Do you think My Chemical Romance should start working on a new album after they take a lil break?

chris 2007/09/28 21:02:25
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  • hellgirl 2007/10/03 20:20:40
    don't mind, as long as they make something!
    anything they do will rule. as long as it's THEM. if they do somethign that uisn't really the, then they won't work anymore. but they'll never do that. they have such strength of character together. I'll love them whatever.
    I been thinking..
    the people who said the black parade sucked?
    it really didn't.
    you call yoruself hardcore fans, but you obviously don't understand it.
    i think it's brilliant, and it was juts the album they needed to make.
    i can understand the thought process, i can hear that it's so typically them, even if it doesn't sound like bullets or revenge. and bullets and revenge sounded totally different, so why is the lack parade suddenly so bad?
    it really isnt.
    it's an addictive album, a life saving album, a realistic, empathetic, theatrical but true-to-life masterpiece. if you don't like it, i'm not gonna have a go at you or anything, i'm just stating my views...
    love to my chem always

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  • . 2008/04/08 20:58:11
  • Ilovemcr 2008/02/19 02:39:09
    yea i do think they should but i'd also want them to bring back bullets too. id want them to tour more, like they did with revenge.
  • amanda 2008/01/07 21:01:10
    duh more music means more obsession!
  • chris amanda 2008/01/09 22:24:22
  • Az 2007/12/18 22:00:40
  • Jelly 2007/11/25 06:58:50
    they totally need a break, one of them is always sick or injured i think they need some cool down time before they end up seriously hurting themselves they just work way too hard sometimes.

    Though i would love to hear their new album anc can't wait!
  • Ms Kim 2007/11/22 17:58:21
    Ms Kim
    I think the break should be at least a few months,but knowing this band they can't stay still that long. lol
  • mcrfan4life 2007/11/17 10:41:34
    wood be awesome 2 hear some new stuff .... dnt mind how long it takes i still love there old stuff lol
  • benny 2007/11/16 04:05:23
    it's up to mcr wether or not they want to make a new album
  • yumyumyum 2007/11/15 10:20:25
    yes as long as that break is not ridiculously long :)
  • Katie 2007/11/14 04:29:33
    yeah because i think that they rushed too fast on 'the black parade' and tried too hard too make an album that was better than 'revenge' and it didnt work....but it was still cool just not AS cool....so they should slow down and not try as hard....
  • malice 2007/11/13 00:30:18
    how lil of a break?
  • angela 2007/11/09 01:44:02
    as long as they take enough time out for themselfs and then they can write
  • ChRiStiN@ [FTDM!] 2007/11/08 07:10:33
    ChRiStiN@ [FTDM!]
    I hope so, I can't listen to the Black Parade forever . . . well, then maybe I could . . .
  • playback.junkie 2007/11/07 17:40:28
    depends what you mean by a 'little' break. i think they deserve as much time off as they want - they've promoted their latest album like mad and toured their arses off.

    but i, and i'm pretty sure every other mcr fan on the planet, would LOVE to see a new album. this is practically just the beginning for them - they've only really just dominated the world. they still have the stamina to carry on so why shouldn't they?

    mcr forever :D

    ~ keep on marching ~
  • riversidemcrmy 2007/11/02 04:13:18
    er yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes did i mention yes?
  • wonderfully wierd 2007/11/01 20:03:39
    wonderfully wierd
    Yeah but only when they're ready. They should make music coz they want to not because they're under pressure from angry fans. In ur own time guys and "hellgirl" is right. Real fans understand the black parade. They really hear the words and know the power of them. The black parade helped me through a difficult time just like the other albums did and still do! Also , when mychem cancel gigs real fans cry ( a lot) but they don't send death threats!
  • Er'akka 2007/11/01 12:29:35
    If they want to be a band they really have no choice, right?
  • Sam 2007/11/01 10:37:18
    Of course. It's not the end of my chem yet...
  • stryder 2007/10/29 15:46:42
    hell yeah cause i know it'll kick ass
  • Fishnetheadbar 2007/10/28 03:56:27
    YEAH! they deserve a break. I mean they ROCK and that takes effort and effort takes rest. but I'm begging the new album will be out soon!!!!
  • elina 2007/10/27 10:04:26
    They need a break
  • LAURENTODD [MCRmy] 2007/10/27 04:29:42
    well it has been a year and 2 days since we've heard anything from them.

