Can Al Jazeera compete with U.S. cable news networks?

L.A. Times 2013/01/04 18:37:02
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Al Jazeera has built a formidable presence around the globe, but the Qatar news service has struggled to establish itself in the United States.

With the acquisition of Current TV, a cable network available in more than 40 million homes, the media company could have the platform it needs to establish itself here and change perceptions about its editorial mission.

"Our commitment to the voice of the voiceless, bringing stories from underreported regions across the world and putting the human being at the center of our news agenda, is at the heart of what we do," Al Jazeera Director General Ahmed bin Jassim Al Thani said in a statement.

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  • Elephant Lord 2013/01/13 04:07:52
    Elephant Lord
    I don't see why not. Fox News and MSNBC are doing very well, despite having obvious biases, and Al Jazeera English has one numerous awards over the past few years. Just because they have a Middle Eastern name doesn't mean that they're going to be promoting terrorism or anything.
  • t.eliot, topbard 2013/01/08 19:37:13
    t.eliot, topbard
    ...but it will be difficult as our mainstream media will obstruct them in any way they can. Freedom of the press is a pipe dream.
  • Steven Nevets 2013/01/08 18:18:50
    Steven Nevets
    The purchase and operation of US networks by foriegn interest should be made illegal, again.
  • Temlakos~POTL~PWCM~JLA~☆ 2013/01/08 17:53:27
    Not with Fox News. And even to challenge CNN, they will need more than the instant markets that Current TV offers. They'll need a cadre of reporters, cameramen, anchormen, etc. And yes, I said MEN, because remember: we are talking about AL-JAZEERA, the network of the GLOBAL ISLAMIC MEN'S ASSOCIATION (with apologies to Ira Levin, who gave us "The Stepford Wives" and "The Stepford Men's Association."
  • mind-pilot 2013/01/08 17:39:29
    I guess it's possible. Look at Fox News, it's owned by a "pro-sharia law" Saudi Arabian and too many dumb-asses in America have made them popular. Not necessarily newsworthy but present in the American market. It guess it's possible. Sad. But true.
  • Farnsworth 2013/01/08 17:17:59
    it will be the news of choice for left leaning, America hating, anti-christian pud suckers. But like the rest, it's ratings will be behind Fox.
  • polock 2013/01/08 16:58:18
    answer is No, same as Al Gore cannot compete with his ideas for the nation. Can you imagine what this nation would have become with a wimp like him in charge of the governement?
  • John T. 2013/01/08 16:28:27
    John T.
    Why not? After all we do have our own propaganda machine called FOX News Network.
  • mind-pilot John T. 2013/01/08 17:42:11
    Well John, Fox News is owned by an extremist Saudi Arabian group. Many dumb-asses call Fox "news", but, it's more like mid-eastern propaganda. Who buys in to that?
  • John T. mind-pilot 2013/01/13 13:51:21
    John T.
    The same man that owns FOX News also owns a large block of stock in the Al Jazeera network as well.
  • mind-pilot John T. 2013/01/13 17:45:10
    Ya think? How else would he spew his anti-information-press, like Fox?
    Yeah. Some of the yanks are pretty well putting themselves into that box they claim they ain't going into. You gotta love the hipocrisy. Only in America.
  • John T. mind-pilot 2013/01/21 19:17:14
    John T.
    And the stupidity of FOX Network junkies,
  • mind-pilot John T. 2013/01/21 21:42:33
    Oh no! Help Mr.Bill....now we have two, if not more, of those Arabs out to ruin America.
    You know, they damn near ruined the Los Angeles Dodgers. That's how sick they are.
    Give us back the Fair Doctrine Act.
  • John T. mind-pilot 2013/01/27 14:14:13
    John T.
    The ignorant can learn, but the stupid will never admit they are ignorant.
  • mind-pilot John T. 2013/01/27 17:02:52
    People do conspire. A slow change is rarely recognized.
  • John T. mind-pilot 2013/02/03 16:06:13
    John T.
    In case you haven’t been paying attention, FOX News has the lowest ratings in over 15 years. Some people have been learning.
  • mind-pilot John T. 2013/02/03 20:06:32
    Well, I don't watch anymore. So that's great. Now Al Jazeera needs to be contained.
    Thanks for the information!
  • mrk5panzer 2013/01/08 16:21:04
    The left wingers need all the help they can get, even with all the other networks they have in their pockets they still can't beat Fox. So one more couldn't hirt!
  • Hovencloof 2013/01/08 16:20:33
    Can Al Jazeera compete? OF COURSE they can compete. How could they not compete? Like every news station, they will present the news, and after watching Al Jazeera on netflix, I note three things:

    (1) They broadcast more actual NEWS and less OPINION than many other networks.
    (2) Opinion is always presented as opinion, NOT like Fox "News" does it, bu having the "newscaster" ask biased questions of some commentator preceding his/her partisan rant.
    (3) NO COMMERCIALS, just an occasional blurb from Qatar Petroleum.

