Django Unchained' Action Figures Include Slave Characters: Collectible or Controversial?

tentmaster 2013/01/09 22:00:00
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**UPDATE** Action figures have been discontinued! See link below. **UPDATE**

Fellow filmmakers say they believe in Quentin Tarantino's vision and call this freedom of creative expression, but Rev. Al Sharpton, Change.org and other civil rights groups are calling for a halt in production and circulation of the dolls.

Some are already saying the dolls are more collectible now because of the controversy surrounding them. Do you think the 'Django Unchained' action figures are in bad taste or are they a cool collectible?

django dolls

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  • Vitalani 2013/01/10 00:55:38
    Cool Collectible!
    So...The characters who happen to be slaves don't deserve their own action figures when the others do? So just the white characters should have them? now THAT sounds controversial.

    Someone please explain to me what's so bad about these collectors items???

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  • mike a 2013/01/20 04:04:43 (edited)
    Cool Collectible!
    mike a
    I think It honors proud brave African Americans who were "slaves." and they should NOT be ashamed of. Why isn't it more discussed that it was the British who started slavery in North America? The United States was not even a country until 1776. I know it continued long after by wealthy plantation owners. They and the British should be blamed not the entire country of the USA. The American Indians were treated just as bad by whites and no one ever complains about "Indian" dolls.
  • Bronar 2013/01/17 16:25:13
    Bad Move, Tarantino!
    Hollywood, proudly promoting violence and intolerance for over 100 years!
  • Flowers 2013/01/17 15:59:40
    Bad Move, Tarantino!
    i think it's creepy.
  • DeathByPartisanship 2013/01/14 21:16:12
    Cool Collectible!
    I suppose anything related to this movie is going to be controversial. Only proving to me more that Al Sharpton is human waste, go f$%k yourself Sharpton.
  • Jimm 2013/01/14 19:02:19
    Cool Collectible!
    I voted "cool collectible" but in truth they'll make so damn many of them that it'll be decades before the stupid thing is actually worth anything! Take it from an avid collector
    of just about anything...if the word "collectible" is printed on the box, or the item is advertised as "collectible"...it isn't really collectible! Why? Because they will make a gazillion of them so that anyone who wants one has one, thus driving the collectible value down the tubes.
  • t.eliot, topbard 2013/01/14 18:05:44
    Cool Collectible!
    t.eliot, topbard
    Some historical import, but I think collectible AND controversial.
  • LynettaS1 2013/01/14 15:12:45
    Cool Collectible!
    I wouldn't buy them, but it's a movie, and no different from everything else that Hollywood capitalizes on! If they make it - people will buy!
  • regina.robinsongardner 2013/01/14 15:12:28 (edited)
    Bad Move, Tarantino!
    What exactly is the point of a action figure. ROOTS had no action figures. The movie is just like any other slave movie and they had no action figures. This move by Tarantino is simply money. Although I thought the movie was pretty good. Did you know that Americans concentrate more on pass slavery than any other country including AFRICA! Exactly what will these toys actually do? If one toy doesn't do what you tell it to do, does the other toy whip his or her ass? Aren't we promoting violence and racism! And of course one toy will have to be black and one toy will have to be white. What if you have a black and white child playing together with this toy? The black child is going to constantly be ruled and whipped by the white child until this is no longer a game now! Now the game has gone outside of just playing they may even start acting like a racist. LET SLAVERY DIE! STOP PROMOTING RACISM. I WISH THE WORLD WOULD JUST DELETE SLAVERY AND THE TOPIC OF SLAVERY. LET IT GO. ONE LOVE!
  • moses.i... regina.... 2013/01/17 14:36:58
    It's people like you who make a big deal about nothing, YOU wont let racism die.
  • Joey 2013/01/14 04:01:02
    Bad Move, Tarantino!
    Let me known they make this person into a toy ..I bet all the people saying how cool it is to have slave toy would change there tune on that one.

    Jew camp
  • Mungu Joey 2013/01/14 14:51:30
    A better comparison would be this basterds
    Yes I could see these dudes as action figures
  • Joey Mungu 2013/01/14 14:55:37
    How would that be a better comparison?
  • Mungu Joey 2013/01/14 15:06:37
    The issue is a Django doll, not a "slave doll". The comparison to what happened in Europe would be Tarantinos other movie, "Inglorious Basterds" based on Jewish folk talking out their Nazi oppressors.
  • Nick Mungu 2013/01/14 15:51:09
    Jews are the most parasitic nation, this movie about jewish liberators is a real farce
  • Mungu Nick 2013/01/14 16:01:35
  • Nick Mungu 2013/01/14 19:41:05
    it's about Inglourious Basterds movie
  • Mungu Nick 2013/01/14 19:52:12
    Are you American? I usually only see such blatant "dislike" for Jews amongst eastern Europeans.
  • Nick Mungu 2013/01/15 14:28:29 (edited)
    no, i'm russian.
    i guess because americans don't care about their history.

