Did Elizabeth Taylor Have Violet Eyes?

La Saria 2011/03/24 22:21:45

SLIDESHOW: Elizabeth Taylor Purple Eyes

Violet Eyes
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Violet Eyes

Apparently Liz Taylor had a perfume out called "Violet Eyes" but that doesn't mean that she had purple eyes!
  1. Violet Eyes

    Violet Eyes

    Apparently Liz Taylor had a perfume out called "Violet Eyes" but that doesn't mean that she had purple eyes!

  2. Elizabeth Taylor Eyes Close Up

    Elizabeth Taylor Eyes Close Up

    Liz Taylor definitely looks like she has violet eyes here but could it be that the magazine just photo-shopped it in? I mean, they're so purple!

  3. Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes?

    Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes?

    This also looks really photo-shopped! That violet eye color is just too deep...that can't be natural right?

  4. Elizabeth Taylor Eyes Color

    Elizabeth Taylor Eyes Color

    Are those blue eyes I see? Liz Taylor looks like she has blue eyes here -- not violet eyes!

  5. Elizabeth Taylor Eyes

    Elizabeth Taylor Eyes

    Hmmm looks kind of bluish gray here. Maybe a HINT of violet...but not enough to say violet eyes right?

  6. Violet Eye Color?

    Violet Eye Color?

    Ahhh, I can't decide now! They look kind of violet here!

  7. Elizabeth Taylor Eyes Color = Blue?

    Elizabeth Taylor Eyes Color = Blue?

    Look at those blue eyes! OK...they're definitely blue. Sorry Liz!

  8. Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes?

    Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes?

    They look green here! GRR! What do you think: Did Elizabeth Taylor Have Violet Eyes?

Did Elizabeth Taylor Have Violet Eyes?
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Everyone keeps saying that Elizabeth Taylor had violet eyes but I'm not sure what color Eilzabeth Taylor's eyes were! Did they do Photoshop back then?

Look through some pictures and help me decide.

What color were Elizabeth Taylor eyes?
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  • dtumlinson 2012/10/11 21:54:25 (edited)
    I saw her once, up close and personal, and the ladies eyes were violet. Dark, beautiful violet. She never wore contacts, she wore glasses when she got older. Also, there was no photoshop when she became a star, and her Violet eyes have been legiondary since the 1930's. So, yes her eyes were Violet and they were really that color, all natural.

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  • BJet 2013/09/29 18:29:22 (edited)
    First, I thought her eyes were bright blue national velvet elizabeth taylor

