time within 5 miles of their homes.
    When taking my statistics class in college, the professor said on the
    first day of class, "Believe what you want, and you can make the
    statics that will back up your belief."
  • Rome is... jackror... 2007/05/22 20:01:13
    Rome is burning
    Yeah last fall I would always take the polls when they called and give weird answers just to mess with the pollster.
  • byebye ,I love you,gotta go 2007/05/22 14:19:07
    byebye ,I love you,gotta go
    no they don't know the meaning of the word all they see are dollar signs
  • Boopie 2007/05/22 05:22:59
    No, but they don't think you know that
    During the last election cycle I was called a few times (by ABC news, I think). Some of the questions were worded in such an odd way that the questions forced a certain answer. The scary thing is that some candidates seem to really care about poll answers.
  • jax290 2007/05/22 04:54:29
    They think the masses are just sheep, without indipendant thought outside what they tell us.
  • Tom 2007/05/22 04:42:50
    No, but they don't think you know that

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