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Demi Lovato Cutting Her Wrists?

- Disney darling Demi Lovato is showing disturbing new signs of cutting — a secretive self-mutilation ritual girls sometimes use to deal with traumatic emotional issues.

A little more than eight months after shocking pictures first revealed Demi's scarred wrists, new photos of the 16-year-old leaving MTV's NYC studios are even more alarming. There now appear to be at least five nasty-looking slashes, where previously there were only a few.

"Demi has been really stressed out about her new show, Sonny with a Chance," a source tells Star. "She's not getting enough downtime because there is so much work involved, and she's always being pulled in different directions."

Unfortunately, that constant pressure may lead to destructive behavior. "Cutting is how she can let go of the stress that has built up inside — when she cuts herself, it's a way to cope," explains Dr. Jennifer Austin Leigh, a San Francisco–based psychologist who specializes in treating teenagers.

But there is hope, adds Dr. Leigh, who has not treated the actress. Besides counseling, Demi "needs to surround herself with family and friends who will have a positive impact on her."... Read full article »
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  • iLiveMystery 2009/07/18 03:38:26
    Not to sound uncaring, I mean I really do care and hope she doesn't cut her wrists.
    But I thuink someone edited this photo to stir up the pot.

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  • maddyboo 2010/07/28 00:33:13
    alright now its ticking me off. who effing cares what she does? she is her own person. if she needs to cut she can u cant tel her what or what not to do. shes not messed up< shes not doing it for attention. seriously just back off.
  • abbigail 2010/06/11 21:07:37
    i my self think the same after so much stuff is happening in your life and you have no down time cutting your wrist cau elax you in ways some peole can not ounder stand
  • TaylorHale 2010/05/07 09:06:10
    ok people being "emo" is being depressed or have a lot of stress ok so u all need to chut up it doesnt mater plus is it any of yur business NO!!!SO JUST BACK OFF WOULD U LIKE IT OF PEOPLE WERE TALKING BEHIND YUR BACK & SAYING SHE OR HE IS EMO AND STUBID ,GOTH & AND ALL OF THOSE NOW WOULD U WANT THT TO HAPPEN NO I SURE WOULDNT SO JUT CHUT UP OMFG
  • xXbubblesXx 2009/12/20 20:07:09
    What. An. Idiot. She has SO MUCH in her life! She's starred in movies, she has her own TV show, her own music videos! Stressed out because of her show? Bull***! That is NO REASON to CUT! People have actual reasons to be suicidal and depressed, unlike this spoiled diva!
  • abbigail xXbubbl... 2010/06/11 21:09:47
    well all that shows is that you dont have any idea how much stess a person can have and it is very elaxing thats why she did it
  • syd syd 2009/11/09 22:32:47
    syd syd
    honostly who gives a fuck!
  • MissAustralia 2009/11/03 04:06:22
    look. all power to her from all that she has accomplished in her career and all. but i mean its like this whole thing with the miley pictures, kids look up to these girls. and i mean...sure, its gotta be hard on them. people copying their styles and catch phrases and having ppl look up to them all the time.. but isnt that what fame is all about? if she cant handle it. then i think either get some help. or step out of the line light.
    <3 your music dem, but, if its hurting you this bad... is it worth it?
  • hailz 2009/10/28 23:49:21
    personly i think shes trying to hard to be "FAMOUS" she copies other artists and has no talent herself
  • grum 2009/10/15 01:41:08 (edited)
    oh my wow!!!!
    i thought my friends were jokeing around when they said she was a cutter
    damn thats intense!!!!
  • TokioHotelAlexEvansLover 2009/10/13 16:55:36
    I dunno if its true but i hope its not. I cut but i'm emo so who gives a fuck about me? But Demi, i don't think she does. Well at least i hope she doesn't. They might be like many people say, scars from her braclets. Or, she might be hiding the cuts with her braclets. I doubt it, though. fuck demi hope people scars braclets hiding cuts braclets doubt She always seems- or seemed so happy http://khairilhusni.blogmas.c... lovato-get-back.jpg i dunno why she would do it if she does http://3.bp.blogspot.com/__dM... /s320/Demi%2BLovato%2B-%2BGet... i highly doubt it. lovato-get-back jpg dunno http3 bp blogspot comdm s320demi2blovato2b-2bget highly doubt lovato-get-back jpg dunno http3 bp blogspot comdm s320demi2blovato2b-2bget highly doubt Shes just too happy and innocent. I highly highly highly doubt it
  • dd 2009/10/04 19:30:25
    we care why?...i mean if i cut my wrists I'm not going to be on a magazine...I know people will be like "ur not famous" but so what famous people r just like evrybody else just with more money
  • xXbubbl... dd 2009/12/20 20:08:47
    I agree. People cut for their own reasons, but someone only cares if it's a freaking movie star who does it......
  • Analise 2009/10/02 02:28:37
    Nah, That's not like Demi. She's too talented and sweet and prettee for stuff like dis. (: She probably saw this and waz like, "What!!! OH MY GOSH, Thatz proposturious!!!" HAHAHA (: We should create a support group or something for her if she does relieve her stress this way. But.... im sure she doesn't!!! I LUV YOO DEMI!!! <333333
  • meangirl907 2009/10/01 18:59:09
    i hope she isn't thats just too sad
  • Warren Lover 2009/09/26 18:03:14
    Warren Lover
    why does anyone cut themself in the long run its just going to kill them...
  • abbigail Warren ... 2010/06/11 21:10:39
    no alwais
  • x~Raikeneko~x 2009/09/13 21:13:04
    if she does cutt herself-im not saying tht she does-y would she expose the scars like tht?
    yeah. i agree with all of u who say they r marks from the braclets she wears
    i mean seriously... 'from the stress of sonny with a chance..really. hey wen she signed tht contract she knew wat she was getting herself into...
  • XXmiseryXX 2009/09/13 04:05:43
    ok i do cut myself ok so just leave us alone
  • Ali 2009/09/02 18:15:29 (edited)
    Demi would never do that it's not like her
  • Mia1234525 2009/08/28 21:43:05
    demi would never do that
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