    But I was told that her eyes were violet
  • sylvia BJet 2013/11/07 08:41:58
    Her eyes look blue to me. She looked a lot different when she was young. Very sweet and innocent.
  • Fabio M... sylvia 2014/03/30 15:01:06
  • Fabio M... sylvia 2014/08/24 07:38:16
  • Fabio M... Fabio M... 2014/08/24 07:40:26
    Fabio Marinangeli
    Section of a HQ photo paid 56 Euros...This was her real color: don't look the trash on the net!
  • Fabio M... BJet 2014/03/30 14:23:30
    Fabio Marinangeli
    First: these photos are badly RECOLORED...Taken in the '40s or 50s can't be that bright. However in person her eyes looked blue-lavender.
  • Fabio M... BJet 2014/03/30 14:44:54
  • Fabio M... Fabio M... 2014/03/30 14:45:57
  • Fabio M... BJet 2014/03/30 14:48:18
  • Fabio M... BJet 2014/03/30 14:53:59
  • Fabio M... Fabio M... 2014/03/30 14:57:03
    Fabio Marinangeli
    This was her TRUE color....Call her eyes violet, call them lavander, but they were a wonder!! My source of their violet status: Francesca Tolot (make up artist) and Elizabeth Perkins(co. star in the Flinstones)
  • Fabio M... BJet 2014/04/01 13:20:41
  • Fabio M... BJet 2014/04/24 09:31:50
  • flowerland 2013/07/31 22:49:43
    No, they were...
    They were dark blue which sometimes can give an illusion of violet or purple eyes. Her eyes are pretty and rare but they are not violet. They are the rarer kind of blue. ONLY albinos can have violet eyes. Many people don't know this though. Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Elizabeth Taylor REAL & NATURAL VIOLET EYES violet albino eyes violet albino eyes violet albino eyes
  • UmiFujii flowerland 2013/12/16 00:28:59
    True albinos have red/pink eyes. Incomplete albinos have very light tinted eyes which appear pale lavender. There are some people born with violet eyes (light shades of purple). I believe Liz Taylor is one of them. People who knew her swear they were naturally a shade of purple. I have seen only one person with eyes a shade of purple and she is far too young for cosmetic contact lenses. She is almost one now but has purple eyes. She has light red hair and is not albino. No photoshop at all- Piper purple eyes
  • Fabio M... flowerland 2014/03/30 14:36:20
    Fabio Marinangeli
    Wikipedia says that but is WRONG...In person Elizabeth's eyes appeared a dark blue-violet because melanin wasn't sufficient to cover the retina...They were blue but spotted with red and the mix in person was a wonder. Cannes 2002 Cannes 2002
  • Fabio M... Fabio M... 2014/03/30 14:42:16
    Fabio Marinangeli
    I GOT many photos showing her violet eyes, but can't share for copyright REASONS...However i spoke with her make up artist Francesca Tolot and with some of her co-stars too...And yes she had violet eyes and a double set of eyelashes too!! Incredible but true.
  • Fabio M... flowerland 2014/06/16 16:19:12
  • akPhilly 2013/03/11 23:21:48
    I'll say yes, but I think it kind of depends-first off,what do you consider to be violet. To some it's a more bluish color,to some, more purplish. Also, your makeup & clothing, and the lighting too can affect how it looks. I've seen them look different colors depending on the photo as well-in any ads or older photos that were color enhanced, they often look really purple, yet not always. Some color-enhanced ones they look almost navy or even grey. And as far as the eyewitnesses-the mind sometimes sees what it wants to see,& if someone is a fan & wants to see violet, & it's kind of borderline,they're going to see violet. I'd be curious to her what people maybe said before it was a 'thing' that she had violet eyes. I don't think it was contacts though. Colored contacts weren't available during the time of many of those films & photos. Plus,colored contacts,I think people are forgetting, looked way faker years ago. Who knows what Hollywood had,but I know when I was a teen,if someone had colored contacts, it was extremely fake looking & obvious. But since it is possible, & she did have a double row of lashes, why not. However,I don't believe they were quite as purple as some of the photos, such as that ad the one person posted.
  • Odie Raqvak 2012/11/25 17:43:04
    No, they were...
    Odie Raqvak
    They were probably very blue, but in her movies they don't appear violet. The film industry was perfectly capable of changing colors of pictures, and without a doubt enhanced her eyes.
  • sanjazz... Odie Ra... 2013/01/18 03:41:02
    I am knowing the fact s only IDOL. She w


    I know the fact . My idol .Ms. Elizabeth Taylor. She wore contacts. Lavender!

  • sanjazz... sanjazz... 2013/01/18 03:48:12

    Ms. Elizabeth Taylor - My Idol wore Lavender Contacts. Thank U very much.. 01-, 17-2013.Agape!!
  • dtumlinson 2012/10/11 21:54:25 (edited)
    I saw her once, up close and personal, and the ladies eyes were violet. Dark, beautiful violet. She never wore contacts, she wore glasses when she got older. Also, there was no photoshop when she became a star, and her Violet eyes have been legiondary since the 1930's. So, yes her eyes were Violet and they were really that color, all natural.
  • furaskin dtumlinson 2012/11/17 20:37:56
    I collect Elizabeth's photos and have spoken with many people which met her in person. ....Everyone has confirmed to me what you say! Even the pics,not the horrible ones on the net but those bought from the photographers show blue-violet irises. Regards Dear
  • Daniel 2012/07/07 18:30:03
    Yes they are ! it's a genetic mutation called "Alexandria's Genesis" only 10% of Earth's pupulation have this.
  • Vivienn... Daniel 2014/12/04 14:25:12
    Vivienne Santana
    No it's not Alexandria's Genesis, those with A.G. have purple eyes, there is a difference between purple and violet. Plus, there is still not enough scientific evidence that A.G. wasn't just part of a story due to the inconsistency's in it's origin/description.
  • Brayden 2012/06/06 18:16:46
    No, they were...
    Liz Taylor were Blue eyes, but in some lighting, with the shade of blue she had, gave off a violet color. So I saw Yes and No to Liz Taylors eyes, because they are both blue and violet.
  • non-ya 2012/05/04 04:26:03
    E.T. (lol) did have violet eyes. It was one of her traits that made her so famous. Like hazel eyes they do seem to change colors with lighting.

