Can Heat Win It All Without Chris Bosh?

Sports 2012/05/15 19:00:00
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The Miami Heat dominated the New York Knicks in the first round of the NBA Playoffs and looked to be doing the same with the Indiana Pacers. Unfortunately for the Heat, one of its top stars of the big three All-Stars is in rough shape. All-Star Chris Bosh has a strained abdominal muscle, according to his most recent MRI and he could miss the entire second round with the Pacers, if not more games beyond that -- should the Heat advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

In other words, Bosh is currently out indefinitely. Bosh injured himself on a dunk during the first quarter of the Heat's Game 1 win on Sunday. According to ESPN, mild abdominal strains tend to have a recovery time of two to four weeks. The Pacers, who overachieved to some extent this past season, advanced to the second round by defeating the Orlando Magic in the first round -- albeit a Dwight Howard-less Magic team (he's out with a back injury).

The Pacers do have impressive All-Star big man Roy Hibbert, who could have an easier time getting to the basket with Bosh's size not around for the near future. That being said, the Heat rallied behind Dwyane Wade and now three-time Most Valuable Player LeBron James. Even with Bosh out, many believe the Heat are the favorites to win it all this year. They have the talent to at least get to the NBA Finals, but it's going to be a harder road without Chris Bosh.

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  • antonio 2012/05/16 14:45:33
    They weren't going to win this year or next or the next or ever CHI

    how about this LOL
  • Eugene M 2012/05/16 02:17:03
    Eugene M
    Hope not!
  • wes 2012/05/16 01:57:11
    I'm winning without him.....
  • Hebsi 2012/05/15 22:23:24
    As long as the Heat have Lebron and Wade, they can win without any of their teammates.
  • BoardinOK 2012/05/15 21:38:24
    I say "no", but actually it might make them better. It might make LeBra take more shots instead of trying to push the ball off on someone else, in turn making them better.

    I hope the pacers beat them, personally.

    But on any account:
    go thunder
  • Drummerboy 2012/05/15 21:27:46
  • jerry gonzalez 2012/05/15 21:23:24
    jerry gonzalez
    they need bosh badly !
  • abner peabody 2012/05/15 21:14:53
  • robbt1 2012/05/15 21:00:52
    I doubt they can win it with him... they haven't thus far.
  • Rubyking 2012/05/15 20:54:57
  • Jason Zeigler 2012/05/15 20:29:43
    Jason Zeigler
    Did anyone watch the game on sunday? LJ and D-wade both took over and did what they had to to win the game. Now chris is a great player but i have a feeling that if the heat really want to win they will win.
  • Johnnie 2012/05/15 20:22:54
  • gone i guess 2012/05/15 20:14:35
    gone i guess
    they need him
  • RachelsBoyfriend 2012/05/15 20:04:11
  • Drummerboy Rachels... 2012/05/15 21:29:08
  • Rachels... Drummerboy 2012/05/16 19:27:46
    Lool Iknow but it doesnt hurt to put that out there :P
  • Drummerboy Rachels... 2012/05/17 21:10:52
  • Rachels... Drummerboy 2012/05/18 19:25:10
    I agree
  • the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA 2012/05/15 19:34:04
    the judgebigdogeagle-~PWCM~JLA
    Wade & James will get teh job done,but lose to the Spurs.
  • chuko 2012/05/15 19:21:16
    like last year miami won't win a championship! Also what up with the refs there was alot of no calls

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