Do more people watch and listen to Justin Bieber because they hate him than like him?

tncdel 2012/03/05 13:09:22
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I ran across this youtube video that I think set the all-time record for views on youtube. It has well over 700 MILLION views! Can you imagine that? Yet, if you will note, he got over twice as many "dislike" votes as he did "like" votes. Take a look here and you will see what I mean:

So why do so many people who dislike Justin Bieber patronize him? Seems they actually ENJOY watching and listening to him perform out of hate. Perverse? Or is it, like the song says,

"There's a thin line between love and hate."

"Unfans," maybe?

Or maybe many who claim to hate him actually love him, but are too embarrassed to admit it? :)~

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  • Selketskiss 2012/03/27 02:24:12
    NO [explain why you think not].
    How about other...I don't know I have never heard 1 of his songs
  • Vortex Lord 2012/03/05 15:05:30
    NO [explain why you think not].
    Vortex Lord
    We don`t watch! We come there, pause the video! Dislike and say something! After that GTFO! :)
  • Farnsworth 2012/03/05 14:25:46
    NO [explain why you think not].
    I really don't know why people bother with the little androgynous wigger

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