Can You Tell A Lot About A Person By The Music They Listen To?

la 2010/06/06 22:27:20
Just sayin...cus i listen to everything except country and people still can't tell what kind of person I am and yes, that includes hardcore rock. lol
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  • Ash-the-empress 2010/06/16 01:52:22
    No, my music is bipolar and random and may or may not say anything about me.
  • EdSmith 2010/06/10 08:41:46
    GOD my NUTZ itch
  • Redneck 2010/06/10 04:14:08
    What does this tell you about me? My two favorite types of music is Heavy Metal and Blue Grass. I even like a band called Hayseed Dixie (AC/DC) Their a blue grass band that plays various songs from metal bands.
  • METALheadMom 2010/06/10 03:03:41
    Nobody can do that. Judging a person by their taste or lack of taste in music, is just as dumb as judging them by the car they drive. judging person taste taste music dumb judging car
  • SeaSparkzz 2010/06/10 02:43:28
    No... unless they like only one kind of music.

    Well, except in my opinion when someone says they "like everything but country", they may be a little too influenced by what their peers say is cool. Do you also like reggae, blues, and jazz, just not country? Any particular reason?
    Modern country is very much like modern pop, but a little more mature...
    But it's not cool to like country.
  • glass_butterfly ~YSU~ 2010/06/09 16:17:01
    glass_butterfly ~YSU~
    Nope! I'm like that too. I listen to EVERYTHING! even some country! My friends say i have the worlds most RANDOM playlist. And it's true I love Salas, Rap, Hard Rock, Pop, showtunes, motown and Disney Music! Yes even disney music. I'm just random like that! LOL
  • Jess 2010/06/09 15:08:51
    I don't think so, alot of people i know listen to all kinds of music, but it doesn't define them
  • JustTruth 2010/06/09 14:04:09
    You can tell a lot about a PARENT by what music they let their children listen to.
  • Redneck JustTruth 2010/06/10 04:17:18
    how is that? You can tell only one thing. Whether they regulate their kids activity or not.
  • [...] 2010/06/09 07:00:40
    no not at all
  • msiluvr666 2010/06/09 04:10:56
    One of the first things I notice about a person is their taste in music. I think if they mostly like a specific kind of music, it's easier to tell something about them than when they like a lot of different music
  • Jesse 2010/06/08 23:59:16 (edited)
    yes you sure can.
    Its easy
  • whatever 2010/06/08 18:01:31
    no,i dont think so
  • Eric ~ The Logician 2010/06/08 16:42:10
    Eric ~ The Logician
    Not at all. Hicks aren't the only ones that listen to country. Young people aren't the only ones that listen to pop music. Drunks aren't the only people that listen to Metallica.
  • manda 2010/06/08 13:10:28
    sometimes but not all the time becuz i listen to just about everythings, its like you cant say im a straight - face- no-joke-cant-crack-a- smile person then i turn arould and head bang to heavy metal
  • Nisa PinkySwear(*~*) 2010/06/08 11:38:24
    Nisa PinkySwear(*~*)
    no i dont think so, i listen to alot of dif. stuff too exceppt country and srreamo
  • James-The Pumpkin King 2010/06/08 10:55:31 (edited)
    James-The Pumpkin King
    I listen to everything but disco, bubblegum pop, bluegrass and teen pop and still everybody thinks I'm emo or punk and I know I'm not either one of thoses, nobody knows who I really am it's very hard to read me and I'm very unpredictable
  • zacks1314 2010/06/08 09:08:21
    yeah. there are several ways to understand the other one of those ways is the music that they are listening
  • Miss K 2010/06/08 06:15:41
    Miss K
    only if they don't listen to a whole bunch of genres, the stereotypes usually work then
  • -3mily- 2010/06/08 03:56:59
    Possibly. But not with me. My friends always seemed shock when they find out I listen to screamo. Although, I listen to basically every genre of music.
  • musiklstnr121 2010/06/08 03:54:59
    i think in some ways people can and in some ways they cant. When you get to know the person's favorite genre or just what they listen to, they get a sense of what kind of person you are. They definitely don't get the whole picture, and that's when talking takes over and you get to know the person fully.

