Can he heal a divided nation?

L.A. Times 2012/12/05 22:35:01
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One of the most puzzling aspects of the "fiscal cliff" negotiations, at least to me, has been President Obama's insistence on raising the tax rates on the highest income brackets. After appearing flexible on that issue in the days after the election, he has since made it abundantly clear that any deal with the GOP must increase the government's bite on individual incomes greater than $200,000 and on couples earning more than $250,000.


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  • kenny baker 2013/01/14 15:29:12
    kenny baker
    If he didn't do it the first what the makes you think he can do this time ?
    It's just going to get worst off, he is in way over his head.
    :"THE MONGOOSE" head mongoose
  • Warning 2013/01/14 11:02:00
  • daany Boy 2013/01/12 23:31:38
    daany Boy
    A House divided falls.
  • lori 2013/01/12 23:29:06
    This Nation has always been divided - the moral / the immoral - Obama is for the immoral. The only way he could make this Nation "undivided" is to get rid of anyone with any morals.
  • Bocephus 2012/12/23 01:06:48
  • nonni 2012/12/21 04:23:17
    Are you joking?
  • TXredhead 2012/12/17 01:23:32
    I have never seen a president who constantly has an "us" and "them" mentally than Obama. Whether it is race, wealth, jobs, politics, or religion he makes those who" have" out to be the bad guys to be despised and punished, even when the gains are legitimately earned through hard work and fairness.
  • cindy 2012/12/10 23:54:21
    Fan OReilly says it best
  • rightside 2012/12/10 20:22:49
    Abso-flippin'-lutely NOT. He's done his best to pit people against each other. His words never match his actions. He's a slimy snake in the grass that could care less about America or its wonderful people.
  • T A 2012/12/10 02:23:54 (edited)
    T A
    Of course not. Much of the division is focused on him. Further, no individual could resolve the myriad issues that divide people. However, it isn't necessary. Simply stop trying to compel those with whom you disagree to work for and fund what you want. Simply resort to voluntary interaction and division is no longer a problem.
  • nails 2012/12/09 23:22:28
    When he continues to Bitch about THEM and THEY.Your not serious with your question
    are you?
  • gbetters 2012/12/09 14:32:52
    Write your congressmen,Let the fiscal cliff happen.He ruined the country anyway.It may be the only way to rebuild.All prophecies and book of revelations say very bad things coming.May be the best thing to clense the world of all this evil?
  • Wolf 2012/12/09 09:32:33
    Communism is not acceptable to many---besides he will be in prison soon for the Treason on Benghazi---
  • Lorenzo Wolf 2012/12/12 20:09:21
  • debrarae POTL _ PWCM 2012/12/08 05:27:47
    debrarae POTL _ PWCM
    What we have is a President who doesn't want to be President. He wants to be King. Why else would he blackmail the congress (threatening to veto his own bill) unless the Congress gives him the unprecedented power of raising the debt ceiling whenever 'he' wants (without approval from the People, or Congress?



  • Semper Fi debrara... 2012/12/10 20:18:19
  • debrara... Semper Fi 2012/12/11 05:52:47
    debrarae POTL _ PWCM
    The difference being the Cowardly lion, had more character and honor than the loon in chief will ever have.
  • Lorenzo debrara... 2012/12/12 20:29:21 (edited)
  • Lorenzo debrara... 2012/12/12 20:12:17
  • doofieg... Lorenzo 2012/12/12 23:15:44
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    CBS/AP) NEW YORK - Credit rating agency Egan-Jones is downgrading its rating on U.S. debt to AA- from AA, citing Federal Reserve plans to try to stimulate the economy.

    The firm said the Fed's plans to buy mortgage bonds will likely hurt the economy more than help it. Egan-Jones said the plan will reduce the value of the dollar and raise the price of oil and other commodities, hurting businesses and consumers. Hum, the FED seems to be the problem here------ and who heads the FED ? It isn't a conservative------it's Odimwit's chief tax cheat, Ben Bernanke.. Where Do you get your misinformation?
  • Lorenzo doofieg... 2012/12/12 23:39:03
  • debrara... doofieg... 2012/12/13 14:54:11 (edited)
    debrarae POTL _ PWCM
    Excellent reply. As for it's 'info' he gets it from


    Don't worry about 'that one' (Gee I wonder who else posts attacks without one shred of proof.....calls the person Tea Tard, Patriot Warrior scum, Cowardly lyins etc.....) then Blocks and runs like a good little coward. Until you say they blocked you, then they 'unblock' to attack again......"


