Congratulations to MSNBC'S Cambell Brown...Do you agree?

EagleEye 2009/10/29 15:42:06
Good for her....She called it like it is!
I do not agree with her statement
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Meanwhile, Fox received support Wednesday from an unlikely source: CNN's prime-time host Campbell Brown. She interviewed Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett and asked whether the White House considered left-leaning MSNBC biased as well. Jarrett wouldn't speak about the network.

She "seems loathe to admit that MSNBC has a bias," Brown said. "And that is where I think the White House loses all credibility on this issue."

If the White House wants to talk about bias in the media, officials "should elevate the conversation and talk about bias on the right and on the left," Brown said. "Because when you just target one side, you reveal your own bias — that you are only critical of those who are critical of you."
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  • Hazel 2009/10/29 16:31:24
    Good for her....She called it like it is!
    I believe most of them are seeing him for what he is and not what he said he'd be, they just drooled so much getting him elected I think their embarrassed. Yes, I congratulate Brown.

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  • Mike 2009/11/18 16:02:59
    Good for her....She called it like it is!
    That took guts at CNN.
  • infinityorzero 2009/11/04 11:51:34 (edited)
    Good for her....She called it like it is!
    It's a start. Stating the fact that another cable news channel has a clear political bias is a good thing.

    Admitting that all cable news channels have a much more damaging bias towards the superficial and uncritical acceptance of whatever spin the guests spew would be more helpful and more courageous.

    A scathing criticism of CNN's weak journalism:
    The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
    CNN Leaves It There

  • luvcoulter 2009/11/01 02:31:06
    Good for her....She called it like it is!
    However, Ms. Campbell, your very biased as well. Your numbers and CNN's are sinking and your pulling your life raft out. Should have done it long ago.
  • gfreeman BN-0 2009/10/30 19:45:11
    I do not agree with her statement
    gfreeman BN-0
    There is bias, then there is staging "tea parties" and "9/12" rallies.
  • integriTmatters 2009/10/30 19:42:21
    Good for her....She called it like it is!
    This gives me hope that some journalists are for real.
  • Ken 2009/10/30 19:24:31
    Good for her....She called it like it is!
    Good for her. I watched CNN for quite a while and found Cambell usually biased toward the democrates on all issues. So, this is a real surprise. Maybe she picked up something from Fox or Lou Dobbs.
  • Max7 2009/10/30 19:02:13
    I do not agree with her statement
    It is a known fact that not only is FOX playing childish games, but they are the biased news network, and cannot hold a candle to the commentators at MSNBC
  • Ken Max7 2009/10/30 19:26:22
    I need to deal with reality sometimes.. Watch the show and compare with an unbiased view. can you do that?
  • Max7 Ken 2009/11/02 17:09:59
    Not if it has anything to do with FOX!!!!!
  • Jennife... Max7 2009/11/05 16:09:33
    well then your very biased yourself. How can you make an informed opinion about who is biased and who isn't if you won't even watch what you are criticizing? Watch FOX NEWS for one week instead of your current newschannel and THEN make an opinion. Otherwise, your voice means nothing. Just another uniformed person spouting out ignorant rants.
  • Max7 Jennife... 2009/11/05 16:46:03
    I am not biased, I have tried watching FOX, and they're way of commentating the news does not appeal to me, and that's how I can make an informed opinion. I couldn't watch FOX for a week, because they spit too much poison. When I watch CNN, NBC, MSNBC and CSPAN, I hear pros and cons, I don't just hear what's wrong with Republicans, I also hear what's wrong with the Democrats. This in my view is appropriate and the intelligent way to broadcast the news. Obviously, there's many people who agree with my opinion and trend of thought. It also depends on a persons frame of mind, so if you enjoy FOX, good, that's your choice and your opinion and I do not consider this ignorance, it's called "your right." Likewise I have the same privilege, now if I want to watch "Everybody Loves Raymond," FOX is my channel, purely for entertainment, not the news, and that's my choice and my opinion, not an ignorant rant!
  • EagleEye Max7 2009/10/30 23:00:06
    Keith Oberjoke....you can't be serious!
  • Max7 EagleEye 2009/11/02 17:10:18
    Very serious
  • nigel 2009/10/30 19:00:05
    Good for her....She called it like it is!
    Valerie Jarrett seemed flabberghasted that anyone would even mention MSNBC! When they run into opposition, they freeze with disbelief! Good for you, Campbell.
  • StarSpangledGirl- A "kookie... 2009/10/30 18:56:00
    Good for her....She called it like it is!
    StarSpangledGirl- A "kookie" and PROUD Ron Paul R3publican
    She rocks!!! she has also called Obama on his crap...

