Bush hawg just heard em at the fair , what do you think?

justagudguy~PWCM~JLA 2012/07/25 00:19:51
I never heard em
I have heard em and dont like em
I heard them and I like them
None of the above
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Hawg took the old-fashioned way to gain the attention of Music Row
veteran Michael Knox...hard work and dedication. Michael believed in the
band from day one, however, he felt that not all the pieces of the
puzzle were quite there. That all changed when Michael introduced the
band to a bad-ass, swampy Southern boy from Florida named Craig Hand.
From the first time he took the mic, everyone knew they were on to
something special. Now, with the guidance and management of Michael
Knox, Bush Hawg is quickly making a name for themselves in Nashville and
are the newest signing to the RCA record label.

Take the lyrical
stylings of country music, the hard hitting guitars, drumming and
energy of a rock group, mix in the traditional instrumentation of their
Grand Ole' Opry heroes, add a few domestic beers, and you have the band Bush Hawg.

Hawg carries on the traditions of their outlaw heroes with pride and a
new excitement somewhere between Hank Jr. and Guns-n-Roses, breaking
down the barriers within the Nashville establishment with a sledgehammer
and a 12 gauge."

A blend of backwoods, blue-collars, bar-fights
and Bibles, wrapped in an American Flag and washed down with whiskey,
you'll feel as if you've just been pistol whipped, then given a keg of
beer to help ease the pain.

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Read More: http://bushhawg.net/

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  • SoCalEx-Dem 2012/07/25 00:56:42
    I heard them and I like them
    Thanks for the introduction to Bush Hawg. I'm an avid Country fan, this gives me someone else to look for in the music shops.

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