    DREISER, THEODORE. 20th century American writer.
    "New York to me is a scream - a Kyke's dream of a ghetto. The Lost Tribe has taken the island. (Letter to H. L. Mencken, November 5, 1922) "
    "Liberalism, in the case of the Jew, means internationalism. If you listen to Jews discuss Jews, you will find they are mone-minded, very sharp in practice. The Jews lack the fine integrity which at last is endorsed, and to a certain degree followed, by lawyers of other nationalities. The Jew has been in Germany for a thousand years, and he is still a Jew. He has been in America for all of 200 years, and he has not faded into a pure American by any means - and he will not. (Letter to Hutchins Hapgood, The Nation magazine, April 17, 1935)"
  • Mungu Nick 2013/01/15 15:35:07
    Well, I'm certainly no apologist for Jews, and won't pretend to be, but be fair. What is so wrong with a folk wanting to remain distinct to some degree? I don't think you can really speak to the patriotism of Jews in USA, if you don't even live here. I think Mr. Theodore was just being xenophobic because such a large number of them moved to NYC. I Also really don't think you can tell the average 3rd generation Jew in NYC from an Italian, Dutchman or Armenian.

    Besides, I am very unapologetic about being an American imperialist. I support "internationalism". Well at least a kinder gentler one. ;o)
  • Nick Mungu 2013/01/16 17:35:09
    well, i haven't got anything against internationalism, i was born in soviet union, where all nations were equal, even jews, i just can't stand the fact that jews consider other nations inferior races and their slaves
  • ♥K14 Nick 2013/01/14 18:02:49
  • Nick ♥K14 2013/01/15 14:29:29
    "eh" what ? :)
  • ♥K14 Nick 2013/01/15 17:13:27
    "Jews are the most parasitic nation,"

    Is this some reference I am missing, or are you being hypocritical and racist? :S
  • Nick ♥K14 2013/01/16 17:19:30
    rasist - may be, but hypocritical - what made you think so?
  • ♥K14 Nick 2013/01/17 18:02:04
    Your first comment displayed the traditional opposition to discrimination shown in the salve trade, yet you believe it is perfectly fine to discriminate against Jews.

    btw - If you were being serious, there's no "may be" about it...
  • Nick ♥K14 2013/01/18 15:06:05
    As it seems to me, there is a little difference between rasism and anti-semitism. The oven dodgers usually muddle up these terms. Are you one of them?
  • ♥K14 Nick 2013/01/18 20:22:12
    "Antisemitism (also spelled anti-semitism or anti-Semitism) is prejudice or hatred of, or discrimination against Jews for reasons connected to their Jewish heritage."

    "Prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief."

    Jews are technically a race, therefore your conclusions are erroneous.

    I've no idea what an "oven dodger" is, but I'm pretty sure the term will not apply to me.

    Please note: I'm not saying you shouldn't be racist, just informing you that it would be polite not to lie about the fact you are - it doesn't make me think any less of you.
  • Nick ♥K14 2013/01/19 10:08:18
    Oven dodger
    A derogatory term for a person of Jewish heritage, presumably a reference to being burned in ovens in the Holocaust, and perhaps a sly reference to ''corn dodgers,'' that is, baked or fried cornbread pieces.
    Winona Ryder (in the January 2011 issue of GQ magazine): Somehow it came up that I was Jewish. (Mel Gibson) said something about 'oven dodgers,' but I didn't get it. I'd never heard that before. It was just this weird, weird moment.

    I don't like when black guys date white girls, but I don't support the plates "for white only", is it racism?

    And when I see jewish faces everywhere, hear jews talking about racism or holocaust while the jews rule whole world, wage wars and destroy different states as well as moral principles - I say don't mix up racism and antisemitism.
  • ♥K14 Nick 2013/01/19 11:36:13
    "I say don't mix up racism and antisemitism"
    That's like saying "don't mix up bread and brioche". Brioche is a type of bread, just like antisemitism is a type of racism. It should be pretty clear from the fact that you are discriminating against members of a certain race, because of their race. You've already admitted that you don't like seeing jewish faces everywhere, consequently admitting that your previous claims were blatant lies.