  • you betcha 2009/10/30 18:42:08
    Good for her....She called it like it is!
    you betcha
    It is about time SOMEONE from all the other news outlets realized that what the White House is doing to Fox is wrong and DANGEROUS as far as setting a bad precedent.
  • Michael 2009/10/30 17:24:56
    Good for her....She called it like it is!
    Amazing, let's see how long she keeps her job!
  • StarSpa... Michael 2009/10/30 18:58:05
    StarSpangledGirl- A "kookie" and PROUD Ron Paul R3publican
    Actually...CNN is being pretty fair. They also refused to take money from an illegal alien advocacy group that wanted to throw Lou Dobbs out.

    I got this letter from them....

    Dear Friend -- Together, we raised the $16,000 needed to run our TV ad on CNN -- telling the station to drop Lou Dobbs's one-sided, anti-immigrant "news" show.

    Unfortunately, CNN isn't having it. They called to say they won't take our money and have refused to air our "Drop the Hate" TV ad. But we've worked too hard to give up -- and we need your voice now. Please stand with us in telling CNN's president, Jonathan Klein, that he can't silence our growing movement!

    http://www.AmericasVoiceOnlin... By refusing to deal with Lou Dobbs and his nightly tirade against immigrants, Latinos, and people of color, CNN is quickly losing credibility as the "Most Trusted Name in News." As people become aware of the network's one-sided coverage of immigration, they will start...............
  • Jennife... StarSpa... 2009/11/05 16:12:04
    Lou Dobbs makes for good ratings. Illegal aliens advocacy group makes for bad publicity and FOX would jump all over it. Then, there goes their credibility. It doesn't have anything to do with being fair........
  • StarSpa... Jennife... 2009/11/05 23:57:30
    StarSpangledGirl- A "kookie" and PROUD Ron Paul R3publican
  • Theodon 2009/10/30 17:22:40 (edited)
    Good for her....She called it like it is!
    Some of these liberal media people have had my opinion of them raised a bit.

    But, what are the public views of Olbermann, Maddox, and Matthews about this White house attack on the press?

    I do understand now that "FOX NEWS is no longer a NEWS organization", Olbermann now claims MSNBC is now the number 1 cable news channel.

    It must be good to have friends in high places.
  • Dmoe Theodon 2009/10/30 17:53:38
    Olbermann, Maddox, and Matthews are left leaning, and they admit they are left leaning. They don't hide behind, "Fair and Blanced".
    Maybe it is time to stop watching all cable "news" and watch the regular evening news on CBS, NBC and ABC.
  • Theodon Dmoe 2009/10/30 18:05:11
    so you say brit hume, bret baier, shepard smith, and greta van susteren are opinion news and not news?

    i agree/disagree with o'reilly on somethings but he is no beck or hannity

    i agree that glenn beck and hannity are opinion

    will you agree that olbermann and maddox are opinion?

    even matthews admits to electricity running down his leg when he hears obama speak

    i actually watch olbermann and maddox for a few minutes each night for entertainment but not for news
  • Dmoe Theodon 2009/10/30 20:59:47
    Yes, I would agree that Maddow and Olbermann are opinion and they would admit the same thing. Yes, Greta is opinion. HUme, Baier, Smilth are bias.
    Watch Jon Stewart's show from last night. He will explain it very well.
  • Theodon Dmoe 2009/10/30 21:42:14 (edited)
    well, i reckon we will agree to disagree especially about Shepard Smith as that louisiana boy has definite liberal leanings

    i guess to those as far left as you, greta, brit and brett would appear to be to the right

    for myself and being on right, i could see the same three as being to the left

    and jon stewart is definitely a socialist

    so, we can agree to disagree i reckon
  • Dmoe Theodon 2009/10/31 00:00:21
    jon stewart is a comedian that makes fun of politics and people, and he has done a great job of making fun of FOX. Since when is "socialist" a bad word anyway? Since Fox Noise and the right wing told you it is?
    There are many socialistic/capitalistic democratic countries around the world that work just fine.
  • Charge Dmoe 2009/10/31 00:42:45
    This is not and never will be a (go no where) socialist country... I guess if you are part sheep and want the government to tell You what to do, how to do it and who to do it with... it's OK.... But that is NOT the USA.
  • Dmoe Charge 2009/10/31 20:34:13
    hate to tell you but we have many socialistic programs in this country that help people who are disinfranchised, homeless, mentally ill, elderly etc.
    Being a socialist, or have programs that are run by the government does not mean that the government tells you what to do, how to do it, and who to do it with.
    I think the government should stay out of peoples bedrooms, and not get involved in people's personal lives unless they are doing harm to others. I also believe that every single citizen in this country should have equal rights including gays and lesbians. That is not a socialistic point of view. That is a democratic point of view.
    A government can be a capitalistic government and still have socialistic programs that take care of their people. What the hell ils wrong with that.
    I hope you are never in a situation where you lose your job, lose your healthcare, come down with a serious illness, and have no one to help you, I suggest you don't go to the government for heip, no collect your social security, and never use medicare.
  • Charge Dmoe 2009/10/31 20:44:55
    This "government option" for health care is not to help people... it is just part of a giant Obama lead government power grab....
    anyone that goes to an emergency room in the US is cared for, including illegals aliens, so don't give me your story about not being able to get health care.... with this bill the government will limit care where they see fit... in the bill Obama reduces Medicare by $400Billiuon... this whole socialist thing it a rouse to grab power and infiltrate the control of the private sector... it's not as noble as You think.
  • Dmoe Charge 2009/10/31 21:03:37
    dude, you are so wrong on so many points it is funny.