    Cheap trick from a cowardlylib. From now on .......when I'm blocked .....I return the favor.
  • ☆stillthe12c☆ 2012/12/08 03:24:46
    The President does not want to bring us together. It is called divide and conquer. It appears to me that the President wants us to go over the so called cliff. He in noway wants the the income tax bill or cuts or loopholes fixed. He knows that it will be the Republicans that will get the blame. I have asked Boehner to hold his ground, but it appears that he is beginning to breakdown. So I wrote my Rep. Campbell and asked him to call for a vote of no confidence. I also ask him to push for making E-verify the law.
  • Drue-AFCL 2012/12/08 02:08:17
    He is the divider!! He cannot heal anything!

  • NaraAKitsune 2012/12/07 23:13:44
    And neither could Romney, nor anyone else from the two big parties. Republicans and Democrats are so set in their ways and so opposed to anything the other party does, that there is absolutely no way that we, as a nation, could be brought together, nor the members of the Senate or the House of Representatives to get anything done. Obama COULD be a good president, but he's being prevented from doing so.
  • Frannin 2012/12/07 22:59:25
    If anyone can heal our divided nation, President Obama can. I do not recall his being
    "flexible" about the top 2% paying their fair share...his campaign was based partly around
    the fact that the Bush tax cuts had to be allowed to expire. The American people voted
    to reelect him thereby signifying their support of that fact.
  • T A Frannin 2012/12/10 02:27:01
    T A
    17% of the people voted for him. That's not a great start to healing. Neither Obama, Romney, nor any of the other candidates represent anything like the majority.
  • rightside Frannin 2012/12/10 20:27:57
    He had 4 years to do it and only divided it more. Just over half cast their ballot for him and some just because they didn't like Romney.
    He's a narcissist that only cares about power and taking our money for lavish vacations.
  • Frannin rightside 2012/12/10 23:23:36
    Who? Mitt Romney? You must be talking about him and certainly not our President.
  • rightside Frannin 2012/12/10 23:29:04
    Did Mitt screw up the last 4 years and double our debt?
  • Frannin rightside 2012/12/10 23:32:57
    I think we can thank George W. Bush for that and we can be grateful that we
    have Barack Obama to stop the bleeding and continue to return the economy
    to what it was during Bill Clinton's presidency.
  • rightside Frannin 2012/12/11 03:37:57
    Bush didn't create the current debt, but you just keep believing bama when he keeps blaming Bush and you'll go down the toilet with him.
    Take another look at clinton's legacy and then maybe, if you're honest, you'll see, if not you'll just be another bama sheeple.
  • doofiegirl BTO-t- BCRA-F ~... 2012/12/07 22:59:18
    doofiegirl  BTO-t- BCRA-F ~PWCM~
    No, but he sure can help tear it apart!
  • Mamaknows 2012/12/07 22:57:03
    He an his crowd are DIVIDERS....they do what they want and do not care what almost half the country wants/needs.



    There are a few docu's on how split ...and why we are so divided....but obama will only deepen that split.
    Our country is red with some sprinkle of blue, DEEPLY DIVIDED, and the government wants to make us an unarmed country...broke...we are the oldest free republic put that all together and anyone with a brain cell or two will see civil war coming not peace.
    Hell the man has barrowed money from CHINA ....has islamic extreamist and NKorean rappers over to dinner....they "loose" a TON of our military ballots....he hangs with
    dinner with obama
  • TidBit 2012/12/07 21:56:36
  • Died 2012/12/07 21:54:35
  • rightside Died 2012/12/10 20:28:28
  • Boudicea 2012/12/07 21:45:25
    He is, however, a heel who can divide a nation
  • Red 2012/12/07 21:42:36
  • ymcmillan2 2012/12/07 21:25:39
    Yes he can!!! He has given both Americans & Canadians a lot of hope with the structures that have been placed in order...he has come this far, despite all of the hardships...then YES he will definitely bring a Nation together :D all it takes to reunite a Nation is one heart...healing the world one heart at a time & Obama has started it already & it will only get better!!!
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