Do You Pay More Attention to the Music or the Lyrics?

The Big Question 2012/05/29 20:00:42
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  • xxxoooxxx 2012/08/29 20:17:14
    Music. A lot of the time I think the Music is better than the lyrics anyway.
  • P. Sturm 2012/07/03 17:29:01
    P. Sturm
    Lyrics, unless the genre emphasizes the score.
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2012/06/25 04:24:22
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    The beat hooks me, but there is nothing quite like people who have no idea what a song is really about. Like a couple that say that "Lips of an Angel" is their song...when it is about a guy screwing around on his girlfriend with his ex.
  • BJAMonster 2012/06/12 01:42:48
    I play attention to both, but I love punk rock music, so I tend to blare the music and rock out to it. lol
  • frederic.ganolo 2012/06/08 19:14:43
    maybe ...
  • Sami D 2012/06/06 14:39:14
    Sami D
    I pay attention to both but more the lyrics than anything else
  • Night 2012/06/03 20:40:25
    If the music is catchy I will listen to the song and after a few times unless the lyrics are really clear to begin with I will pay attention to the lyrics.
  • Lonely girl 2012/06/03 09:23:33
    Lonely girl
    Lyrics mostly but if the music is great I'll still listen.
  • Fashionable60s 2012/06/02 21:08:20 (edited)
    Actually, both. If it is classical music pieces, no words are necessary. If it is an opera, I do listen carefully to both the recitatives or the lyric. I speak French and understand enough Italian to follow most the operas, depending how good is the diction of the singers. Occasionally, I would listen to either a Wagnerian or a Motzartian opera and I try to follow the lyrics since I have a smattering knowledge of German. Operas are keeping my language skills sharp. I also listen to Broadway show tunes and yes, I listen to both the lyric and the music. If it is 60s or 70s rock n roll, I just use the sound and not the lyrics to exercise or do housework.
  • caroline.dy1 2012/06/02 15:55:40
    I think it's safe to say we easily get attracted to songs by listening than trying to find meaning to the song through their lyrics.
    i personally get attracted to the tune, rhythm, beat, and then lyrics. .
  • Tin Man 2012/06/02 14:16:13
    Tin Man
    There are many songs I like the music of but not the lyrics. Preferably I like both to be great with a good sound mix where you don't have to strain to hear the lyrics. With heavy metal I prefer no lyrics, it seems pointless like white noise on a TV.
  • Centurion~PWCM~JLA 2012/06/02 12:09:38 (edited)
    Clearly, I enjoy the music more than I concern myself with the Lyrics. I enjoy the types of music listed here but most friends and relatives can't seem to enjoy it "because I can't understand what they are saying." While I understand German pretty well, there are some songs in German where I understand very little but it still sounds good. I understand far less Gaelic but that does not stop me from enjoying the sound of it. While as far as I know, the song is only sung in Gaelic, look up and read the lyrics to The Wealthy Widow and you will laugh your arse off! But, you can enjoy it in Gaelic!

    Just enjoy the music folks!

  • Centuri... Centuri... 2012/06/02 12:17:40
  • luvdougie 2012/06/02 05:24:02
    most definately music. if its got good rhythm, then im going to like it whether or not the lyrics are good. but i admit, my favorites have good lyrics and meanings. :)
  • beach bum 2012/06/02 04:36:32
    beach bum
    sounds....words last
  • XxJanaNomnomxX 2012/06/01 14:02:14
    Why isn't there a "both" button? I listen to music for the sound as well as lyrics. I like to hear things with good meaning to sum it up.
  • Doc Frank stein 2012/06/01 09:33:32
    Doc Frank stein
    Most of the time, I'm basically music, but the words do unconsciously ring in with the music.
    There ARE songs, however, where the words have bigger impact for me:
    eg Roses areRed Violets are Blue
    Hey Paula
    Island in the Sun
  • hasher 2012/06/01 01:16:47
    it depends on the song. some songs are meant to be listened to because of their music others i find the lyrics very interesting.
  • Tamara McMillan 2012/06/01 00:21:37
    Tamara McMillan
    It truely does depend on the song but most songs the lyrics are not always clear. A certain singer can really bring it across but not all do. Sometimes or most times it is the melody or tune that gets my attention.
  • cm 2012/05/31 17:01:36
    i wish i could say lyrics but i don't hear that well
  • Pretty Kitty 2012/05/31 14:07:19
    Pretty Kitty
    i like to pay more attention to what people say. its just that i feel like i can understand it better if i know what your saying.
  • mamacrash 2012/05/31 12:18:25
    Being a grandmother some of the lyrics are too filthy for my grandsons so I say what is and isn't acceptable in my truck.
  • Script_vault 2012/05/31 11:21:40
    I listen to hardstyle which doesn't really have lyrics so yeah...
  • Alice Evie 2012/05/31 08:28:54
    Alice Evie
    at the first time i listen to the song, then immidiately the lyrics
  • S.Lewis 2012/05/31 07:49:56
    If I really feel the music then I will listen to the lyrics.
  • Fenabarb 2012/05/31 07:21:24
  • Cal 2012/05/31 07:20:40
    If a song doesn't sound good...I'm not going to bother listening to it...much less pay attention to lyrics.
  • Alexis 2012/05/31 06:25:09
    What catches my attention is the music. If I love it, I'll keep listening and start paying attention to the lyrics. That's probably why I love rap and hip hop so much is because the music makes me wanna dance. I don't really care what they're saying, I'm just trying to dance :)
  • Justin Bolander 2012/05/31 04:58:32
    Justin Bolander
  • Rangiku 2012/05/31 04:30:50
    i listen to music more,but read lyrics to learn the words of the music x3
  • dvd 2012/05/31 03:59:32
  • Alex 2012/05/31 02:26:20
    I think lyrics because whenever you have a song stuck in your head, usually you think of the lyrics. It seems like the lyrics, are what make you like that song, but it could also be the music, it just depends I guess.
  • ~writersblock~ 2012/05/31 01:57:25
  • Tdog 2012/05/31 01:50:36 (edited)
    SO HARD!!! There should have been a both option but if i'm forced to choose...
  • Lady Aiyanna 2012/05/31 01:30:50
    Lady Aiyanna
    Its a bit of both as I start out by listening to the lyrics, learning and memorising them and then analyse the music, the tempo the pitch the bass, acoustics and the artistic layering and projection of a song to get the bigger picture of how the piece of art was created. Lyrics also have texturing involved while singing and I love to see which part of it is original and which of it is electronic.
  • Brownielover504 2012/05/31 01:26:55
    The music but if i like the song then i learn the lyrics
  • cebo 2012/05/31 01:11:08
    normally the beat, whether it's a dance tune or love ballard that's what you would usually hear before the lyrics.
  • Rosa~Evil Angel~ 2012/05/31 01:06:51
    Rosa~Evil Angel~
    the words mean more 2 me.......but both r equally important
  • Gina 2012/05/31 00:47:52
    Then I listen to how it flows with the music and creates the beauty that is the song.
  • Yars the Great 2012/05/31 00:28:10
    Yars the Great
    i hardly pay attention to the lyrics unless it's a song that i really like then ill start following the lyrics and wind up liking it better.

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