Describe yourself,your personality?

Rebecca joy 2008/03/27 21:12:56
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  • Trelle 2013/04/24 21:34:57
    My personality is
    Introverted. Distant and silent, I communicate ONLY through forced conversations and isn't very charismatic. I have Asperger-Syndrome, but I'm very artistic and something of a perfectionist. I don't mind being around family, and some people I trust and consider as friends, but overall I'm a loner. I'm not a romantic person or romantically skilled, unflirty, and unenthusiastic over the thought of a marriage anytime soon. But my overall traits are helpful, caring, mild mannered, serious, and modest.
  • lola.wolakhariz 2012/09/03 02:26:32
    My personality is
    spontaneous, energetic, sensitive, loyal, always honest unless its an emergency, compassionate, reliable, just a teeny bit shy, very sexually outgoing, talkative, helpful, caring, clean, smell good, active.
  • Gypsy 2010/08/27 08:36:56
    My personality is
    Pretty smart, intuitive, friendly, caring, empathetic, compassionate, defensive, witty, sensitive, emotional, love to laugh, funny, love order, nonjudgmental, sweet, dark, love to read, spontaneous, free spirit, if something bores me I must move on.
  • DEVIN 2010/02/08 02:51:34
    My personality is
    Hard to describe...
  • BillyJoeBob24 2009/10/07 02:19:14
    My personality is
    compassionate, empathetic, conservative Jesus-believer, dad, husband, love to hike :o) (It's finally cooling down in PHX, AZ)...Whew!!!
  • JERBERN 2009/09/28 03:53:58
    My personality is
    Extrovert, handsome, kind, intelligent, energetic, sexy, and a great liar!
  • Baggins ~IMBIT~ 2009/09/27 22:49:57
    My personality is
    Baggins ~IMBIT~
    Artistic, geeky, bookworm, argumentative, opinionated..
  • . 2009/09/17 10:35:10
    My personality is
    I'm a contradiction unto myself. Have that hard outer shell but am a mushball in the center. I'm moody, emotional, analytical, shy, opinionated, & tenacious, I like my independence yet need something to hold onto & care for. Misunderstood because I need to have my secrets.

    emotional analytical shy opinionated tenacious independence hold care misunderstood secrets
  • Tiffy 2009/08/13 19:31:11
    My personality is
    how about me motto : it's mind over matter,I don't mind and you don't matter !
  • Cat 2009/06/16 00:02:09
    My personality is
    fun loving. hate being the center of attention. would rather care for friends. listener, observer. not really a fighter unless its something i truly believe in.
  • i812 2009/06/11 17:44:27
    My personality is
    i find that hard to do. some say i'm quiet and easy going, and some say i have the personality of a chapped ass.
  • jared 2009/06/10 20:33:14
    My personality is
    boring funny
  • Serious80 2009/05/29 03:40:42
    My personality is
    Crazy, Random, Sarcastic, Outgoing, Spontaneous, Hyper, Witty, Fun, Loyal, Honest, Down to Earth.....I could go on and on. random sarcastic outgoing spontaneous hyper witty fun loyal honest earth
  • pixie 2009/04/12 01:17:29
    My personality is
    outgoing strong funny opinionated confident hot-tempered person
  • Samurai ORC 2009/03/16 03:52:12
    My personality is
    Samurai ORC
    Look to the picture... personality picture
  • Bear 2009/03/14 03:39:40
    My personality is
    HA! You will get no such information from me..... Next thing you know, you'll want to know my real name so you can acquire power over me.
    I know what the eye of ra means......

    Here are some words to live by:
    "Never meddle in the affairs of wizards, for you are crunchy and good with catsup."
  • DEUCE GIRL 2009/03/06 03:18:31
    My personality is
    music freak, mindfreak, person who listen to their friend's problem
  • Dummy (The guy in my avata... 2009/02/26 11:59:03
    My personality is
    Dummy  (The guy in my avatar isn't me)
    I'm funny n i ave a great sense of humor, I'm extremely introverted, weird, a little crazy, imaginative, i daydream too much and get bored VERY easily, i'm accepting of others and i try to be as nonjudgmental as possible, I'm kinda childish, but in a good way, not a bratty kinda way, i put others first and I'm pretty hard to offend - and i'm also boring myself now, so ima shut up lol :D
  • sidney 2009/02/18 01:02:23
    My personality is
    lovemy friends to death always with them and i am very athletic and out going and i amd smart! :)
  • boriqua queen 2009/02/17 20:39:01 (edited)
  • AsianGirl ^0^ 2009/02/17 02:45:45
    My personality is
    AsianGirl ^0^
    random , awesome , great freind , funny , lovely , a great family member , caring , wiered , smart , outgoing ,stuff , sorta religous , geek , popular girl ( at the same time ) , likeable ( at my school theres more than five guys who like me ) , cute, unselfish , responsible, dumb and kinda funny , great to hang out with , and some other words i can't describe myself as . likeable school guys cute unselfish responsible dumb kinda funny hang
  • buh bye 2009/02/17 00:21:30
    My personality is
    buh bye
    Warm,loving..A very caring and sensitive person,funny.. and at times sarcastic..lol.Somewhat shy and reserved until I am comfortable with you...lol..BUT all in all a very wonderful person ;-)..lol...I think
  • will mi... buh bye 2009/02/17 01:19:00
    will miss ya!
    You are the greatest! :p
  • buh bye will mi... 2009/02/17 01:23:36
    buh bye
    AWWWWWWW.... awwwwwww
  • Larson Whipsnade 2009/02/10 23:13:38
    My personality is
    Larson Whipsnade
    insolent, self- indulgent, moody, churlish, cynical, hot -tempered, mysanthropic, and harsh.

