Can anyone name old tv shows that used to be on Disney channel, cartoon network, & nickelodeon?

666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew 2012/04/07 23:16:03
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  • Kayla 2013/01/08 22:59:25
    These are all good shows. I miss those shows like Invader Zim and Danny Phantom.

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  • Kayla 2013/01/08 22:59:25
    These are all good shows. I miss those shows like Invader Zim and Danny Phantom.
  • Kayla 2013/01/08 22:47:16 (edited)
    Now I know why my parents always say to me enjoy your childhood while you can because as you get older you will wish you were a child again, It's so true! I want these shows back so bad, not re-runs but new episodes!
  • Vick Havens 2012/08/11 19:47:36
  • Kelseyyyy 2012/06/01 20:50:44
    Easy...... Ed Edd n Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Looney Toons, Smurfs, Johnny Bravo, Tom and Jerry, Samurai Jack, Peanuts, Popeye, The Flintstones, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo Where Are You, Dexters Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Cow and Chicken, Yogi Bear, Recess Gang, Kim Possible, Rugrats, Doug, Rocko's Modern Life, He Man..... this list can go on for hours, lol. :D
  • MidnightCowboy 2012/04/27 03:30:22
    The Donna Reed Show used to be on Nick at Nite.
  • nikhil sharma 2012/04/12 07:55:48
    nikhil sharma
    space ghost
    , Tom and Jerry,
    Dexter's laboratory,
    SWAT KATS, jonny quest, scooby doo, the Flintstones, the jetsons, spg tom dex cats jonn doo the jet
  • Just MEH....Piwan 2012/04/08 15:33:49
    Just MEH....Piwan
  • rockyjr5 2012/04/08 05:43:45 (edited)
    For Nickelodeon I use to watch that channel a lot growing up. Those shows are: Are you Afraid of the Dark?, RugRats, Doug, All That, Kennan & Kel, Cat Dog, and Hey Arnold.
  • IChangedMyNameAgain 2012/04/08 05:06:06
    I can name way too many.
  • intolerantrwj 2012/04/08 02:51:16
    ..... well, better than that, I can name shows that were long before anyone even dreamed of " Disney channel, cartoon network, & nickelodeon "

    ......... I know, older than dirt < s >
  • 666_Mag... intoler... 2012/04/08 02:56:09
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    Ooooo what?!?
  • intoler... 666_Mag... 2012/04/08 03:03:15
    ..... here's a couple of faves I enjoyed as a kid

  • 666_Mag... intoler... 2012/04/08 03:09:27
    666_Maggots~Mr. Arrogant Jew
    I like it!!! XD
  • ʂıoвнaп ♡ 2012/04/08 02:15:55
    ʂıoвнaп ♡
    Absolutely. Invader Zim, Ed, Edd and Eddy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Codename Kids Next Door, Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, Teen Titans, The Powerpuff Girls, Chowder, and so on.
  • Blasphemous Diana 2012/04/08 01:02:55
    Blasphemous Diana
    teen titans hey arnold drake and josh the powerpuff girls johnny bravo fosters home for imaginary friends rugrats courage the cowardly dog the old pokemon and old yu-gi-oh ed edd n eddy
  • sugar plum 2012/04/08 00:21:40
  • Ian 2012/04/07 23:32:51
    Kids next door, teen titans, samurai jack
  • aikidoka37 2012/04/07 23:30:02
    Floyyd in space, invader zim, hey arnold..crap theres more but i forgot!
  • Andy 2012/04/07 23:22:42
    Nickelodeon, created the Nick at Nite... and had several older shows...Car 54, Dobie Gillis, Odd Couple, Dragnet, White Shadow, WKRP... to name a few
  • ♥K14 2012/04/07 23:21:16
  • 666_Mag... ♥K14 2012/04/07 23:23:09
  • ♥K14 666_Mag... 2012/04/07 23:27:01
    People can, so the answer is Yes.
    If it was more specific to the individual reader, I can Too, so the answer is Yes.
  • Sir Alexander 2012/04/07 23:17:35
    Sir Alexander
    Clarissa Explains It All. I used to watch that when I was a kid.

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