Did Judges Rob Manny Pacquaio?

Sports 2012/06/11 16:00:00
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We don't normally cover combat sports here on SodaHead, but there are times when it warrants our attention. Case in point: the big boxing match over the weekend between arguably the best in the world, Manny Pacquiao Vs. contender Timothy Bradley. Much like rival Floyd Mayweather Jr., when "Pacman" fights, everyone watches.

And everyone watched Pacquiao dominate practically the whole fight. While there was a round or two you could give to Bradley, it wasn't like he'd beat the legend in any judges' eyes. How wrong those observers were. Pacquaio lost the fight via split decision, meaning two out of three judges lacked common sense, were blind, or are just completely incompetent.

Whatever the case is with those two judges, Pacquiao lost a fight nearly everyone says he won. People talked about fixing. Many celebrities from Justin Timberlake to 50 Cent called out the Nevada State Athletic Commission on Twitter over the judging. Wikipedia pages were vandalized. Some called it the end of boxing. Bradley first said he'd have to watch the fight to see if he won, and later changed his tune saying he thought he won. Which one is it, dude?

On a humorous note, Pacquaio went missing for awhile before the main event and it turns out, he was still in his street clothes until the end of the Heat-Celtics Game 7. He also needed a treadmill to stretch his calves. And he still ended up dominating. No investigation has been opened on the judging and fans obviously aren't happy. On the bright side, at least Manny Pacquiao's calves were loose! But let's be real: numbers don't lie...

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  • prosper... beau 2012/06/11 17:12:09
    They're adults who know exactly what they're getting themselves into.
  • luke beau 2012/06/11 17:28:29 (edited)
    American football hurting people? LOL. American football is rugby for pussies who don't want to get hurt..
  • Joey luke 2012/06/11 17:31:56
    As someone who have played both of them . They both really hurt when you get hit .
  • FanOreilly luke 2012/06/11 17:52:52
    Clearly you never played football and probably never played rugby with real men.

    Don't correct me...it's not 'American football'.

    Football is a game played by men.

    Soccer is a game played by women, children and people from faggety countries.
  • Mike FanOreilly 2012/06/11 18:01:09
    Whoooaa...!!!...sorry dude...can't stand with you on this one...your on your own.....Get 'em UK, Europe, Asia, Africa..!
  • FanOreilly Mike 2012/06/11 18:43:32
    Soccer is a great sport for women and children.

    When men grow up, they play real sports.
  • Mike FanOreilly 2012/06/11 20:23:40
    that wasnt' what I was saying....you called countries names.....that's a fair game for people to attack you....shouldn't call countries names....you might live there someday....
  • FanOreilly Mike 2012/06/12 00:55:37

    I will die an American with a smile on my face because I never played soccer as a grown man.
  • Apache FanOreilly 2012/06/12 03:27:44
  • luke FanOreilly 2012/06/11 19:58:23 (edited)
  • FanOreilly luke 2012/06/11 20:04:45
    Actually the play soccer with their head, feet, shins, legs body AND their hands but only the dandy near the net can use his hands and it's a game where guys flop on the ground in faggy hysterics to draw a foul.

    I don't play games where balls are in my face.

    ball in the face
  • Apache FanOreilly 2012/06/12 03:19:31
  • lm1b2 2012/06/11 16:59:51
    The fix was in!
  • harley oldman 2012/06/11 16:43:55
    harley oldman
    I guess these pricks(Judges) forgot to feed their seeing-eye Dogs.
  • owen harley ... 2012/06/22 12:35:26
    The jingle of Jewish sheckles buys most men.
  • harley ... owen 2012/06/22 14:17:24
    harley oldman
    Yep....Your right.
  • Eric eDoUbS M. 2012/06/11 16:42:51
  • prosper... Eric eD... 2012/06/11 17:10:31
    Yep, sad to say boxing is no longer a legitimate sport, it's just spectacle.

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