    oh man thats really sad D:
  • Sofia 2007/10/25 23:23:04
  • The Last Parade 2007/10/25 04:24:28
    The Last Parade
    They've worked really really hard. They deserve a long one. But I heard that they've already started working on another. I'm really really excited about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Pansy 2007/10/25 01:35:13
    As Gerard Said; every time a band makes a new record, its bringing them closer to the death of their band, so i think it would be great to have a new album; but i think they need to take a lot of time on it, so that the band stays as popular, and doesnt lose fans because they rushed in making a new album.
  • c e l i s u l l i v a n. 2007/10/24 01:21:49 (edited)
    c e l i s u l l i v a n.
    Well, with no obligation. They might decide to make a new album, as long as it isn't agressive like their 2nd album. As long as it is good it will matter. They will always remain in my heart. They are my greatest inspirations and role models! :)

    Long live MCR!!
  • MizzMarta 2007/10/21 19:02:10
    hell yeah! they are such an inspiration!
  • Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!] 2007/10/20 19:34:05
    Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!]
    Oh hell yeah.
    My mommy is cool, she likes my chem too!
  • PaulaRevenge 2007/10/20 18:50:59
  • [Brii Monster] 2007/10/20 07:23:04
    [Brii Monster]
    If they feel they need to release another album
    I will be right there beside them, supporting them
    and personally i would love them to release another one
    but if they dont, I will still respect them for that

    "Its sad releasing a new CD, evey CD you release, is 1 CD closer to the end of your band"
    -Gerard Way

    Keep on marching

    ...We are The Black Parade...
  • marija23 2007/10/19 17:01:16
    coz we need them :P
  • Jessie 2007/10/18 19:49:25
    yeah, definetly. i think they should take a break for as long as they need and then take their time coming back with a new album. =) Everybody needs a break at some point. especially them. i can wait, as long as the new album turns out to be awesome, i can wait, BARELY.....,but i can wait. hehe =)
  • Amy 2007/10/16 19:20:03
    I think they should. They said they'll be making a start on it after their break anyway.. and the break should clear their heads a bit so that they can have a bit of a fresh start and not feel under pressure at all.
    Just gotta let them go at their own pace.. I don't really mind how long the break is, just so long as I know they're definately coming back and making another album too. :]
  • Kage 2007/10/16 18:47:11
    only if they dump the black parade and go back to mcr.
  • Deb 2007/10/16 14:34:23
    I know you guys need the rest, but come back soon alright?
  • Kat 2007/10/15 23:55:22
    I'm undecided because they really do need to go on with their lives. Don't get me wrong; they're one of my favorite bands and have been since 8th grade, but do you relize how long and hard they've been working on music for the past 6 years? Both Gerard and Mikey got married this year, and maybe we should just let them go their seperate ways and let them live their lives as people and not just "Those hott guys in that band." They've already made a huge impact on thousands of people, and that's what they wanted; their message to be heard. Of course, it would be awesome if they did write another album and go on tour, but let them have a few years off!
  • megz 2007/10/15 07:24:21
    I think that since they now have lives.Such as girlfriends/wifes..(etc) they should spend time at home with there lovely partners.I am positive that no matter how many crazed fans think they are going to marry gerard will never succeed in doing so.With that said, many fans can not wait for the new album but are you going to be as dissapointed as you were when the black parade came out.It took some getting used to but all in all its a great album.You dont truely see the message behind it if you think that nothing can live up to the power of revenge.But it can.We all hummed along to welcome to the black parade wether you want to admit it or not.We loved the last album but we need a new one.But family first
  • nikki iero 2007/10/15 01:46:53
    nikki iero
    yes!!! yes!! yes!!!
    my biggest fear is that they will decide that they have already accomplished their goal..they've already saved lives and they're done with music..

    it scares me that gerard and mikey got married now frank in march! I want them to be happy but i dont want them to quit so they can have kids or whatever..
  • Jordan 2007/10/14 21:51:37 (edited)
    Yeah. I think they need a little break and take some time and put this one together. All their Albums are amazing. The black parade, well, i'm not much of a fan of it. It's just a different concept. But it's still good. MCR have been one of my favorite bands since they came out with their first album. And, well, personally, i think any of their albums could have made it big. But they just made such a big deal about the black parade, that it made it as far as it did.
    Well, all i'm saying is that, they've already made it big. So they don't have to worry about "going all in or nothing" this time. I think they should really concentrate on the sound and lyrics this time, and come up with something truley amazing. Better than all their albums. Rather than concentrating on makeing it big again.

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