Do you cut the dead skin off your feet with razor blade?

Cal 2009/03/29 22:02:48
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  • luke-jones 2009/09/23 19:36:06
    No, because...
    'I' use fingernail clippers.

    It's 'safer.'
  • SuperCee 2009/03/31 19:28:01
    No, because...
    Hell No! I'm not trying to cut my foot off! That is dangerous to say the least. My aunt tried taking a corn off with a razor blade and almost cut off her poor little baby toe! No siree! I'd rather scrap until I drop or buy a Pedegg! Hey! How good are they?
  • No, because...
    мυzιк.jυηкιε™ [ιη мy вιтcнεs ι тяυsт!]
    it's dangerous, i use a pumice
    stone, but i do know people
    that use razors
  • Miss Sissa 2009/03/29 22:12:58
    No, because...
    Miss Sissa
    I use a Ped Egg. They don't cut you.
  • Cal Miss Sissa 2009/03/29 22:29:54
    That's a better idea!!! LOL
  • BUNNIES 2009/03/29 22:12:25
    No, because...
    Wow. That sounds really intense. I'm gonna say..no.
  • Ally 2009/03/29 22:11:54
    No, because...
    I don't have dead skin on my feet, or at least, not yet :p
  • Bob-chicka-wow-wow 2009/03/29 22:07:26
    No, because...
    lol no i dont. i think they have other thingys do do that with now. forget the names of those. if sparkley was on she would have the answer lol

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