Can Tom Hanks' Son Make It as a Rapper?

Music 2011/01/12 22:00:00
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Will Smith's daughter found a comfortable spot in the music world, and she was only 9 years old. How hard could it be for Tom Hanks' college-aged son to make it as a rapper?

Probably a lot harder than he thinks.

Chester Hanks, AKA Chet Haze, is apparently an aspiring rapper. He released his first single, "White and Purple," this Tuesday (see below).

Before you scream "ZOMG!" it is a remix of Wiz Khalifa's tune "Black and Yellow."

In it, Haze raps about typical college fare -- "hittin' blunts after hittin' books" and "tryin' to get up under that blouse." Since he's currently a frat boy at Northwestern, that seems appropriate enough.

But how does the music stand up?

As of this writing, the YouTube video for "White and Purple" has only gotten about 300 views, and Chet's pretty much breaking even on "likes" and "dislikes."

Check out the song below and let us know what you think.

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  • onebad 2011/03/30 10:37:13
  • Captain Foxhound BN0 2011/01/16 05:17:27 (edited)
    Captain Foxhound BN0
    Yes I think he has potential. He needs a writer and a coach and a new manager. I hear a little bit of soul but it's whitewashed with bad lyrics and pitiful rhymes. Reminded me of Weird Al Yankovic.
  • shywink 2011/01/14 15:37:47
    I hate rap music period. Regardless of who is "singing" it.
  • livenbreathe 2011/01/14 15:01:34
    If he is good. I have not heard him Rap.
    I like my rap a little more gangsta! So I would be hard pressed to hear street knowledge from a kid whose father makes 20 million per film. But he may have a really interesting perspective on life's topics..."ya nevr kno!"
  • ky 2011/01/14 10:31:44
    im sorry but he needs to understand that he should do acting or study under eminem to learn how to rap
  • crackrock 2011/01/14 10:21:01
  • Raramonstah 2011/01/14 09:47:03
    I literally LOL'd at the thought!!!!
  • john doe 2011/01/14 09:31:17
    john doe
    is this some kind of joke? Tom hanks is one of the very few actors I have respect for. some one tell me this is not his son and I did not just listen to that. white and purple white and purple white and purple yea!
  • Patriot 2011/01/14 07:47:48
    Not without the help from Daddy! haha what a douche, !!!! I would kick my sons ass tell him to go dig ditches! Why in the world would you want to aassociate yourself with a bunch of black
    wannabe thugs!!!!!! Get a damn life!! ditches world aassociate bunch black wannabe thugs damn life ditches world aassociate bunch black wannabe thugs damn life ditches world aassociate bunch black wannabe thugs damn life
  • jerrbear 2011/01/14 06:26:15
    He needs to go and get a real job,
  • Predators Eyez 2011/01/14 06:07:38
    Predators Eyez
    I can't see this. Sorry.
  • toast 2011/01/14 06:07:32
    that boy has been too pampered all his life whats he gonna rap about his teddy bears?
  • ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾ 2011/01/14 05:39:31
    ☥☽✪☾DAW ☽✪☾
  • Patriot ☥☽✪☾DAW... 2011/01/14 07:49:35
    Look it's Pee Wee Herman! hahaha
  • OurJewelryClub 2011/01/14 03:14:43
    He can make it as whatever he want, he is Tom Hank's son! Will it be any good is the question we should be asking...
  • thє вluє wαndєrєr 2011/01/14 03:12:04
  • BLT ^MOTOOP^ 2011/01/14 02:54:58
    Just no...
  • JohnDeuxTrois95 2011/01/14 01:13:44
  • some idiot who thinks he kn... 2011/01/14 01:12:32
    some idiot who thinks he knows everything
    3 things.

    1. Eminem has sucked for a few years, and is not the only rapper out there. (Why would a talented person work with artists they would never work with like Lil Wayne and Pink? Please, this man has obviousley lost his mind.)

