Can both sides learn to compromise?

L.A. Times 2012/11/07 16:00:00
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With Republicans and Democrats again denied the mandate they seek, party leaders may decide their strategies have hit a wall and turn to compromise.


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  • Mindy 2012/11/07 18:24:45
    They CAN, but whether they will is another question. As I understand it, most Republicans hate Obama so much that they'd rather see harm come to the country if it got rid of Obama. I heard that this morning the Rep's were talking fast and furiously to decide who to blame the loss on. Stoopid. We'll never get anywhere if the kids don't start playing nice together. I question their motives. Watch out Chris Christie, don't leave your back exposed.

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  • Libertarian Bill 2012/11/14 15:42:21
    Libertarian Bill
    Both sides. That's rich. We are ALL Americans! That is the only side that matters. It's just like these religious wars. We are all praying to the same God, just in different ways. He might have a different name in different cultures, but it's the same God. Same applies here. Republican, Democrat, Independant, Libertarian, Whig...whatever, it's still supposed to be about making ALL of our home a better place.
  • Quazimoto 2012/11/13 20:00:24
    Their beliefs are way to different. One believes in morals, the other, if it feels good do it no matter what the consequences.
  • T 2012/11/13 01:20:29
    Can, but won't.
  • sol 2012/11/12 23:34:49
    Obama didn't do it before and he's not gonna just start outta no where.
  • Centrist_Bill 2012/11/12 05:10:54
    A good friend of mine recently said about the idea of Congress getting together and compromising, "Did the Blood's and the Crips ever do it? No they didnt and Congress is Flying the Same Color's". Elevator Meet the Outhouse as in Itll Never Work.
  • Mopheadmusic2000 2012/11/12 02:21:29
    "Compromise" is only a word that democrats use. It's not a word that they know the meaning of. As obama says, "I'm willing to compromise, but only if Republicans agree to do it my way!"
  • Vee Mophead... 2012/11/19 11:28:16
    They both want it their way.
  • Liberty Blade 2012/11/11 21:31:35
    Liberty Blade
    When Japan did this:

    japan bombed pearl harbor

    Do you think we would have compromised with them?

    Here is the general feeling between Republicans and Democrats:


