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News 2012/07/28 17:37:10
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The opening ceremony for the 2012 summer Olympics aired last night and was a sight to be seen! The production values and imagery may have been the best in Olympics history. Taking place at the sight of the Olympic games in London, England, the ceremony featured some of the most memorable characters and public figures in the country's history.

Viewers saw Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling read a short tale before the appearance of England's most infamous villains--including her own creation in Voldermort (100 foot tall version). Then, we a fleet of Mary Poppins, not Harry Potter, come to the rescue and fight off Voldermort and the gang of villains.

Millions also watched Rowan Atkinson reprise his role of Mr. Bean on the grandest stage imaginable, complete with the hilarious facial expressions that made fans fall in love with his character nearly two decades ago. As usual, it didn't end well for Mr. Bean, who couldn't keep up with the orchestra or the runners from Chariots of Fire.

Perhaps the most memorable entrance of all was that of Queen Elizabeth, who jumped out a helicopter piloted by the current James Bond, Daniel Craig. OK, maybe she had a stunt double, but it still looked cool! In a fun twist, we saw a brief musical on the new age of social media, complete with Facebook statuses and tweets popping up as the performers presented a young love story. Overall, an impressive show visually!

But, what about you SodaHeads: Did you enjoy the opening ceremony?

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  • TwistedArtisan 2012/07/28 23:42:55
    I thought it was very fun and creative, and LOL at Mr. Bean!
  • Valia-chan 2012/07/28 23:37:52
    Well,I enjoyed some parts.:3
  • ConLibFraud 2012/07/28 23:30:55
    I enjoyed them so much it was like I didn't even watch! Oh that's right - I didn't!!!
  • keeper 2012/07/28 23:24:56
    Didn't watch it~
  • Eddie_DOMA_is_dead 2012/07/28 23:24:15
  • Tim Upham 2012/07/28 23:11:00
    Tim Upham
    It was the most tasteless and overly produced spectacle I have ever seen. It start out good, showing Great Britain being the start of the Industrial Revolution, but after that it was moronic. When they showed those children singing from Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, I would have them instead singing in Irish, Gaelic, Welsh, Manx, and Cornish, and would have shown children in those locations as well as Cornwall and the isle of Man. So viewers can really understand what the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is all about.
  • Twinky Tim Upham 2012/07/29 13:14:57
    Ireland is not part of Britain so why would you want that included? That would be like saying when it's hosting in the US, there should be Canadian singers.

    As a Brit, I don't understand why you feel each obscure dialect is needed to represent the country? It would have been extremely EXclusive to have even more languages when all Manx Gaelics, most (all but a few hundred) Scottish-Gaelic, all Welsh-speakers and Cornish-speakers mainly speak English.

    All four corners of the UK were represented. Which, when this was always meant to be the LONDONOlympics rather than the BRITISHOlympics, I felt was very respectful anyway.
  • Tim Upham Twinky 2012/07/29 20:45:34
    Tim Upham
    Irish is spoken in Northern Ireland, so it is a language of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Do not be such an Anglophile, because when you go through the British Museum, you learn about the history and the merger of the Celtic and Anglo-Saxon cultures. Be a good Brit, and learn a Celtic language, for I am an American who has, and also an American who lived in London for 4 years. They also speak Gaelic in Nova Scotia, which in Latin means New Scotland.
  • Twinky Tim Upham 2012/07/29 22:48:48
    I bow to your knowledge of my country.
    Why exactly am I an Anglophile? You're the one complaining about not all languages being used in the Olympics! Also, as anglophile is an appreciation of one's history, I'm not sure why you're using it as an insult.

    I do realise what languages are spoken in my country. I don't understand why you're trying to show off about what you know of Britain. There are many reasons why all of the languages weren't used... if you knew anything of Northern Ireland you would understand that although it is a much happier place, the Olympics is not the time nor the place to create political tensions by speaking Irish.
  • Tim Upham Twinky 2012/07/30 02:47:39
    Tim Upham
    Speaking Celtic languages is not political tension, it is culture. When the Eisteddfod is held in Wales (Cymru in Cymraeg) it is being done to celebrate the accomplishments of the bards, not to overthrow the House of Windsor. Northern Ireland is at peace, but when the Queen went there did they sing for her "Go sabhala Dia an bhanrion?" Do you know what that means being such a devout subject of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? I must be a revolutionary if I know Celtic languages, I wonder if Domhnall MacMhuirich was?
  • Twinky Tim Upham 2012/07/30 14:49:44
    Why are you questioning my of my culture? What is it to you?
    "Norther Ireland is at peace" - oh is it really? You tell the people living along the peace lines. And yes, speaking Irish is still a political tension in Northern Ireland.
  • Tim Upham Twinky 2012/07/30 18:32:16
    Tim Upham
    If you are proud to be British, then be proud of what makes up Great Britain. The Iberians who built Stonehenge, the Celts who gave us many of our Christmas customs, the Anglo-Saxons where we got our language and most of our days of the week from, the Vikings who named most of the cities in both Great Britain and Ireland, the Normans who gave us names for the processed foods we eat. Political tension or the life we live?
  • Twinky Tim Upham 2012/07/30 20:04:56
    Are you suggesting I'm not proud of these things? What do those things have to do with whether they spoke in irish at the opening ceremony?