    As I always say, believe whatever you want to believe. But walking around shouting "I hate all jews because they happen to be jews, regardless! but i'm not racist, honest..." does little to improve your reception. Atleast be consistent.
  • Nick ♥K14 2013/01/20 09:09:17
    Well, it's certainly a jewish habit to generalize precise terms to blur the facts and convince an interlocutor in facts never existed. It's just the same if I say "I don't like worms" and would be charged by you with hatred for animals, huh? And if you order the brioche and get a bread would you be satisfied?

    You seem educated person, but this topological principle does not spread to real life unless you are lawyer (the profession invented by jews) or one of representatives of this "downtrodden" nation.

    Are you a jew? Just accept it and I will shut up.
  • ♥K14 Nick 2013/01/20 10:39:43
    You discriminate against a race, and claim it's not racism. Explain.
    Your analogy would only be appropriate if Racism meant discriminating against every race, which it does not.
    If I ordered brioche and got bread, I would be displeased since they're quite different.
    If I were to follow an abrahamic religion, I think I'd go for islam. But since I refuse to fall to illogical idiocy, I shall never be religious.
    From a genetic view point, I'm a bit too Anglican... Having no jewish heritage what so ever...
  • Nick ♥K14 2013/01/20 14:24:18
    I discriminate against point of their religion and culture view. And if ppl of some kind of nation call themselves the "superior race" as they does, they definitely have to worry about hatred and condemnation to whole their nation or race.

    May be it's all about translation losts but when, for example, Cameroonians hate Nigerians, would you call it a rasism too? Couse I call it national enmity, both of them are black. Same thing about relations within white race.
  • ♥K14 Nick 2013/01/20 20:15:19
    Again, your analogies are inappropriate.
    You do not claim to discriminant against a state or (just) an institution, you discriminate against jews. Remember your comment on "seeing jewish faces everywhere"? Somehow I doubt the appearance of a Caucasian who happened to be a practicing jew would evoke the same reaction.

    If you are just opposed to their claims of superiority, then you should also hate Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and, well, Pretty much every religion. Is this the case?
  • Nick ♥K14 2013/01/23 15:31:51
  • ♥K14 Nick 2013/01/25 18:51:20
    The main idea of racism is Discrimination or prejudice, based on race. Suppression has no bearing on it.

    Can you prove that it is the Jews that do all the discriminating? (I'm assuming your use of absolutes was hyperbolic, if not, feel free to prove that too)

    You may be interested to know that a pathetically low percentage of discrimination is from Jews. Unlike you, I can back up my claims.
  • Nick ♥K14 2013/01/28 16:51:34
    Yep, I know about jewish international ideas, but proper drug dealers don't drug :) and according to their foundations Jews marry Jews otherwise their marriage doesn't seem anything legal. And according to jewish tradition - they would to lend money to anyone, but they never require the payment of interests from jews, only from other ppl. What is it if not a jewish nationalism?

    And you know, I don't think if you want me to prove something to you, you already have your own opinion, but it doesn't mean you can prove it to me either. Thousands of years ppl belived in gods proved by some
    priests or lot of ppl belived in holocaust or Iraq chemical weapons. Main part of ppl accept only opinions confirming their confidence.

    Sorry about my lame english.
  • ♥K14 Nick 2013/01/28 18:05:13
    Most of your first paragraph is just a face of religion, so singling out jews seems like an odd choice.

    I would prefer you to either prove me wrong, or stop unfounded rants. I have an opinion on the matter, I also done some research that backs up my opinion. Unless you offer something that either discredits or outweighs the previously observed evidence, I will not change my opinion. This is logic, not stubbornness. Although I do understand why you may misinterpret my actions.

    People believed in god despite a lack of evidence, there was no proof.
    The holocaust is totally undeniable.
    Iraqi chemical weapons, well, they just wanted an excuse to try and finish the job they didn't bother with first time (An unfounded opinion of mine. Yes, I'm a hypocrite)

    As for your English, I think I've been able to correctly interpret most of what you say, so it's good enough in my opinion :)
  • Nick ♥K14 2013/02/05 15:16:36
    speaking of holocaust - the situation is similar the joke "Psychological studies of homosexual men conducted by homosexuals, show that homosexuals are much more psychologically normal, than all other people."

    Only Jews insist on validity of holocaust and give a lot of circumstantial evidences and these evidences are often conflicting.

    There were more than 20 millions of soviet ppl killed during WW2, and now jews recieve reparations from germany as it was a war of jews against nazis, it is a kinda lame situation, don't you think so?
  • ♥K14 Nick 2013/02/05 18:58:27
    The jews get reparations because of the way in which they were targeted, if you were not so bias (read: racist), you would understand this.
  • Nick ♥K14 2013/02/05 21:07:00
    if they were so targeted how come that there were killed much more slavs than jews? slavs were targeted too, but at least our ppl were more battleworthy than them

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