    2. There is very genuine talented rap in the world, not just Eminem.

    3. This guy Chester sucks, is remixing one of the most horrible songs ever. But I'll give him a chance on his own work. He's god a pretty cool voice too.
  • toast some id... 2011/01/14 06:06:10
    yes we understand eminem is not the only rapper out there but lil wayne cant stay outta jail kanye west cant keep his mouth shut hes complete trash jay-z is getting a bit old 50 cent 2 pac and ja rule no one cares about anymore and drake is just starting you know eminem went through a lotta crap as a kid and he raps from the heart while all the other rappers just rap about sex and drugs i mean yea eminem is a bit crazy cuz he talks about killin a bitch in all his songs but you know what he's a phenomenal rapper and somebody musta ruined your dream for rapping cuz anyone in there right mind would say that and gay ass white rich boys cant become a rapper because they've been babied there whole life
  • Propaganda, Ink. 2011/01/14 00:53:19
    Propaganda, Ink.
    I don't think any of Tom's spawn can make it as anything in the real world. They never have and never will know real work or what it takes to truly achieve something. His son will probably get some albums simply by riding daddy's coattails but will probably end up face down in a pool of his own vomit eventually.
  • 2314469 2011/01/13 23:57:20
    Just another rich white kid who desperately wants to be poor and black. Fail.
  • Rebecca 2011/01/13 22:12:21
    Sure, if his Dad is paying for him to be...
  • mal 2011/01/13 21:22:22 (edited)
    Anyone can make it as a rapper.it requires 0 talent........
  • JingerJewels 2011/01/13 20:55:16
    This is what happens when you are rich have no talent and bored.yikes look out eminem
  • Kerymi 2011/01/13 19:38:35
    As of right now, no. I'd have to hear something original from him to tell if he has potential.
  • Dickens 2011/01/13 19:38:11
    I obviously don't know if he can or not, but white rappers are rare enough that I mostly doubt it.
  • WshngMchn 2011/01/13 18:54:39
    He cannot.
  • george 2011/01/13 18:27:03 (edited)
    If he's good.
    If he sucks he won't get anywhere.
    He's rappin' bout what he knows right now. I can't see it being widely accepted by any mainstream rap fans. Unless they hitin' blunts afta' hittin' books too.
    If he didn't come from a very rich family, I think his chances would be a lot better.
  • mind over matter 2011/01/13 17:47:21
    mind over matter
    Stay close to Dad Son. You can make it.
  • Murph mind ov... 2011/01/13 21:05:52
    Truly. Daddy's a zillionaire actor/producer with a huge following. People like Tom Hanks. The kid could screw up enormously and still be a success.
  • prometheus 2011/01/13 17:29:35
    Not that bad. haha
  • DANNY_B0i♛ 2011/01/13 17:21:34
    The only good white rapper that can pull it off is Eminem. Stop trying to rap when you know you can't.
  • gvg DANNY_B0i♛ 2011/01/13 22:34:25
    . Eminem didn't just pull it off honey, he owned. Are you sayin hes the only white exception? and no other white kid can't rap?
    well to me every rapper after BIGGIE SMALLS AND DR DRE SUCKS
    so those black rappers aren't doing too good
    you need white rappers trust me
    i hope that this rapper can help them you know from their amature song subjects
    sex.drugs.MONEY.OH AND BIG CARS AND BIG BLING = pathetic
  • DANNY_B0i♛ gvg 2011/01/14 00:06:32
    Tell me one other white guy that has come out and can rap as good as eminem. Name one. Now I'm not saying white people can't rap, but eminem will be the only legendary white rapper. Period. And not all rappers rap about hoes, money, cars what have you. Some people actual rap like eminem, t.i, drake etc. and how are you gonna say that bigge smalls couldn't rap?!!! hahah omg thats like saying that Tupac couldnt rap. Apparently you have not heard bigge smalls music, its not all about money cars and what have you..its about his life, emotions that he feels, things that happen on the streets etc. I have all his albums, and I have all of Tupac's albums. Those are the true rapper "gods" if you will.
  • Swany 2011/01/13 17:15:00
    With that kind of money backing you it can be shoved down peoples gullet, like it or not.
  • chrisjay 2011/01/13 17:00:58
    -.- frankly my dear i dont really care....IDK I wish u had a maybe box. :)
  • 666 n my heart® 2011/01/13 17:00:03
    666 n my heart®
    Hell to the naw
  • Cantus_bird 2011/01/13 16:38:50
    ... sounds like he was singing this while he was sitting on the couch with his feet up.
  • Michelle 2011/01/13 16:06:27
    The only reason I say "yes" is because MANY "rappers" have "made it" with no talent what-so-ever. All he needs is a few dollars to get him started, hang out with a "posse", get in trouble with the law, and he will end up selling records. We have lost many of the talented rappers.

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