Did Lana Del Rey Redeem Herself on 'Letterman'?

Music 2012/02/04 23:35:16
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After her underwhelming performance on “Saturday Night Live,” we asked SodaHeads what they thought about Lana Del Rey. 55% voted her “talentless,” but did she redeem herself on “The Late Show with David Letterman”?

Though it’s true that she really had nowhere to go but up, responses to the Internet sensation’s latest performance of her song “Video Games” have been far more favorable.

Rolling Stone’s Matthew Perpetua wrote, “Her body language is still fairly stiff, but this time around, her performance was staged in a way that made her stillness seem deliberate and sort of unnerving. She comes off as understandably self-conscious in her singing, but delivers a much more controlled and dramatic performance than on SNL.”

TIME still places her in the “guilty pleasure realm” but others feel that the singer has redeemed herself, proving once and for all that her disastrous performance on “SNL” can be chalked up to nerves and inexperience.

What do you think? Did Lana Del Rey redeem herself on “Letterman”?

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