Chris Pine Is Gay?

He maybe not be in real life, sadly, but in the made for tv movie Surrender Dorothy Chris Pine plays the role of a gay man. To my dismay, I have not been able to find this movie. Anywhere. Its really sad, I really want to see my favorite celebrity play his gay role. I did stumble across some clips of him in the movie though today. And now I wanna see this movie even more. Here are the three good ones

Aww, Chris gives the guy a kiss <3 How sweet. Too bad he's a manwhore XD The worst part is he hasn't been sleeping around with me =/ Lolz XD

I must say, wtf. Lolz

And finally a serious side. Actually, make that two. One is an emotionally needy side, and the other is his backside ;) Rofl XD

If anyone has any idea where I can get this movie I'd appreciate the information =D
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  • Blake Smith 2011/05/24 05:34:14
    Blake Smith
    i used the vuze torrent downloader and found the movie.
  • NatAlex23 2009/07/31 18:15:57
    You tricked me! Just for that, NO RAVE FOR THIS BLOG!
  • Aysohmay NatAlex23 2009/07/31 18:56:04
    I didn't trick you. Only Astro-ho does that XD Chris Pine really is gay for this role =D
  • NatAlex23 Aysohmay 2009/07/31 19:26:30
    That's NOT Chris Pine. That's his character that's gay, not him.
  • Aysohmay NatAlex23 2009/07/31 19:33:27
    That doesn't change the fact that he kisses and is in bed with another man ;)
  • Dinker 2009/07/31 13:27:31 (edited)
    SURRENDER DOROTHY is a movie made in 2006 starring Diane Keaton with Chris Pine in a lesser role. Is available via NETFLIX. Does not get a lot of high ratings and reviewers say that Diane Keaton's acting is poor in this DVD.
  • Aysohmay Dinker 2009/07/31 13:29:41
    Lolz, I'm aware
  • Dinker Aysohmay 2009/07/31 14:07:26
    The film can also be purchased from AMAZON.COM.
  • Aysohmay Dinker 2009/07/31 14:19:08
    Don't worry, I'm already getting it from a friend from netflix
  • Dinker Aysohmay 2009/07/31 14:27:53
  • Frosty Snowcone 2009/07/31 07:04:53
  • little mrs. Edward Cullen 2009/07/31 04:42:13
    little mrs. Edward Cullen
    wow hes a really good actor. Hes hot even as a drag! and i missed the kiss...
  • Aysohmay little ... 2009/07/31 04:43:18
    Its towards the end of the 1st video
  • Ghostlyhaunt 2009/07/30 21:41:48
    Surrender, Dorothy (2006)
    After her daughter Sara (Alexa Davalos) perishes in an auto accident, bereaved mother Natalie Swedlow (Diane Keaton) discovers a side of Sara that Natalie never knew. Looking for answers, healing and closure, Natalie journeys to their summer retreat, where she spends time with Sara's friends, including her childhood chum Adam (Tom Everett Scott). Peter Riegert and Lauren German provide support in this poignant made-for-TV drama.
    Starring: Diane Keaton, Alexa Davalos
    Director: Charles McDougall
    Genre: Drama
    Format: Widescreen ...
    Language: English
    Subtitles: English ...

    Netflix has this one.. not sure if it's the same
  • Aysohmay Ghostly... 2009/07/30 22:15:53
    Thats the one, but idk about subscribing to a service like that at the moment
  • fairiefang -annoying fashio... 2009/07/30 20:38:15
    fairiefang -annoying fashion snobs everywhere-
    I HAVE to see that!

    That kiss was so cute...and damn! He looked so fucking hot in drag!
  • Aysohmay fairief... 2009/07/30 20:55:33
    You think so? I prefer him looking more masculine, but whatever =P
  • fairief... Aysohmay 2009/07/31 01:02:22
    fairiefang -annoying fashion snobs everywhere-
    I've got a thing for guys that like to literally show their feminine side^_^ lol
  • melly~thwarting Satan since... 2009/07/30 19:36:18
    melly~thwarting Satan since 1971
    He's gay for you, I'm sure!
  • Aysohmay melly~t... 2009/07/30 19:40:03
    Oh, if only T-T Rawr at him being so perfect but unavailable >.<

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