Britney Spears and will.i.am Team Up for ‘Scream & Shout’: Is Britney Back?

Fergie 2012/11/30 21:00:00
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Check out the video for "Scream & Shout" -- the new will.i.am single featuring Britney Spears. It premiered during Wednesday night's episode of "X Factor" and has since been met with mixed reviews.

Some are loving Britney's throwback risque look, while others aren't impressed by the heavy auto-tune on her vocals. What do you think, SodaHeads? Is Britney back -- or is she far from it?

The “X Factor” judge shows off her signature dance moves — and curves — in a music video for will.i.am’s new single “Scream & Shout,” which premiered during Wednesday night’s show.
moves curves music video ams scream shout premiered wednesday nights

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  • Paroxysm 2013/03/19 12:48:00 (edited)
    She's far from it...
    Isn't she already in her mid 40s. I think its time she took a break, seriously.
  • Dave 007 2013/01/13 15:36:32
    She's far from it...
    Dave 007
    The better question is, "How many Morons will spend their money to see this Ho"?
  • Ana Henriques 2012/12/12 02:15:13
    She's far from it...
    Ana Henriques
    Well, at least I hope she is not. Can't stand her.
  • maxie 2012/12/11 15:16:08
    Britney's back!
    lol this is so funny
  • tina 2012/12/06 08:01:00
    She's far from it...
    i am sorry to say it but the queen of pop lost her title and the little respect i had for her when she got with that idiot....what was his name? tall skinny obviously only after her money...she is just an idiot for it
  • Ur4Dinner 2012/12/06 02:43:16
    She's far from it...
    She never left.The media monsters wouldn't allow it.Too many people need her to make their "honest" livings.
  • Ramón 2012/12/06 00:08:28
    Britney's back!
    She was never gone... oh, she was weird, wack, nympho, drugged, alcohol stewed... and a million other things... but she wasn't gone. Now if she (and others like her in Hollywood) could just shut up and go home!
  • Tylurr 2012/12/05 23:07:47
    She's far from it...
    Why would she WANT to? All the paparazzi want to do is beat her to death with her own fame.

    For the harvest.


    Britney Spears south park
  • Mark5610 2012/12/04 11:30:44
    She's far from it...
  • ready46xwu 2012/12/04 10:41:24
    She's far from it...
    She's 1 'STEP BEHIND LOHAN'!
  • nicesteve 2012/12/04 05:01:51
    She's far from it...
    Britney has a lot of straightening out and growing up to do yet. Although, there might be
    hope for her still.
  • Randy 2012/12/04 04:51:05
    She's far from it...
    She's got LOTS of work to do still.... she's a long way from coming back, IF she even CAN.

    She's not getting any younger.... she was truly at her prime around 1999-2000... she just made all the wrong choices! Shame... but she does have a chance.

    She'd be smart to do a collaboration with Lady Gaga. That woman is the current queen of guiding the spotlight where she wants it.
  • MrSexyPants 2012/12/04 03:12:02
    Britney's back!
    britney is back!! it's will.i.am and britney bitch!! but honestly, i don't really like the song. britney's vocals are a little too autotuned. to the point where it doesn't even sound like her. catchy song, cool video, but mr will.i.am couldda edited britney's part better.
  • HipJipC 2012/12/04 03:09:31
    Britney's back!
    I plead the fifth, lol! I'm not a fan but to each their own and I wish them continued success and hopefully true happiness.
  • Sophie 2012/12/04 03:01:14
    Britney's back!
    Who ever said she was gone?
  • Alacrity 2012/12/04 02:29:01
    Britney's back!
    It was good enough for me to enjoy ♫ ♪ ♫ ♪
  • RobbyRhodes88 2012/12/04 00:58:38
    Britney's back!
    She's back, bitch.
  • DOriginalDonald 2012/12/04 00:57:14
    She's far from it...
    The B!+c# never left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Leslie Goudy 2012/12/03 22:58:44
    She's far from it...
    Leslie Goudy
    That's really sad. She is dead inside. There is nothing left but the Britney B!tch
  • blumunofky 2012/12/03 22:52:49
    She's far from it...
    Just when we thought our national nightmare was over ....
  • Sinister Ken Doll™ 2012/12/03 22:51:21
    Britney's back!
    Sinister Ken Doll™
    britney's been back since circus!
  • MrSexyP... Siniste... 2012/12/04 03:13:03
    agreed. :)
  • Robert Strobel 2012/12/03 21:48:35
    She's far from it...
    Robert Strobel
    She has has been written all over her body.
  • El Prez 2012/12/03 21:40:58
    Britney's back!
    El Prez
    She is not and never will be the "new sensation" she once was. You only get one shot at that. however, she still has fans and can make money as an entertainer. That is something of a comeback!
  • SW 2012/12/03 21:25:16 (edited)
    Britney's back!
    I will always pick Britney's back (or front).


    She never left.
  • dear•LT13☻ 2012/12/03 20:46:52
    She's far from it...
    Washed up has-been.
    WAIT - I mean - washed up never-was!
  • Man_Bear_Pig 2012/12/03 20:37:00
    Britney's back!
    She seems to be doing pretty well for herself. Especially when you compare her today with how she was a few years ago.
  • cents-less 2012/12/03 20:17:10
    She's far from it...
    Has she ever been gone? Every other day some tabloid or useless TV show like Enterainment Tonight, Inside Edition or Good Morning America is talking about her.
  • Torr 2012/12/03 20:16:12
    She's far from it...
    I would have preferred a third category: "Who cares?"
  • Tre 2012/12/03 20:14:55
    She's far from it...
    I dont think she will never be the same.
  • kateisgod 2012/12/03 19:53:06
    She's far from it...
  • jay j 2012/12/03 19:22:36
    Britney's back!
    jay j
    Where'd she go?
  • EarthDweller 2012/12/03 19:10:18
    She's far from it...
    What happened to good music?
  • tamara 2012/12/03 18:14:56
    She's far from it...
    Throw in the towel already, has been.
  • S Perkins 2012/12/03 17:48:59
  • Tennessee3501 2012/12/03 17:39:02
    Britney's back!
    She was never gone!
  • freakoutnow... cuz mom's here 2012/12/03 16:54:57
    Britney's back!
    freakoutnow... cuz mom's here
    She's been back for awhile.
  • LWS 2012/12/03 16:40:52 (edited)
    She's far from it...
    She wants to be back but...............NOT!!!! And didn't know she was from England when did she get that English accent??? Oh she learned that from Madonna. But I have to admit she is still fine as hell maybe she should do porn, lol :)
  • Albert Ambris 2012/12/03 16:38:42
    Britney's back!
    Albert Ambris
    Yes, FINALLY!!! With 123 and I Wanna Go already chart toppers its about time we welcome this crazy bitch back to the spotlight :))
  • Emily Fisher 2012/12/03 15:42:12
    She's far from it...
    Emily Fisher
    Are you serious? It's a complete Madonna "Vogue" rip off!

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