    If you really want to see some in depth coverage of what is going on in the Middle East, Al Jazeera is essential. They do not suck up to the Israeli lobby and are unafraid of being called anti-semites when reporting on Netanyahu's latest plans for grabbing off more of theWset Bank and making negotiations more difficult.

    Also, note the large number of competent people of color doing the announcing. I do not agree withAl Jazeera or any news station on everything, but Al Jazeera seems to be trying to be impartial, usually succeeds, and deserves to be heard.
  • MichaelJ 2013/01/08 15:55:36
    I work overseas and have watched Al Jazeera and have found it to more even handed than supposedly American broadcasters such as CNN.
  • Rdtourist 2013/01/08 14:54:02
    And probably tell the truth just about as well as most US systems.
  • Steve 2013/01/08 13:25:47
    They won't succeed. The MSM has been telling everyone of how peaceful the Muslims are for all these years so they aren't going to allow Al Jazerra, to ruin all that work they have done.
  • johngoodboy 2013/01/08 06:33:04
    Just what we need another bias news network!
  • JulianDranitsaris 2013/01/08 06:02:24
    because any american will immediately call it a terrorist news agency because its middle eastern
  • Steelshrt 2013/01/08 05:28:14
    Why not? Leave your feelings out of it and think logically for a minute.
  • monkeyking908 2013/01/08 02:47:12
  • deh 2013/01/08 00:41:07
    Of course they can! They are alot less biased than ANY major US news station, especially FOX *cough* tea party propaganda *cough* news
  • beachbum deh 2013/01/08 03:40:13
    And less biased than MSNBC.
  • andy15554 2013/01/07 23:54:31
    we have 51% who voted for Obama Al Jazeera fits right in with their mindset.
  • cinbadl 2013/01/07 22:56:01
  • Old Salt cinbadl 2013/01/10 16:45:04
  • Old Salt 2013/01/07 22:40:56
  • Ken Schauer 2013/01/07 22:38:51
    Ken Schauer
    It's CAPITALISM folks... Anyone can compete with anybody! Hell, if some arab and an australian can own FOX news, which is number 1, duh... It only follows that this could happen.
  • scbluesman13 2013/01/07 21:00:20
    Compete? They already blow them away if you're talking about world markets.
  • Old Salt scblues... 2013/01/07 22:44:37
  • The dea... Old Salt 2013/01/07 23:55:53 (edited)
    The dead and the silent
    Jihadist terrorists are Muslim. Jihadist terrorists are suicide bombers. Therefore all Muslims are suicide bombers.
    Klu Klux Klan terrorists are Christian. Klu Klux Klan terrorists are racist torturers. Therefore, all Christians are racist torturers.

    ^ Your logic
  • JackoClubs The dea... 2013/01/08 00:02:24
    Well maybe; except for the fact that there are a whole lot more Muslim Jihadis blowing themselves (and others) up than there are Klan Christians (and incidentally, there's not a whole lot of Jesus in there) torturing black people...or hispanics....or Jews (a hatred they share with the Jihadis, incidentally)...or Asians.....
  • The dea... JackoClubs 2013/01/08 00:08:32 (edited)
    The dead and the silent
    Just because there are a lot of them doesn't mean that all Muslims are like that, which is my point.
    I know quite a few muslims. I don't agree with their religious views, and they don't agree with mine, but we get along just fine without blowing one another up.

    The kind of hate culture against the muslims for something a portion of a radical sect of Islam did is the same kind of hate culture jihadists have in the first place.

    Christians are hating Muslims for something that they didn't do, which in turn causes Christians to be more and more radical themselves, and more and more like the jihadists.

    One of the great strengths of terrorism in war is the fact that it turns good people against one another and destroys a culture from the inside out. The fact that Christians are now going after Muslims, calling them "Suicide bombers" and labeling them as terrorists is a plan and key objective of terrorism, and is a sign that the terrorism tactic is working.
  • JackoClubs The dea... 2013/01/08 00:39:20
    Hm..interesting take. Thanks.
  • Old Salt JackoClubs 2013/01/08 03:54:49
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