Cover song remake you like better than the original or hit song.And,or Worst remake of the original or hit.

VERYwiseguy 2012/06/18 15:25:01
There are many I think are better and some worse usually. Hendrix All Along The Watchtower vs Dylan's. Statesboro Blues Allman Bros.vs Blind Willie McTell's 1928 version.Crossroads Cream vs Robert Johnson's 1936 version. America Yes vs Simon & Garfunkel's.I like Frigid Pinks House Of the Rising Sun vs The Animals and Johnny Winter's Jumping Jack Flash vs The Rolling Stones.NOW as far as bad remakes that's easy. lol William Shatner's Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds and Dolly Parton's Stairway To Heaven,Hillary Duff's My Generation etc...

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  • theawesomerandomperson 2012/08/01 02:43:29
    for me the song " somebody that i used to know " sounds so much better sung by glee :)
  • dvd 2012/06/18 18:12:55
  • Death On Two Legs 2012/06/18 18:08:35
    Death On Two Legs
    Thoughtless-Original by Korn, cover by Evanescence

    Over the Hills and Far Away-Original by Gary Moore, cover by Nightwish

  • VERYwiseguy 2012/06/18 17:16:47
  • VERYwis... VERYwis... 2012/06/18 17:23:08
  • Kat Thirt33n 2012/06/18 16:05:57
    Kat Thirt33n
    Pierce the Veil - DOn't Fear The Reaper
    Amy Lee - Sally's Song
    For All Those Sleeping - You Belong With Me
  • VERYwis... Kat Thi... 2012/06/18 17:12:14
    Fear the reaper VERY overrated imo. Like yours better. :)
  • Kat Thi... VERYwis... 2012/06/18 17:13:30
    Kat Thirt33n
    thank you :D
  • Yuffie ♫ K-POP Dance Guru 2012/06/18 15:53:18
    Yuffie ♫ K-POP Dance Guru
    Kesha tic tok

    Song by Jessica of Girls Generation and her sister Krystal(dark hair) of the group Fx

  • Zero 2012/06/18 15:42:52
    Marilyn Manson-Sweet Dream, Sleeping With Sirens-Iris, Motionless In White-Dragula and Johnny Cash- Hut
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/06/18 15:40:06
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    Marilyn Manson's version of Sweet Dreams
  • VERYwis... Siniste... 2012/06/18 17:06:26
    I agree it has a better music sound. Singing ahhh so-so?? Maybe speed up tempo and have Eurythmic's singer Annie Lennox perform duet with M.M.It was their only #1 US Top 10 Hit.Was also #2 in U.K.Their rocketed success they credit to the MTV music video because it was when MTV was taking off after 1981 and they were one of the first 10 groups to get rich&famous quickly directly due to a Music Video rather than Radio playtime.I saw them open for the Stones in Philly.And actually they were quite good! :) I like this song better. Good Pick btw. ;) I also saw there are at least 20 remakes of Sweet Dreams.??? Never would of THUNK THAT? lol ;) This is the actual concert I was at,Eurythmic's opened for.Posted VID only because it's 1st time I saw Mick play guitar & sing?
  • VERYwiseguy 2012/06/18 15:35:05
    And This Hendrix version of Johnny Be Goode.

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