Do you rather have people talking behind your back, or people saying it to your face?

Ana B0n B0n 2010/04/28 22:24:17
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  • wombat 2010/05/04 14:45:24
    Say it to my face >:(
    ..or piss off
  • mandy 2010/04/30 17:23:33
    Say it to my face >:(
    so at least i dont have to hear it from someone else
  • OhaiDevi =) 2010/04/30 05:30:12
    Just say it behind my back :(
    OhaiDevi =)
    and by the way i know when people talk behind my back,, and i will confront you for it....but i wont talk behind your back...never ever
  • dragon warrior 2010/04/29 21:07:19
    Say it to my face >:(
    dragon warrior
    I don't care what they say, but if they're willing to say something behind my back, they should also be willing to say it to my face.
  • Huki68 2010/04/29 20:39:32
    Say it to my face >:(
  • Phletch 2010/04/29 18:32:30
    Say it to my face >:(
    Be up front. I can handle it; can you?
  • Diana 2010/04/29 18:16:16
    Say it to my face >:(
    Saying it to my face.
  • wah-yaw 2010/04/29 17:14:18
    Say it to my face >:(
    either way im going to hurt them, at least if they say it to my face they have honor
  • elias_iglesias2000 2010/04/29 16:11:37
    Say it to my face >:(
    i guess who person say to my face is a best friend for me and i love this behavior
  • steve_lax_man 2010/04/29 12:47:43
    Say it to my face >:(
    at least have the courage to say it to me, otherwise its just pathetic
  • NessPan 2010/04/29 10:00:27
    Say it to my face >:(
    if they say it to my face,then they'r lucky enough to get one on the face.
    and THAT will make us even.
  • Leo --Name Subject 2 Change-- 2010/04/29 08:20:18
    Say it to my face >:(
    Leo --Name Subject 2 Change--
    I'm curious to know what people would have to say to me. i wouldn't mind them saying stuff to my face. I doubt people talk about me though because i'm not very...outgoing, i'll say. I'm not too memorable and not well known in my school. but i have a soft selfconcious; i might get insulted. But i'd still rather hear what people have to say.
  • _Casey_Logan_ 2010/04/29 05:37:45
    Say it to my face >:(
    To my face It wount hurt as bad Plus I can get them back just as quickly & just as bad
  • Werewolfgirl1995 2010/04/29 02:33:28
    Just say it behind my back :(
    Hmm that's hard,I've had insults to me both ways......I'd have to say behind my back because then I wouldn't know they were even though I'd probably be able to tell
  • joshluvhalo 2010/04/29 01:57:42
  • Nimara 2010/04/28 23:03:55
    Say it to my face >:(
    IN DA FACE! IN DA FACE....sorry, that is from the HANGOVER movie...funny. ANyway, I would rather have it said to my face.
  • Empress 2010/04/28 23:00:54
    Say it to my face >:(
    I rather them tell me to my face, that way i'll know what type of person I am dealing with.
  • Ray Ray 2010/04/28 22:39:22
  • randomnessshallruletheworld... 2010/04/28 22:34:25
    Say it to my face >:(
    randomnessshallruletheworld!!!!! .-.
    i guess.... bc if its going around behind my back, it can change into something wayyy different than what it really is
  • viola 2010/04/28 22:26:21
    Say it to my face >:(
    i better know what is going on and work it out with people than live with constant glares and rooms gone silent when i enter.

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