    FYI. Photoshop did NOT exist back then.
  • Kimmeh Phan 2012/04/11 01:33:23
    Kimmeh Phan
    Yes, her eyes were violet. People born with violet eyes are very rare. She also was born with a double set of eyelashes making her eyes lashes look thicker and longer. You could say she was a natural beauty.
  • Kim Brooks 2012/03/19 11:37:07
    No, they were...
    Kim Brooks
    They are camillion eyes. They change color with the color of clothing she wore. Also when they looked purple I believe that they blood vessels in her eyes were just showing.
  • Kim Kramer 2011/09/09 12:55:26
    Kim Kramer
    I just wrote a comment but I think its lost. This shows her true eye unusual eye color for sure. Publishers didn't start using photoshop until around 1988 and I'm fairly certain this magazine shot would not have been played around with....
  • mysa 2011/08/08 17:42:22
    her eyes only show off purple when she is wearing purple based eye makeup, its can happen to alot of people with blue eyes, or hazel mood changing and hue changing depending on the colors around them....
  • xXxHoneyBearxXx 2011/04/10 15:17:47
    The reason why the eye color looks different because 1. She's wearing contacts or 2. The light changes the color of the eyes.
  • Fabio Marinangeli 2011/04/10 08:58:09
    Fabio Marinangeli
    A person can have violet eyes when has blue eyes and are visible the RED vessels, mixed sometimes you see the violet shadows. This condition is pretty rare and of course in the low quality pics you could see only blue cause is the large majority, but wasn't a legend. Persons who met Elizabeth before contact lens assure her irises were very close to violet.
  • flowerland Fabio M... 2013/07/31 22:52:15
    Yes and the condition ONLY appears in ALBINOS.
  • Fabio M... flowerland 2014/04/23 08:39:53
    Fabio Marinangeli
    Maybe Taylor had a light tendency to ALBINISM, cause her eyes were blue with red flecks...I know people which knew her well!
  • Rajiv Thapa 2011/03/28 15:37:19
    Rajiv Thapa
    i m really fan of greenday!! i can to anything for billi
  • ITALIAN CLICKER 2011/03/25 04:27:44
    Elizabeth Taylor was well known for her beauty. Her striking eyes were one of the most stunning things about her looks. What color were her lovely eyes? Were they really violet?

    In the wake of her death, many people want another look at Elizabeth Taylor's eyes. Film critic Todd McCarthy once wrote, "What should abruptly stop me in my tracks, but a pair of eyes unlike I've ever beheld, before or since; deep violet eyes of a sort withheld from ordinary mortals that were suddenly looking up into mine from mere inches away."

    Another film critic named David Stratton wrote, "I was ushered into her presence at the official reception and found myself transfixed by her famous violet eyes. I have never seen eyes of that color before or since, and I don't believe cinemagoers were able to appreciate how remarkable they were."

    According to written eyewitness accounts, Elizabeth Taylor really did have violet eyes which were framed by an amazing double row of eyelashes. These type of purple eyes are quite rare.

    eyes framed double row eyelashes type purple eyes rare ELIZABETH TAYLORS EYES
  • sunshine 2011/03/25 04:23:55
    No, they were...
    No not quite violet because violet is like a deep purple color, but I would go as far as to say that they were a shade closer to violet than any other eye color and there is nothing that can be used to compare her eye color to. But I would say that they were not your typical blue color either. They were very unique and beautiful.
  • ImageBandit ~ American Patriot 2011/03/25 04:20:05
    ImageBandit ~ American Patriot
    I have always heard that - but I never looked into her eyes

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