    Do you still think we will compromise?
  • James 2012/11/10 18:52:24
    Their masters the Bankers will not let them. Thats how they keep the smoke screen over fools eyes. Divide and conquer is the plan. Enslavement of the American people will be the result.
  • Dave 007 2012/11/10 16:29:35
    Dave 007
    Never. And one word gives the reason - obama
  • Wonder Woman 2012/11/10 11:40:00
  • Butch 2012/11/10 10:53:14
  • Kenneth... Butch 2012/11/10 19:14:57
    Kenneth Huang
    Um, Obama is the definition of compromise (and I mean that in a bad way). How else could a Democratic President extend the Bush tax cuts?
  • old&ugh 2012/11/10 07:12:24
    Fueled by greed
  • silentart 2012/11/10 05:38:22
    No use to learn compromise... Demo is in majority controlled of congress hall!
  • Steamtrain 2012/11/10 03:12:02
    They can, but they won't.
  • hilllary 2012/11/09 21:57:47
    Obama is just a lieing Bastard. No compromise. He said the same thing his first term. lie,lie,lie,lie,lie,lie,liel,... there is not enough space to put the lies this bastard has told.
  • Tre 2012/11/09 20:30:32
    The party of no will not allow that to happen. If they do, it will make President Obama successful and show that deals can get done through a bipartisan way during his term. That would make Obama look good and that is the last thing they want to happen.
  • Bronar 2012/11/09 14:31:27
    but unlikely.
  • Pete 2012/11/09 09:51:08 (edited)
    I think where in for 4 more years of lies and detect and the erosion of our American freedoms, one piece at a time. He wants us to be a third world country by the Hugh chip he carries on his left shoulder!
  • David 2012/11/09 09:01:09
    They can learn. But they won't.
  • Nicholas DeShane 2012/11/09 08:42:16
    Nicholas DeShane
    will they, probably not
  • JLM630 2012/11/09 05:46:41 (edited)
    They have to, because -- they seem to have forgotten the expression "YOU CAN CATCH MORE FLIES WITH HONEY THAN VINEGAR!"
  • nancy 2012/11/09 05:12:32
    We know for past experience that our legislators are able to be statesmen because they have done it in the past. It is unfortunate that again some of the obstructionists have been returned or voted into office. Voters beware in the future, of anyone who makes a vow to do or not to do something that we know will cause them to be obstructionists rather than compromisers.
  • Bobandbubs 2012/11/09 03:50:50
    If I were in charge of the meetings, I would video tape the discussions and let them know the entire show would be televised so that America can see what each side offered to do or not do. That ought to change some attitudes on both sides of the table, but of course they would never do that.
  • Edie 2012/11/09 02:54:07
    Harry and Nancy are sure bets that will never happen. Obama is the real ace in the hole for these two.
  • blumunofky 2012/11/09 02:29:46
    Compromise? What is this compromise of which you speak? You so fun-ee!
  • Just Mom 2012/11/09 01:22:18
    Just Mom
    Either the Parties Leaders will learn the art of compromise upon which this Nation was founded, or both will become extinct.
    The people of this country are trying to tell Congress we do not like the way they take pay and do not work. We have serious problems that require serious work.
    Not Tea Party Tantrums! And no walk outs from either side. In kindergarten, they make kids who argue hold hands until they can get along, I think it's time Congress was made to do the same!
  • DOriginalDonald 2012/11/09 01:07:42
    If Reid wasn't gonna compromise if Romney got elected............
  • adeenmckenziekennedy 2012/11/09 00:43:14
  • Laura adeenmc... 2012/11/09 02:02:19
    The republicans do not know the meaning of the word compromise.
  • adeenmc... Laura 2012/11/09 02:23:22
  • Nohahim... Laura 2012/11/09 21:22:32
    Nohahim Ben Elohim
    kind of reminds Me of those stiff-necked, prideful old Pharisees of Israel..the way Republicans are..."everything's fine, just needs to be adjusted a little to the old people's liking so we can keep the old traditions of EVERY COUNTRY BUT OURS continuing without question for change" Maybe ITS TIME FOR US TO BE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and RID OUR COUNTRY FROM THESE TRADITIONS!
  • Onyx11 Laura 2012/11/14 02:46:32
    True. In my german class we were discussing german politics. My friend and I were both in the FDP party, which is equvilent to the libertarian party in the U.S. ( In real life I'm a libertarian, and she is a conservative) She was righting an essay about the FDP and she said something about socialism. This is the conversation we had:

    Me "Why do you have socialism written?"
    Her "Because we're socialist."
    Me "No we're not, we agree on the rights economic veiws and the lefts social veiws."
    Her "Yeah, we're socialist because we're left."
    Me "....................."

    By her logic I'm socialist and fascist. That doesn't make any sense. At all. I think there can be compromise if people stop calling people names and actually debate!
  • Leslie Goudy 2012/11/09 00:26:18
    Leslie Goudy
    They can. But will they? Why should Obama and Harry Reid change? They have the bit in their teeth now and have added an agenda to Homeland Security on Oct 27 expanding Federal control into the States by elected coucils
  • baboula 2012/11/08 23:49:08
    compromise as it stands now is a Republican giving up everything and a Democrat nothing
  • fightingquip 2012/11/08 23:44:30
    There is too much bitterness, spitefulness, and hatred among the morons who seek power.
  • readmylips 2012/11/08 23:18:12
    Absolutely not. Compromise for the dems is 100% their way. The GOP has no reason to give them carte blanc. BO already passes up Congress with executive orders and the Constitution is now just a piece of paper with words.
  • rosebud 2012/11/08 23:04:25
    The political system in America was set up to ensure there would be opportunities to not compromise until all bugs are worked out. That ACA that not a single Congress person bothered to read that is full of crap, and is the product of compromise.
  • Michael 2012/11/08 22:59:46
    No Democrat will vote for taking away "stuff" from their constituents. What do you mean, "...party leaders may decide their strategies have hit a wall"? The strategies of the left have gotten their man re elected! They worked. They did not come up with a budget for 4 years to get their man elected...We have hit the debt ceiling. They will just extend it again by doing nothing and it will automatically increase every year, again for the next 4 with them not tackling anything hard.
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