    So, in a way, i'd say yes, they get to see a glimpse of what kind of person you are, but the rest is up to them to have the courage to talk to you and get to know your story.

    picture talking person fully glimpse person rest courage talk story
  • LauraLove 2010/06/08 03:01:44
    im the exact same, i listen to country though, the only thing i cant listen to is bagpipes.
    i have just left school, but while i was in school i would be called an emo for some reason not like i even dressed like it in school since there was a uniform code.

    it really bugs me though since they have also started to listen to rock in the school the ones who call me emo for listning to that music then they listen to the exact same thing.... i just dont get some people...
  • Reject ... LauraLove 2010/06/08 03:24:03
    Reject ~ Placebo All Da Way
    lol same problems here
  • ©TransAmTam~Metal Queen \m/ 2010/06/08 02:29:31
  • Krystal 2010/06/08 00:37:18
    only if they listen to one or only a few specific kinds
  • XxXxX 2010/06/07 23:55:44
    Sometimes. Everyone thinks they listen to it all, but that's not true.
  • Katie~awkward child♥ 2010/06/07 23:16:10
    Katie~awkward child♥
    Everybody says they listen to "everything", but we all have our favorite genres that we tend to listen to more than others. Take me for example, I listen to pretty much all genres, but if you look closely you'll notice 80% of the songs on my iPod are some form of acoustic-ish, laid back, slightly indie type music, or showtunes, which I think says a lot about who I am.
  • susanmom 2010/06/07 22:55:35
    You sure can. If you're driving near an urban area and hear rumbling bass with know definition of individual notes blaring at you, you can be 99.5% sure it's either coming from an auto occupied by blacks or mexicans. Rap...probably blacks. Salsa...mexicans...you can just about "bet the farm" on it.

    Am wondering if my answer is considered racial profiling even though anyone would be hard pressed not to agree with the logic I employed.
  • Biki~pwcm/potl~ 2010/06/07 22:37:05
    Not sure, I guess if they are wearing a cowboy hat and a belt buckle the size of a dinner plate then you can assume that person likes country. I like a lot of goth, heavy metal, alternative, rock......not sure someone could tell that just by looking at me. Other then the Nightwish t-shirt that I'm wearing in the picture. =-)
  • Rukasaki ~~ Hawkshadow 2010/06/07 22:17:21
    Rukasaki ~~ Hawkshadow
    it's difficult to say... for some people, you can tell but for others, you just cant. i listen to a lot of rock, punk rock, metal, alternative, pop (SOMETIMES) and stuff like that. but im not the stereotype people think of when they hear "punk"
  • karim 2010/06/07 22:15:25
    i am know lestin to brooke hogen about us
  • Happy Face 2010/06/07 21:33:02
    Happy Face
    sometimes you can, other times you can't. It's on an individual basis I believe.
  • Lee The Hybrid Snowflake 2010/06/07 20:40:22
    Lee The Hybrid Snowflake
    I think my taste in music shows how open minded I am, I can listen to most anything!
  • Jazzy 2010/06/07 20:12:04
    i wud say yeah. if u listen to alot ur very open. a little, ur closed in....
  • RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET 2010/06/07 19:49:07
    RV ~ The Peacekeeper of PHAET
    No not really.
  • Cymech Dragon 2010/06/07 19:09:46
    Cymech Dragon
    Some people, perhaps. Other people, no.
  • cowboy 2010/06/07 18:51:31
    NO because I listen to everything except crap, I mean rap.
  • captkirk999 2010/06/07 18:48:25
    Yes, You can tell who a person thinks by the music he chooses to listen to
  • Lunacat 2010/06/07 18:45:37
  • Jesse Lunacat 2010/06/09 00:04:08
    you move fast, you like getting things done now or never.
    You stay away from drama cause your mind is full of more important things.
    You wish life was easier and keep alot of your feelings to yourself.

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