Charlie Sheen Says Ashton Kutcher Sucks on 'Two and a Half Men': Telling Truth or Just Bitter?

The Big Question 2012/02/17 21:35:06
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  • abbiekat 2012/02/17 23:07:05
    Telling Truth
    Telling the truth, Ashton Kutcher is not as funny as Charlie Sheen was on Two and a Half Man. He might be bitter, but it is true. Ashton Kutcher was only good on That 70's Show.

    Two and a half men funny
    Kelso that 70 s show funny

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  • nolaphile 2012/05/22 23:07:35
    Just Bitter
    Thanks to Mr Sheen's meltdown they had to take a chance on the changes or give up on a popular show. Charlie needs to shut the front door and move on.
  • jclayton1 2012/03/29 00:45:48
    Just Bitter
    I think being bitter because Sheen is just jealous Ashton plays a perfectly dumb player himself.
  • individualism 2012/03/07 07:53:38
    Telling Truth
    nobody can be charlie, he was the show, without him i quit watching it
  • Aly Hart 2012/03/02 05:46:05 (edited)
    Just Bitter
    Aly Hart
    He's just mad that Ashton can have just about any young girl, whereas he has to rely on...services...from gold diggers.
  • Tish 2012/03/01 14:05:59
    Telling Truth
    defentently ashot kucher is an wiedo on thta show
  • DMC4196 2012/02/27 00:47:44
    Telling Truth
    I watched the first couple of episodes of Two and a Half Men when Ashton first came on the show, but quickly lost interest. I am glad that there are several seasons of re-runs I can watch on many different networks, the show is funny. I may not believe in what Charlie Sheen does, but I have been a fan of his ability for years. I just wish he was a little more down to earth, then again... that could be said for the majority of Hollyweird.

    He probably is a bit bitter too though.
  • Pedro Mavakala Feliz 2012/02/25 14:47:12
    Telling Truth
    Pedro Mavakala Feliz
    the truth is must importantli
  • w.fposey 2012/02/22 20:02:31
    Telling Truth
    Charlie Sheen was much better then Ashton Kutcher .... Yeah Charlie might have had or may still be having some problems with alcohol and drugs but even if he did or is ....Charlie is still better for the part in two in a half men without Charlie Sheen to me there is no 2 in a half men
  • TokioHotelFanGurl4Life 2012/02/22 04:39:51
    Just Bitter
    I think he's just pissed off cause they finally grew some balls and kicked his ass off the show.
  • DMC4196 TokioHo... 2012/02/27 00:50:06
    I must say that you have a valid point and there are many other stars that could use that same treatment.
  • TokioHo... DMC4196 2012/03/05 20:41:00
    Thank you and yes there are many other stars that need the treatment he's gotten...I mean don't get me wrong I loved Two and a half men with Charlie, but his character did get annyoing at times and he did as a person too....like all he wanted was attenchen....sorry for the spelling I have dislexia lol so not a very good speller
  • ♠♠♠JeLLo♠♠♠ 2012/02/21 03:43:46
    Telling Truth
    The show was great because Charlie always busted his wimpy brother's balls. Now there is two wimps it sucks. I really wanted it to be good, but it isn't.
  • Charlene 2012/02/20 20:43:13
  • wulfsong 2012/02/20 14:53:28
    Telling Truth
    Its like Kelso made a billion dollars and moved to a different show. He's still just playing the typical dumbass role that he's been typecast into. Maybe it's because he really is a dumbass and thats all he can portray. Oh, and he knows how to snap pictures with a camera. Pure talent.
  • Doug King 2012/02/20 01:04:59
    Telling Truth
    Doug King
    But it's his fault that it had to happen.
  • mae 2012/02/19 23:54:31
    Just Bitter
    Ashton Kutcher is not Charlie Sheen, having said that, I mean that Ashton is as good--or better--than Sheen, in an Ashton Kutcher sort of way. Kutcher is just as funny as Sheen, and I think that Cryer also has more funny lines with Kutcher than he ever did with Sheen.
  • Mackenzie <3 2012/02/19 04:13:53
    Just Bitter
    Mackenzie <3
    Bitterrrrrr, i mean if i got kicked off and a hotter person replaced me, i would too get mad..
  • hasher 2012/02/19 01:43:58
    Telling Truth
    i agree with him ashton is not as funny as charlie.
  • Manster 2012/02/18 20:47:05
    Just Bitter
    and here's another little ditty from the the discarded dude diva!
    I'm sure Ashton is gonna spend a lot of sleepless nights worrying about what Sheen has to say about him.
  • gvc Manster 2012/02/21 06:06:22
    Probably not, although the ratings will no doubt give him many a sleepless night.
  • uppity 2012/02/18 19:25:43
    Telling Truth
    Yes, but he is BITTER! Just leave it alone... move on, Charlie.
  • Fran-Halen 2012/02/18 19:11:00
    Telling Truth
    50/50 actually....
  • mm61675 2012/02/18 19:08:05
    Telling Truth
    Charlie Sheen made that show. That's like taking peanut butter out of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and replacing it with mayonnaise.
  • Woody 2012/02/18 18:42:39
    Telling Truth
    Just don't have the Mojo...
  • Viet Era medic 2012/02/18 17:42:57
    Just Bitter
    Viet Era medic
    true, but Sheen is just bitter, he's ticked off that they wouldn't pay him three million per episode instead of one mill. greedy a$$hole. He ruined a good show.
    I like Kutcher in other stuff but doubt he could fill Charlie's shoes in this.
  • Mr. Wonderful 2012/02/18 17:40:29 (edited)
    Telling Truth
    Mr. Wonderful
    To be brutally honest BOTH suck on this show, which I never watched until after Charlie was kicked off and then only reruns and yeah I saw the first Kutcher edition just to check it out. Kutcher does NOT know how to act and if what he does is suppose to be in any approaching "funny" then sorry, I'm missing it. He has about as much "talent" as the cucumber right now sitting in my fridge.

