Can a race car simulator give one a real race car experience?

Edmund Jenks 2012/08/07 00:03:37
Yes - The driver can learn what to expect from each track in the program
No - No way to program in the real sensations felt in a race car
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Seat Time is Southern California's premier simulator center. This environment offers a unique, immersive racing experience utilizing state of the art professional-grade training simulators in the heart of West Los Angeles, at the Santa Monica Airport.

Elliott Skeer is an up and coming driver involved in the Mazda driver development ladder series racing for CJ Wilson Racing in the 2012 Playboy MX5 Cup racing series. In this video, we see him laying down marker laps in order to post a time for writers and photographers who join in the MPG/Mazda Media Challenge. The drive of for the challenge is scheduled to take place August 5, 2012 beginning at 1:00pm PT. The marker time Elliott posted was 1:42.904.

Elliott did not mention this, but he won the 2012 Race #1 Playboy MX-5 Cup at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca held May. 11, 2012 after qualifying in P2. Elliott's fastest lap time during the 27 lap race at MRLS was recorded as 1:42.324.

Elliott Skeer is not the only professional race car driver to use Seat Time to gain some track experience. The following partial list have had multiple sessions at the Santa Monica location:

Patrick Long- ALMS GT, factory Porsche driver
Marco Holzer- ALMS GT, factory Porsche driver
Townsend Bell- ALMS GT, Indycar
Matt Halliday- FIA GT1, Australian V8 Supercars
David Heinemeier Hannson- ALMS P2
Michael Avenatti- ALMS GTC
Bob Faieta- ALMS GTC, Grand Am GT
Sean Johnston- IMSA GT3 Challenge (current points leader!)
Daniel "CJ" Calvert-Jones- IMSA GT3 Challenge, Grand Am GT
Fred Poordad- IMSA GT3 Challenge, Grand Am GT
Austin Dyne- NASCAR West Series
Harrison Geron- SCCA Spec Racer Ford
Brian Makse- NASA National Champion, MX5 Cup
Tommy Kendall-retired until last week! now, ALMS GT

Whether one is an accomplished racer, aspire to become one, or are just an enthusiast looking for a unique experience, Seat Time is the place to come! Call 310.390.3580 or email (from the form at - http://www.seattimesims.com) today for more information or to reserve some ... Seat Time.

Read More: http://motorsportsunplugged.com/f1/?p=2364

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  • Cunning Stunts 2012/08/07 10:28:44
    No - No way to program in the real sensations felt in a race car
    Cunning Stunts
    Can it replicate accurate G Forces?
    Can it make you believe that if you f*ck up that you could die?
  • Edmund ... Cunning... 2012/08/07 15:39:08 (edited)
    The sensation is better than racing slot cars with the same amount of danger. The equipment costs, however, far surpasses that of slot car racing at around $60,000 per sim.

    Unless one invests in classic, one of, creations like the one that sold at auction at Pebble Beach in 2010.
  • pdt_ski 2012/08/07 02:40:20
    Yes - The driver can learn what to expect from each track in the program
    If it is a really good simulator and you can accept the versimilitude. I answered the question Yes regarding what the driver can learn but on the top question, "real race car experience," probably not.
  • Ken 2012/08/07 00:44:26
    No - No way to program in the real sensations felt in a race car
  • TuringsChild 2012/08/07 00:40:07
    Yes - The driver can learn what to expect from each track in the program
    It'd take motion control, vibration, wind, and smell to get it right, but theoretically it could be done. Not sure how far these people take it, but it does sound fun!
  • Edmund ... Turings... 2012/08/07 00:56:20
    When I talked with Elliott, and the owner, Chas Lawrence, the feedback was that these units are being purchased by race teams because they give enough of the sensation to be of direct benefit to the driver.

    CXC Simulators

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