    Have you been to the emergency room lately? Sure, they will treat you if you are ill, or hurt, but they will bill you, too. And if you don't pay, they will send it to collections and come after you. If you do have health insurance, they will only pay 50%, that is after you have paid up the ass in premium for years. After my husband was in the emergency room for one evening it cost us over $2000 and that was with insurance. I want what the government has, I don't want to be strapped with a $2000 bill I can't pay just so my husband gets the care he needs. Now we are looking for new insurance, and we can't get him covered because he has a few very minor health issues. They want us to pay over 400 a month and that doesn't cover shit. I want what congress has, free healthcare, or at least affordable healthcare with low deductables and on pre existing condition claus.
    So, don't tell me that Obama is doing this for a power grab. This should have been done 50 years ago. If you like your healthcare coverage, stay with it, but don't block me from getting government care if I need it.
  • Theodon Dmoe 2009/10/31 15:30:15
    since when does a comedian not have political meanings

    socialist is a bad word to me as in Nation Socialist German Workers Party(NAZI) and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR).


    1 : any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods

    2 a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state

    3 : a stage of society in Marxist theory transitional between capitalism and communism and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done

    this did not come from fox but from websters

    ever seen a socialist paradise?
  • Dmoe Theodon 2009/10/31 20:34:01
    Get your brain out of the gutter. This country will never be a socialistc country like Hitler and the Nazi's. We will never be a communist country like the USSR.
    We have programs that are run by local, state and federal governments to help people when they are in need. That goes for a government run healthcare program just like Medicare, for people under the age of 65, it is a choice, not manditory. If you don't want it, don't need it, then don't sign up for it. Believe me the main stream insurance co. will not go out of business, in fact they will lower the rates and cover more, because they will have to compete for the first time with an insurance that our elders recieve and the people that run this country, i.e., congress get for free. Funny, why are the republicans so against average americicans getting healthcare just like they are getting for free, paid for with our tax dollars? I want what they have.
  • Theodon Dmoe 2009/10/31 20:45:29
    i beg your pardon: what gutter do you speak of?

    and use a paragraph break once in while if you want your posts to be read

    after our great depression in 1929, a great many people looked for different systems to prevent and get out of the depression

    the greatest revolution in the world was in the Soviet Union and many academics fell for the communist promise of utopia; hence the massive numbers of communists in our universities and government in the thirties, forties, and even fifties

    we are only one great depression away from turning towards pure socialism or facism

    facism is basically a partnership of private business and government

    what do you think is going on now; between the govt taking control of finance and health and maybe transportation next, i think we are not far away
  • luvcoulter Dmoe 2009/11/01 02:37:29
    It's a bad word to those who believe in the constitution, free enterprise, liberty, limited government the founding fathers and patriots fought for, democracy, and personal responsibility. The socialist programs are bankrupting the American citizen, Moron.
  • Charge Dmoe 2009/10/31 00:40:18
    Stewart is Comedy????
  • Dmoe Charge 2009/10/31 20:28:37
    yes, he is hillarious.
  • luvcoulter Dmoe 2009/11/01 02:34:20
    You get your news from Jon Stewart. LOL Your a moron. Explains your biased answer. Smith is a liberal, Greta is a Obama supporter, and Hume and Baier are two of a very few actually conducting themselves like journalists.

    Good grief. Get an education and get real news.

  • Ken Theodon 2009/10/30 19:29:02
    MSNBC is the number 1 cable news. Do they look at the ratings? Or can't they deal with those hight numbers!
  • Theodon Ken 2009/10/30 19:34:57 (edited)
    I gather now that Herr Olbermann has removed FOX from the group of " legitimate Cable News" channels, MSNBC is number 1 by default.
  • Shark 2009/10/30 17:19:48
    Good for her....She called it like it is!
    It's good to hear someone speak out without bias at least for a moment is better than MSNBC and not at all.

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