Do this year's BCS bowl selections appropriately reflect the best matchups in college football?

SportsNation 2012/12/03 14:12:13
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  • BigJDub 2012/12/03 16:25:54
    I'm tired of the love affair with Alabama. Wins against Towson State should count as a loss
  • Lanikai 2012/12/03 14:56:27
    Should be Georgia and Notre Dame.

    The officiating at the SEC championship SUCKED. I counted 19 penalties they never bothered to call Alabama for, most of them directly in front of officials. Including two fist to face incidents, and one major facemask that was so blatant the bama guys hand was nearly totally inside the Georgia guys facemask.

    The officials (once again) affected the outcome to get the result they were either PAID to get or TOLD to get.

    I will be ever so happy when all of Bamas recruiting dirtiness comes out

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