Date tonight. Who do you choose, Edward Cullen or ATL?

All Time Low 2009/02/20 19:51:19
ATL all the way!
ATL is hot, but Cullen is hotter.
Choosing between ATL and Cullen is too hard. I choose both!
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It's a Friday night, you're getting ready to go out for a night on the town... but you have to choose a date. Your choices: the super hot crew from All Time Low, or the dreamy vampire, Edward Cullen. Would you rather take your chances on a date with Cullen, a vampire, at night? Or would you choose to go out on a date with the hotties from ATL?
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  • xXAnimeLoverXx 2010/10/03 16:53:16
    ATL is hot, but Cullen is hotter.
    There both HOT!!!! But I think I'll have to go with Team Edward!!!!
  • napple 2010/02/16 01:57:54
    ATL all the way!
    guys tbh seriously... Edward looks like an anemic who has been dragged through a bush (well an entire forest with that hair) backwards and has had probably a little too much botox, even if he were real. Now all time low are just awesome, even their stage presence <3 and if I had to choose to go and see all time low again or see a dead fish (edward) I'd much prefer 4 guys who I wouldn't have to wear sunglasses for because of the glare of the magic sparkles. ATL ALL THE WAY <3
  • Mille 2009/11/21 14:40:57
    ATL all the way!
    ATL x3 <3
  • *~ORANGEoranges~* 2009/11/05 00:38:11
    ATL all the way!
    never compare them ALT ROCKS!!
  • Lais 2009/10/28 22:24:56
    ATL all the way!
  • kelly 2009/10/18 02:32:05
    ATL all the way!
    ATL!! atl atl
  • Courtney 2009/09/22 22:58:48
    Choosing between ATL and Cullen is too hard. I choose both!
    nevermind!! i got so sick of twilight!!!
    ATL all the way!
  • Mandy Bea 2009/09/19 02:07:49
    ATL all the way!
    Mandy Bea
    All Time Low are WAY better Than Edward!
  • KIRSTENLOVESALLTIMELOW 2009/09/16 00:03:54
    ATL all the way!
  • MIZZ.LEVESY 2009/07/29 15:37:36
    Choosing between ATL and Cullen is too hard. I choose both!
    ha! neither sorry
  • undisciphered 2009/07/29 15:35:55
    ATL all the way!
    hhmmm.. four amazing REAL people vs. a fictional character (who is not hot at all) ... uh obviously ATL!!! :P
  • Candy 2009/07/22 05:42:26
    ATL all the way!
    ohhh fuck yeahh!
  • Brittney 2009/07/21 09:01:24
    Choosing between ATL and Cullen is too hard. I choose both!
    of course I would choose both if I could.
    what a silly poll...
  • Millie___ 2009/07/07 07:00:57
    ATL all the way!
    ATL all da way!!!
  • Emilyy 2009/06/19 20:54:05
    ATL all the way!
  • xXmUsIcXx=) 2009/06/18 19:57:23
    ATL all the way!
    oohhh that was so hard..........haha no
  • Erin Burns Santino :D 2009/05/27 20:46:19
    ATL all the way!
    Erin Burns Santino :D
    All Time Lowww,
    so fun to party withh and stufff, :DD
    pluss you guys are amazing, (:
  • Jacsh 2009/05/17 17:52:39
    ATL all the way!
    He's not even hot maan!
  • MissAcidMuffin 2009/05/09 23:19:12
    ATL all the way!
    All Time Low, uhhh dur. For one, how are you suposed to take someone seriously if they sparkle in the sunlight? And B, theres four of you so it'd be like a four-for-one Super Deal. :3

    plus all time low has music skillz.
  • Desiree Devour 2009/05/06 18:58:45
    ATL is hot, but Cullen is hotter.
    Desiree Devour
    ...Nothing personal! lol.
  • KaylaMarie 2009/05/01 04:00:17
    ATL all the way!
    Well the idea of a vampire who is gorgeous and may or may not kill me is nice, but ATL is just a wayy better choice. Its like asking a child if they want broccoli or a sucker. Atl being the sucker for those who didn't follow that.
  • squishmitten 2009/04/29 05:24:01
    ATL all the way!
    ATL all the way!!! cuz edward cullen kinda pisses me off :P well in the movie anyway hahaha i mean he climbs that tree monkey style hahaha
  • Brandi 2009/04/29 03:20:09
    ATL all the way!
    All Time Low DUH!!!!!
    You cant marry edward but you could marry someone out of all time low =D
  • AlltimelowLove12 2009/04/17 22:33:38
    ATL all the way!
    All Time Low kills all!!!!!!!!!
  • PAndaJO 2009/04/16 16:12:35
    ATL all the way!
    edward cullen is a FICTIONAL character (wow big word lol)
    and atl are just awsome!!!
  • ATL all the way!
    ѕσ ωяσηg ιтѕ яα¢нєℓ
    All Time Low, definitely!

    Cullen is just some dumb fictional character, portrayed by some guy who doesn't even shower.
  • Machello 2009/04/10 02:12:03
    ATL all the way!
    ATL !! if i could have more than one guy than of course them, forget vampires i want the real thing thank you very much.
  • AllTimeAlexandra 2009/04/09 17:42:42
    ATL all the way!
    ATL because edward cullen is fictional.
  • marissa 2009/04/08 02:18:13
    Choosing between ATL and Cullen is too hard. I choose both!
    I shall be Mrs. Cullen-Gaskarth (: <3
  • Jossie 2009/04/08 00:57:03
    ATL all the way!
    AH... that was hard but what can i say i love my atl boys =D
  • beckettwilliams 2009/04/07 21:48:40
    ATL all the way!
    screw that sparkling lame vampire?
    he has that one girl.
    Plus its one boy vampire against four awesome boys
  • xo TURTLE BiRD ox 2009/04/07 19:16:34
    ATL is hot, but Cullen is hotter.
    xo TURTLE BiRD ox
    edward cullen
    i like atl but i love edward<3
  • JennyTH♥ 2009/04/07 02:59:55
    ATL all the way!
    idk somehow I don't think I'd take the chance with the vampire.
  • God-Cilla (Saviour to the M... 2009/04/07 02:35:14
    Choosing between ATL and Cullen is too hard. I choose both!
    God-Cilla (Saviour to the Masses)
    Actually neither lol XD
    No offense :D
  • ~lilttle Miss.devil~ 2009/04/07 02:30:51
    ATL is hot, but Cullen is hotter.
    ~lilttle Miss.devil~
    there all sexy
  • jbandff5lover 2009/04/07 02:26:00
    ATL all the way!
    Now Edward Cullen is HOT, but four is always better than one! <3 atl edward cullen hot 3
  • Sam<3 2009/04/06 23:43:34
    ATL all the way!
    wow, must you really even aske that question!!!??? atl=4 hot guys(who just happen to be AwEsOmE) and cullen=an ugly old tree stump! which would you rather chill with!?
  • asianotter 2009/04/06 21:21:59
    ATL all the way!
    For me, that goes without saying a word! ATL!
  • xstargirl 2009/04/06 21:14:38
    ATL all the way!
    I'm a Twitard for sure, but NO FUCKING CONTEST. ATL cannot ever be beat. Never.
  • Emily 2009/04/06 21:08:10
    ATL all the way!
    I'm a Jacob fan anyways. Go werewolfs! ('Sept in every other story and or ledgend Vamps kick ass, sorry Jake.)
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