Christmas Movies

Green 2009/11/19 21:20:41
It's a Wonderful Life
A Christmas Carol
A Charle Brown Christmas
How the Grinch Stole Christmas
Miracle On 34th Street
A Christmas Story
A White Christmas
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  • Lady Su... Emma 2009/11/19 22:37:05
    Lady Suspicious
    It isn't scary! lol
  • Emma Lady Su... 2009/11/19 22:44:13 (edited)
    oh yeah like a movie called hostel is not scary. I bet it's about a bunch of happy elves prancing and singing all around! What a joyous movie! PLEASE PLEASE can i watch it with you next time! jk! :)
  • Lady Su... Emma 2009/11/19 22:48:59
    Lady Suspicious
    lol, it is a very good film :)
  • Emma Lady Su... 2009/11/19 22:53:26
    i bet it is! i love elves! :)
  • Lady Su... Emma 2009/11/19 22:54:45
    Lady Suspicious
    lol. There are short people, but they just rob and stab people...
    There is a fat guy with a beard :) People kidnap and kill his daughter :)
  • Emma Lady Su... 2009/11/19 22:59:44
    thank you for that beautiful image in my head now! GREAT! now i really want to go see it!
  • Lady Su... Emma 2009/11/19 23:03:54
    Lady Suspicious
    You should :)
  • Emma Lady Su... 2009/11/19 23:07:47
    i dont think so! i am 5 years old!
  • Emma Emma 2009/11/19 23:08:03
    Just kidding even though that wasn't funny! :)
  • Emma Emma 2009/11/19 23:08:42 (edited)
    i dont think i could ever go to a movie with the name being hostel
  • crotchrot 2009/11/19 21:25:53 (edited)
  • runningintriangles 2009/11/19 21:24:06
    A White Christmas
    I'd like to point out the score for this film was written by a Jewish man... Irving Berlin is awesome.

    I kind of really don't like Christmas, but I can handle this film... probably because of the boys being so silly:

    written jewish irving berlin awesome christmas handle film boys silly

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