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Fun 2011/02/28 21:00:00
If Anne Hathaway and James Franco's lackluster Oscars performance left you waiting in vain for a laugh Sunday night, now's your chance to get even.

If there's one thing we'll remember from the 83rd annual Academy Awards, it just might be this image of Francaway in drag. Take it away, folks.

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  • Edible_toad 2011/03/01 05:20:52
    James Franco looks hilarious.
  • Nellie-TheQueenOfCraziness 2011/03/01 04:52:30 (edited)
    James *thinking*: I wonder what song I should sing at the karaoke bar after this? *Saying*: And I'll also need all of this for my next audition. I am going to make the sexiest Hermia they've ever seen. Anne: You think I could make a good Lysander? James: Maybe, but they'll want me to be their Hermia, oh yeah, I gots the goods. ^_^
  • wamcalif 2011/03/01 04:20:39
    I'm gonna kick my agent's ass all the way down Broadway for this!
  • sml 2011/03/01 03:30:40
    BLOODY FREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

  • hypnotic 2011/03/01 02:35:18
    James Franco should have fought with the writers on this,because this did not work! It wasnt funny,I think James knew it too!I dont blame James,he did his best. I blame the WRITERS! The OSCARS award show SUCKS every year! There not the ones to blame!
  • lurx: the soda jerk 2011/03/01 02:11:13 (edited)
    lurx: the soda jerk

    "This is my Rudy Giuliani costume."
  • Crystal/DobbyJunior 2011/03/01 02:05:16
    Franco: "Oh wow! I'VE finally peaked! I've played James Dean AND Marlyn Monroe! The greatest iconic actors in history! No one can out shine me now at this point!" *crickets*
  • Greetings Chap 2011/03/01 01:55:48
    Greetings Chap
    Franco: "Man...i'm so high....also, why is everybody laughing? Huh, I must have said a funny joke....hahaha i'm so funny......"
  • Deborah 2011/03/01 01:55:24
    Damn these heels make my hips hurt. But I look good damn heels hips hurt Kisses
  • desi-cakes 2011/03/01 01:40:32
    She wore the suit so someone had to wear the dress and it so happened to be him to make it funny.
    (i saw this last night)
  • Katty 2011/03/01 01:14:33
    his face kinda looks like heath ledger
  • Crystal... Katty 2011/03/01 02:05:57
    That's exactly what I thought.
  • ♥Hannah♥~GSA 2011/03/01 01:11:16
    Anne: Great...there goes my chance for best dressed.
  • Melizmatic 2011/03/01 01:00:37
  • **love*you*too*much*too*let... 2011/03/01 00:56:57
    i am NOT getting paid enough 4 this or next time ur wearing the to-tight dress
  • Katie Hiddleston Cobain 2011/03/01 00:43:48
    Katie Hiddleston Cobain
    LNAO LOL ROFL ROFLMAO !!!!!!!!!! xD
  • sakljdadjslfkj 2011/03/01 00:35:01
    That's stupid.
  • BlackwinterG36C 2011/03/01 00:22:43
    "It sounded like a good idea in rehearsal" lol
  • J.T. 2011/03/01 00:13:07
    "Hm, I think I'm transexual."
  • lylamerican 2011/03/01 00:08:38
  • Nisa PinkySwear(*~*) 2011/02/28 23:41:18
    Nisa PinkySwear(*~*)
    " Hold on Anne, I have to fart "
  • Olivia27 2011/02/28 23:18:12
    Gentlemen Prefer...Gentelmen
  • tpops 2011/02/28 23:17:28
    Is it Halloween?
  • Jackie G - Poker Playing Pa... 2011/02/28 23:09:24 (edited)
    Jackie G - Poker Playing Patriot
    1. It was not lack luster; it was a much needed departure from snark attacks called comedy.

    2. Franco proves that some are just not drag queen material.
  • chuck2232 Jackie ... 2011/02/28 23:43:48
    Couldn't agree more. The moment I realized they were going to be natural, genuine and have fun and enjoy themselves, I knew the acerbic Hollywood press would bully them. They were cool, calm and sweet, I enjoyed them immensely, far better those nauseating, never-ending thank you speeches.
  • aisha 2011/02/28 23:08:17
  • MOMMA THOMAS 2011/02/28 23:04:11
  • BB 2011/02/28 22:59:22
  • xsparklex3 2011/02/28 22:44:07
    dude, Franco could totally be a drag queen if he ever had the desire to be one. he just needs to get some fake boobs. lmfao. XD
  • vitaminanime 2011/02/28 22:28:37
    Anne Hathaway actually looks nice in menswear, but whatshisface looks weird
  • Stan vitamin... 2011/02/28 23:36:14
    Anne Hathaway could probably look nice in just about anything or nothing. lol
  • moiraregis 2011/02/28 22:27:18
    I'm not even interesting in DRAG, for God's sake!
  • aaserisl13 2011/02/28 22:15:47
    I thought that was Heath Ledger. =O
  • alexhead 2011/02/28 22:04:19
    Hi Anne. I wore this dress because it makes my skin look really smooth. Also, it makes my boobs look bigger than yours. Don't hate, Anne.
  • JohnCenaLover#33 2011/02/28 22:00:24
    ahaha funny!

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