Do you like Jim Carrey or Will Ferrell?

King of Fondue 2007/05/31 19:54:56
Jim Carrey
Will Ferrell
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Bruce Almighty or Talledaga Nights?
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  • THE MASK 2009/08/15 16:39:40
    Jim Carrey
    thank u all
  • Orange Juice 2009/07/22 14:59:29
    Jim Carrey
    Orange Juice
    Jim Carrey all the way!
  • boringcoltsfan 2009/06/30 14:13:23
    Jim Carrey
  • Thunder_Lightning_Oak Evolu... 2009/06/21 03:32:36
    Thunder_Lightning_Oak Evolution
    JIM CARREY!!!! Will is ok.
  • lauri_LUV 2008/12/29 03:43:51
    Will Ferrell
    Will Ferrell...Jim Carey is annoying
  • y so serious 2008/11/03 21:54:05
    Jim Carrey
    y so serious
    Oh Carry man! Grinch can top elf any day!
  • ginadance 2008/11/03 21:21:26
    Jim Carrey
    I don't consider Ferrell all that funny...if at all.
  • Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂ 2008/10/29 15:50:14
    Decahedron~~The Frozen Flame ♂
    Both are OUTSTANDING comics ^_^
  • Sick Dreamer 2008/10/08 12:48:14
    Jim Carrey
    Sick  Dreamer
    I like them both but Ferrell is starting to get stupid.
  • Reverend Muerte 2008/09/10 17:51:15
    Jim Carrey
    Reverend Muerte
    Both are great but Jim Carrey is the MASTER!
  • patblue1947 2008/07/31 19:24:21
    They can both be great, and they both can really suck too!
  • charlie 2008/07/30 22:28:59
    Will Ferrell
    no brainer!!
  • Troma 2008/07/26 20:42:21
    both funny
  • Kate 2008/04/15 21:58:29
    Jim Carrey
    definitely Jim Carrey! I lurrrrve him, he is amusing!
  • skaple369 2008/04/07 23:23:04
    they are both amazing!!!<3
  • punch 2008/01/25 17:20:04
    Will Ferrell
    Will Ferrell is hilarious! Have you seen those Pearl the Landlady skits?! Priceless.
  • <3 Americanista <3 2007/12/04 01:25:54
    Will Ferrell
    <3 Americanista <3
    I luv jim carrey but Talledaga Nights was hilarious.
  • AngelEyes 2007/09/23 21:36:59
    Jim Carrey
    This is not even a contest come on, Ferrell is a want to be, he had one good movie, and I can't even remember the name of it, I think I laugh twice during it, no Carrey, all he has to do is look at you, Loved him as the Riddler in Batman, How one person can twist his body the way he does, and the faces he make, it is just to cute. I LOVE CARREY
  • Amber 2007/09/21 20:50:33
    I love them both!
  • highdesertgemini 2007/09/14 18:53:19
    Not at all undecided. I am not crazy about either of them. I can make it through "Liar, Liar", in spite of Jim Carrey, but I don't even try to watch anything with Will Ferrell in it.
  • Valkyries "In God We Trust" 2007/08/03 11:43:26
    Jim Carrey
    Valkyries "In God We Trust"
    I love them both, But Jim is my first pick
  • rose of texas 2007/08/03 10:36:35
    Jim Carrey
    rose of texas
    I would have to go with Jim Carrey hands down over Will Ferrell.
  • oy 2007/07/27 02:03:28
    They're both cool. I love Will in his videos with his daughter lol they're too funny. He was surprisingly good in stranger than fiction too. Jim is obviously funny as well, even if a bit over the top at times. I like them both :)
  • Kashomon 2007/07/25 23:08:15
    Jim Carrey
    Will is funny also but Jim is the better actor by far!
  • S.Sif:* 2007/07/25 21:05:39
    They're both really good :D and they're both good in comedy and in serious movies like Will Ferrell in "Stranger Than Fiction" and Jim Carrey in "The Truman Show"
  • CaptainMorgan 2007/07/09 15:23:07
    Jim Carrey
    Jim Carrey is a good actor. Period. Whether it's a comedy or a drama. I don't care for Will Ferrell's humor at all and I have yet to see him do any serious acting.
  • dras 2007/06/14 18:47:03
    Jim Carrey
    I voted for Jim Carrey because he has more universal talent. Personally I don't care for his type of comedy
  • sweetpeachie 2007/06/11 13:28:34
    Jim Carrey
    Whether serious or funny, Jim Carrey can pull of any role. Ace Ventura rocks my socks off.
    Also, The Majestic, which was a serious role for Carrey, was incredible. Carrey's old stand-up comedy act is great. Ferrell just isn't that funny to me anymore. He was awesome on SNL, but he's lost his luster to me.
  • tmr 2007/06/04 21:19:48
    It really depends on the movie. The less spal stick the better.
  • wizzard 2007/06/04 03:47:44
    Will Ferrell
    have to go with ferrell havnt seen anything with him in it i didnt like was awsome in taledega nights was a very funny movie
  • Sandy 2007/06/04 01:41:16
    I don't really care for either one....I have never been a fan of slap-stick comedy. Growing up, I didn't really like The Three Stooges, or Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, because I thought Dean was mean to Jerry. I never liked seeing the strong pick on the weak, physically or physcologically.
  • BRADY969 2007/06/03 23:30:55 (edited)
    Jim Carrey
    I thought Bruce Almighty was funnier but Will Farrell is funnier to me. Elf was horrible!
  • #1Misty 2007/06/03 17:30:22
    Pearl beats them both
  • ReCoN PeNgUiN 2007/06/03 17:25:32
    Jim Carrey
    ReCoN PeNgUiN
  • question 2007/06/03 16:09:23
    They are both funny I like most of the movies they have been in! can't choose one over the other I ike them both.
  • Joey 2.0 2007/06/03 11:59:23
    Will Ferrell
    Joey 2.0
    They are both funny, but although Ferrell isn't very popular in Germany, i like his movies a little bit more ...
  • JackBauer 2007/06/03 02:00:36
    Will Ferrell
    I like them both, but I give Will Ferrell the edge.
  • Raquel 2007/06/02 22:36:01
    Jim Carrey
    Ok I LOVE both Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell sooper much but since there is not a both option I am going to HAVE to go with Jim Carrey because I have liked him for longer so there.
  • Bri 2007/06/02 22:10:33
    Will Ferrell
    I think that will ferrell is really funny. and he doesnt seem like he has to try hard to be it just comes naturaly. but i dont like jim carrey...he just gets annoying after awhile.
  • Patrick 2007/06/02 21:25:45
    But leaning towards Will Ferrell, he seems to more versital.

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