    In all honesty it sounds like you're just showing how much you know about my country more than having a point to make. Yep, I'm in a cool country with lots of history, but to focus only on the languages, I feel would have taken too long, and taken away from what the Olympics was trying to do. They covered all four corners of Britain, they showcased some good tourism venues, and when its the London Olympics in the first place, I feel that was enough.
    Otherwise, what about complaining that not every dialect was used- I mean we have hundreds- all with different words and meanings
  • Tim Upham Twinky 2012/08/02 18:02:42
    Tim Upham
    Be proud of all of the cultural aspects of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. For that is what made my 4 years of living in London so memorable.
  • Carolina 2012/07/28 23:10:35
    It was OK.. the opening took a decade and I think they could have did better if they really wanted too
  • Radocto 2012/07/28 23:00:59
    Yes Loved It! :D Especially The Queen Parashooting With James Bond An Mr Bean On Piano Hahaha (:
  • PandahSixx 2012/07/28 22:57:05
  • Junior the Outer Space Musi... 2012/07/28 22:50:38
    Junior the Outer Space Music Man
    Was asleep at the time mainly because of having to be at work the next morning.
  • Sir Bud. 2012/07/28 22:49:21
    Sir Bud.
    Innovative and fun.
  • Lucid 2012/07/28 22:45:48
    i'm just not into that kind of thing, all the theatrics and dancing. But its great to have the Olympics in London and I'll watch as much as I can of the sporting action, I always love the olympics.
  • Josh 2012/07/28 22:38:27
    i only liked Rowan Atkinson's bit and the music through the ages thing but im really not sure what was going on at the start with Abraham Lincon and the floating tree? I am gutted that they decided to cut Dizzee Rascals song down seeing as that was one of my favorite songs but the dancers where very good and well choreographed
  • Saul Bo... Josh 2012/07/28 23:25:49
    Saul Borbón-Dos Sicilias
    Uh... that wasn't Abraham Lincoln. That was Keneth Branagh portraying Isambard Kingdom Brunel.
  • SJG 2012/07/28 22:38:19
    Enjoy?, yes. Thought it was amazing, NO. Atkinson was hilarious! Some of it kept my interest, some put me to sleep.
  • Apollo ~PHAET 2012/07/28 22:35:32
    Apollo ~PHAET
    I didn't watch.
  • annie 2012/07/28 22:34:42
    it was sooo funny,i love the part when him and the other men were runing,so then found himself last,so called the taxi cab!
  • Dany 2012/07/28 22:31:32
    I'm proud to be an Englishman! Especially how we can produce such an eccentric opening ceremony for all to see. :) A great show indeed.
  • Tim Upham Dany 2012/07/28 23:13:53
    Tim Upham
    It did not show the culture of Great Britain, and that is what I loved the most when I lived in London, and I am an American too.
  • Dany Tim Upham 2012/07/30 00:04:52
    You're right, it did not, shamefully. You can probably thank the sensitive lefties and liberals for that. I was disappointed certain elements of our history were left out, and very important ones, too. Like our great national heroes, and the World Wars. The NHS tribute was a bit too curious, however, I thought the ceremony overall was great.
  • Tackytiger Dany 2012/07/31 21:53:58
    That's just it. The British cultural and historical spectrum is so vast that there was no way of including everything or even adequately representing it in 4 hours. Was Arctic Monkeys a good choice? It wouldn't have been mine - but it was as good as any. Was "Hey Jude" the best choice for finale? Again it wouldn't have been mine - but again it was as good as any. Very difficult to please everyone....
  • Ozymandias 2012/07/28 22:19:57
  • AvaC 2012/07/28 22:12:54
    I thoroughly enjoyed it! My favourite part was definitely watching Mr. Bean. XD

  • Triniti 2012/07/28 22:11:10
    I don't own a tv and where i am at they don't have one either...
  • Jack 2012/07/28 22:07:40
    No, I think all opening ceremonies are a naff waste of money.
  • Liv 2012/07/28 22:05:59
    That was pretty amazing. Olympics <3
  • pepper5419 2012/07/28 22:04:40
    Parts of the ceremony were cool but,no it wasn't spectacular as I thought it would be.
  • DoxieDad 2012/07/28 22:03:32
    Mehh.... It was OK but then again I am not an Olympics fan anyway.
  • Mel 2012/07/28 22:01:53
  • BIG BAD JOHN R. 2012/07/28 21:55:26
    very nice
  • marky 2012/07/28 21:51:53
    How can people vote no, it was spectacular and nothing has come close to it before
  • Tackytiger marky 2012/07/28 22:01:12
    Exactly! Sour grapes in a lot of cases...

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