Do you hate when n00bs do this ,gamers?

*goodbye* 2012/08/01 19:13:59
it's when your at a high rank on a online video game and it's when a n00bie hacks the game or buy a trillion in-game currency packs to give themselves a unfair advantage over everyone else. It annoys me. and I CAN'T tell you how annoying it is when you are a high ranking member of a game, and you get owned by a noob that hacked the game.
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  • Radical Ed 2012/08/03 21:52:52
    Radical Ed
    what game?
  • *goodbye* Radical Ed 2012/08/03 22:23:15
    Online games
  • Lord Emperor Kami Guro Bage... 2012/08/02 12:37:44
    Lord Emperor Kami Guro Bagels Supreme Ruler of the Earth
    Skill versus gear the age old question
  • Sintwa 2012/08/01 22:31:30
    I don't think any kind of armour should be available to buy with real money because it's just very unfair and creates an uneven ground.
  • Smashed 2012/08/01 20:29:02
    there's a few classic games, for example ijji GunZ, that I'm really good at. And when people hack, it's just annoying to know I can easily destroy them, but can't :(
  • *goodbye* Smashed 2012/08/01 21:07:34
    More annoying if they are n00bs
  • Juan O'Mara 2012/08/01 19:17:35
    Juan O'Mara
    if you aint cheatin you aint trying lol sorry bro i dont get online to play video games Im what you call "unplugged"

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