    ...and these are my good qualities
  • Simona 2009/02/05 16:25:52
    My personality is
    Sociable,patient,stubborn,cre... but really reliable:D
  • lilasianbitch123 2009/01/17 22:48:58
    My personality is
    a nice,pretty girl that u never knew in ur whole entire life
  • VampireLore 2009/01/06 22:49:32
    My personality is
    Shy until I get to know someone then I am outgoing!
  • Michelle2005 2008/12/11 17:00:45
    My personality is
    I'm a very disciplined pragmatist. If I had been any other way than this...I'd never have survived living outside the USA for 30 years.

  • Ambert 2008/11/02 17:53:27 (edited)
    My personality is
    hyper,spontaneous,wild,weird, adventurer,caring,funny,touchy, picky,laughs to much,honest, outgoing,tomboyish, mess with me, i'll mess you up kind pf attitude dorky,nerdy, social, afraid to say speeches,not afraid to say it like it is,devilish,angelic,crazy ,sometime not afraid to do something everyone else thinks is stupid,stands out sometimes,daring,most of the guys that know me call me tough all because i hit hard,spunky,random sometime,sblond even though im a brunette,sarcastic to much,stalker...kidding...kind... worrys somtimes to much,carefree,hiker,piano player,happy,wants to surf, kinda knows a little bit of hawaiian langauge,ambitious,animal lover,wants to travel, horse back rider,freaky,laidback,um....stop me now or i may go on for a while but thats mostly what my personality...but to descibe myself in one word would be interestingXDXD hyperspontaneouswildweird adventurerhonest outgoing dorkynerdy social afraid speechescrazy personality descibe interestingxdxd
  • JD 2008/10/10 15:43:55
    My personality is
    Out to lunch,ask me again in an hour.
  • Attila Proper 2008/06/17 05:12:53
    My personality is
    Attila Proper
    I only seem stuck-up.
  • Cass.♥M♥ 2008/06/06 04:03:44 (edited)
    My personality is

    haha thats all i can say (but im not a mother......)

    im not perfect. i burst out laughing in the middle of nowhere over something that happened yesterday. im a sister. im a best friend. i am a soccer player. i over-react sometimes. i cant keep secrets. i love telling them. sometimes i spread rumors, sometimes i start them. i tabletop sometimes. i dont get straight A's (or B's for that matter). i like to read but dont. I AM ME. im the hardest thing to describe, but im here and im going nowhere, so love me or hate me but dont get in my way or call me a bitch because then i'll be forced to show you one. i call myself names but dont you dare call me one. so maybe im NOT perfect.... but i AM cassie, so my personality is cOmPliCaTeD.
  • Elaine~!*♥suicidalprep♥*!~ 2008/05/31 03:31:33 (edited)
    My personality is
    i am fun to be around, nice, tough, athletic. I am really easy to get along with!!! I AM OPINIONATED!!!! that is why i am on here my counsler thinks it will help me to vent online! hyper! i have a few of bffs not a ton of friends, thats how i am!!!
  • monziegirl 2008/05/16 22:35:02
  • Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!] 2008/05/14 05:32:29
    My personality is
    Emily MCRmy [FTDM!!!!]
    Completely haywire, totally uncool, loving and caring, unafraidly afraid, confusing, WEIRD, nerdy, emotional, unpredictably predictable, childish, mature, everything.
    I don't know? Is that good enough?
  • cappsy has a barcode ~_~ 2008/05/04 20:54:40
    My personality is
    cappsy has a barcode ~_~
    my buisness
  • BP 2008/04/30 02:17:03
    My personality is
    outgoing,easy 2 talk 2 and I can really encourage u about your faith and I love Jesus so much that my light that he shines in me shines on other people I feel so privlaged to even known our great God!!
  • dipu 2008/04/22 14:41:04
    My personality is
    Web designer
  • Maria 2008/04/08 17:27:42
    My personality is
    respectful, easy going, listen and want to understand, that about all I think.

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