ClevverTv's top 5 Hottest Vampires of all time... and not Rob is not #1!?

NIKKI 2009/07/08 04:13:06
Vampiric Delights
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  • hailey b :) 2009/09/13 22:18:57
    hailey b :)
    ok just to let all u no i read twilight before the movie came out and yes i do love EDWARD not rob they could've done way better on the movie but whtevr if they were to put any twilight person up it should've been jasper
  • peaches hailey ... 2009/10/21 16:18:28
    i think emmet was cuter than jasper.
    and i agree with you the movie had so much potential and they didnt use it.
    i also felll in love with edward not rob.
  • hailey ... peaches 2009/10/28 18:45:10
    hailey b :)
    ik rite everybody loves rob i love edward
  • peaches hailey ... 2009/10/29 15:38:05
    well u rock personally rob isnt that cute but thats just my oppion
  • hailey ... peaches 2009/11/03 01:59:06
    hailey b :)
    thnk-you you rock 2 im actually excited for new moon i think its gonna be way better than twilight with the new director and its gonna be more actiony and less sappy love story
  • peaches hailey ... 2009/11/03 17:17:42
    ihope it is immintrested to see how they portray bella in this movie
  • hailey ... peaches 2009/11/04 18:14:42
    hailey b :)
    me to im interested in seeing the volturi scene
  • peaches hailey ... 2009/11/04 18:35:46
    that too but bella is supposed to be like zombie ish lol.
    and i saw sum previews and the volturi scene looks awesum
  • hailey ... peaches 2009/11/05 17:12:13
    hailey b :)
    ik rite i'm so excited i think Bella well have the whole delusional thing with hearing Edward's voice i'm sure about the zombie like but maybe just maybe she'll pull it off
  • peaches hailey ... 2009/11/06 18:25:49
    i hope so cuz thats a big part of what made the book
  • hailey ... peaches 2009/11/06 19:07:27
    hailey b :)
  • rock&rollgirl-loves rock&roll 2009/08/28 19:27:44
    rock&rollgirl-loves rock&roll
    omg!!! rob should be hunted down and killed.
  • *_*Ashy*_* 2009/08/21 15:54:27
    brad pitt shouldn't have even been on the list!!
    it should have been rob first then stuart then david and whoever else in 4&5
  • mikoooo...OH(sex) 2009/07/28 14:21:04
    i think the thing with rob is, if you read the book first before you even saw the movie, then you should know, its not that people think he is hot, they're infatuated with the idea of edward. the whole good guy vampire thing falling in love with a human, love so over powering that she would rather die than live with out him around, i mean seriously, people see what they want to see and i think they only see him as hot because they think edward is hot.
    but honestly if they were gonna put any twilight vamps on that list they should have gone with emmett. i mean seriously, he's freakin, AAAAAAAAAAAH. lol
  • Ashley mikoooo... 2009/08/09 06:54:34
    loll you're probably right but I do want to say in Rob's defense me [and a few of my friends as well] have not seen the movie nor read the book and find Rob attractive :]
  • ♥bella♥ 2009/07/27 16:09:10
    he should have been number one
  • Little Miss Potterhead 2009/07/27 01:01:45
    Little Miss Potterhead
    rob is better
  • mel 2009/07/18 15:22:19
    Number 1 looked too much like a girl. I like all the others, except number 2!
  • ☽✪☾Goddess~Worshiper☥ 2009/07/15 03:01:03
    duh, he is not hot at all, i love twilight, but he is just not hot at all.......
  • JohnnyIsAwsome!(: 2009/07/15 02:56:30
    wow i thouhgt he would be number one
  • Shelby 2009/07/13 02:24:14
    Gary Oldman
    Rob Pattinson
    Steven Dorff
  • kmez 2009/07/10 03:11:46
    haha nniiccee
  • Tiger cub ♥ Rawr! 2009/07/10 00:33:25
    Tiger cub ♥ Rawr!
    I prefer a different vamp...maybe eric? yepp!http://www.freewebs.com/... Rob is okay...but I personally think he should be #3 or 4...he's not THAT hot...
  • fairiefang -annoying fashio... 2009/07/10 00:23:31
    fairiefang -annoying fashion snobs everywhere-
    Stuart is so sexy! stuart sexy

    I prefer Eric to Bill (but that's b/c I read the books...) stuart sexy eric bc read books

    How the hell did a fairy make a vampire list?!

    Can't stand Brad Pitt...though I preferred him in Interview over anything else..
  • Teenage... fairief... 2009/07/16 16:20:18 (edited)
    Teenage x Crisis
    I have to completely agree with you on all counts, especially on Stuart...he made suchhh a sexy Lestat (even if he wasn't a very accurate one)
  • Trackster 2009/07/09 13:35:56
    not bad picks all are good moives and actors
  • no name 2009/07/09 06:05:40
    no name

    i liked edward dad ;D
    edward dad
    edward dad
  • Asami Fuyo 2009/07/09 04:39:12
    Asami Fuyo
    They know their hotties Gary Oldman was very sexy and Brad Pitt was a hunk. And Scott Speedman is just beyond description of hot!! gary oldman sexy brad pitt hunk scott speedman description hot gary oldman sexy brad pitt hunk scott speedman description hot http://n2.nabble.com/file/n25...
  • Cerritos 2009/07/09 02:12:55
  • cfamily10 2009/07/08 23:01:16
    brad pitt is definatley my #1 vampire!!!! i kno that is so typical of a girl to be sayin that brad pitt is hott, but lets face it ppz, he IS hott in that movie!!!!
  • Max Massacre Rulez D00d 2009/07/08 22:15:35
    Max Massacre Rulez D00d
    Rob shouldn't have even been number 2, in fact, he shouldn't have been on the list.
    Not only was Twilight bad, but he's not even that hot.
  • Cerritos Max Mas... 2009/07/09 02:14:50
    I don't agree about Twilight being bad (in less u r referring 2 the "movie"), but Rob ISN'T that hot. He's not HIDEOUS or anything (he has his moments), but I've seen WAAY cuter vampires.
  • Max Mas... Cerritos 2009/07/09 22:42:35 (edited)
    Max Massacre Rulez D00d
    Omg, I agree with everything that you just said. lol.
    I was talking about the movie xD
  • Cerritos Max Mas... 2009/07/10 02:51:00
    Kewl. Great minds think alike. lol
  • A Blood... Max Mas... 2009/07/09 23:09:22
    A Bloody Twilight
    I agree too!
    That movie was not that good (being generous!) and they were some of the worst looking vampires ever! Well in the movie they looked bad.
  • Max Mas... A Blood... 2009/07/11 21:04:45
    Max Massacre Rulez D00d
    omg, I know right.
    Like their faces were painted white, but they had tan necks, i was like "wtf"
  • A Blood... Max Mas... 2009/07/12 01:01:12
    A Bloody Twilight
    I know! Horrible makeup jobs! I mean it looked like they just threw flour on their faces!
  • Max Mas... A Blood... 2009/07/12 19:02:27
    Max Massacre Rulez D00d
    Omg, It's so true.
    And Jacob looked disgusting too. HIS HAIR! Omg, it was so bad, it was like bad extensions.
  • A Blood... Max Mas... 2009/07/12 22:48:56
    A Bloody Twilight
    I know! I hated his hair! It was just sad really. They rushed through the making of that movie so fast...that could be why it looked so crappy! They made it in like 48 days and it shows!
  • Max Mas... A Blood... 2009/07/13 01:41:15
    Max Massacre Rulez D00d
    I didn't know that they made it that fast.
    But dude, like New Moon doesn't look better, and they had more money and time, and it still looks like an ass movie.

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