    I like Charlie's FATHER as an actor. Charlie did something like Dean Martin used to do, just stumple through the role and that alone makes it kind of funny once in awhile. It seems he was high while taping at least some of the time.

    Charlie is spolied rotten. Self-centered, selfish to a fault, another smart ass that thinks the world should bow down and worship his "great" talent. Sorry Charlie, not me. Just waiting to see when you'll finally overdoes one last time. Sadly everyone knows its going to happen and again we'll be told how great and wonderful another Hollywood type was. I got to go vomit. As I'm writing this I'm listening to the Witney farwell on TV.
  • The_Machine 2012/02/18 16:43:59
    Telling Truth
    It was alot funnier with sheen!
  • Beth_Ess_x 2012/02/18 16:43:04
    Telling Truth
    it was funnier with charlie x
  • Dickens 2012/02/18 15:17:58 (edited)
    Just Bitter
    ...I've never watched the show but I can't help but wonder; why would ANYONE on planet earth even care what this idiot says??
  • ken 2012/02/18 15:09:10
    Telling Truth
    Kutcher is a lousy actor. He;s living proof anyone can make it in Hollywood if given half a chance.
  • hari 2012/02/18 14:02:07
    Telling Truth
    Charlie is best with big mouth
  • Risk 2012/02/18 13:42:22
    Telling Truth
    Charlie was the best ! Wished he could have controlled his big mouth and phony ego !
  • Annabelle 2012/02/18 10:18:52
    Telling Truth
    Both ... but I think that show should've been axed a long time ago. Can't stand any of them, especially Sheen & Cryer, he's always creeped me out.
  • katybugg 2012/02/18 08:11:21
    Just Bitter
    He's good at it but Charlie was still way better
  • Lonnie 2012/02/18 07:47:14
    Just Bitter
    I like it, he is funny on the show.
  • Jim 2012/02/18 07:19:51
    Telling Truth
    No offense to Ashton. But Charlie Sheen owned that role. They should have called it quits as soon as it started looking like the show's name needed to be changed to two middle aged guys and a tall teenager.

    two and a half men
  • Gregaj7 2012/02/18 07:06:19
    Just Bitter
  • David W.Levingston 2012/02/18 07:06:11
    Telling Truth
    David W.Levingston
    Ashton sucks on this show..Charlie is a better funnyman and dramatic actor
  • bye im out sodahead 2012/02/18 05:56:11 (edited)
    Telling Truth
    bye im out sodahead
    love you charlie he does suck hate the show now feel sorry for Allan. Jake they really need to axe it
  • mm61675 bye im ... 2012/02/18 19:12:15
    I laughed so hard when I saw this episode

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