'Breaking Bad' Breaks Fiction: Do You Watch the Show?

Fergie 2012/08/17 20:00:00
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Out of all the TV shows I watch and have watched over the years, Breaking Bad is easily my favorite. Ok "favorite" is an understatement. I'm obsessed! That's why when I hear about Aaron Paul (who plays Jesse) telling everyone to "Sit down and shut up" at a Sigur Ros concert last week, it warms my heart a little.

Part of what makes the show enticing is the fact that the characters are so relatable and the plot is somewhat realistic. I mean, it's a bit far-fetched but it could happen. In fact, I just found out that there's an actual meth cook named Walter White on Alabama's "Most Wanted" list. I wonder if he's watched the show?

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  • Fredrick House 2012/08/21 22:36:38
    Fredrick House
    Unbelievably great stuff!! Gilligan is a genius. How could he have authored this show without having lived it himself? This is the ultimate morality play which shows just how deep it goes with Everyman.
  • Phoenix 2012/08/21 20:57:30
    Great show! I don't think it's been on tv in the UK yet but I've managed to keep up with things ;)
    I don't like his Walt's Mrs though .... scary to look at and a big downer on the show.
  • Shadow 2012/08/21 19:47:26
    This show is one of the greatest shows to ever touch a television set. I can't even think about the show without getting giddy like a child on Christmas eve. All the characters are great (although i want to slap the piss out of Skylar sometimes)although i came into the series at about season 2 or 3, I've been hooked ever since. Mr. Walt White aka Mr. Hiesenburg is way in over his head and don't even know it. I can't wait till next weeks episode.
  • nana g 2012/08/21 18:23:24
    nana g
    Can't wait till Sunday night. Love this show.
  • Dyonus 2012/08/21 17:20:46
    The show is awesome.
  • Clare Marie 2012/08/21 15:38:41
    Clare Marie
    My dad does, but I don't. It doesn't seem interesting to me.
  • D S 2012/08/21 15:35:59
    D S
    Well I did, Now "DishTV" feels that "AMC" has cheapened themselfs. That is, you can download episodes on "ITunes". Same with "The Walking Dead",another Fav.
    So "DishTV" sent "AMC" packing. (touch holes)
  • Estick 2012/08/21 08:51:48 (edited)
    Yep, I love Breaking Bad! It, along with Mad Men are my two favorite shows on TV. Most of the other dramas on basic cable are not very well written.
  • LittleScroll 2012/08/21 02:03:08
    I don't watch TV, but i've seen pictures of it on the internet. Oh i just noticed it's on AMC, i may download a few episodes, because they have the walking dead, which i download every time it comes out.

    gave up on TV years ago, may go back if they get rid of all advertising.
  • Mr. Smith 2012/08/21 01:47:50
    Mr. Smith
    I love Breaking Bad, alos Justifed on FX, and Hell on Wheels on AMC. Those are my top shows on TV right now.
  • Fredric... Mr. Smith 2012/08/21 22:37:46
    Fredrick House
    You have unbelievably good taste in TV!
  • Mr. Smith Fredric... 2012/08/21 23:29:41
    Mr. Smith
    Well thank you!
  • mm61675 2012/08/20 17:36:08
    but it's in my netflix queue
  • KeithL 2012/08/20 16:25:11
  • Juner 2012/08/20 13:12:11
    This show is the shisnits so much fun and mad men also super badass AMC has the best shows on cable I hope they don't make us wait two years again for the new season of Mad Men.
  • E.Griffin 2012/08/20 12:34:12
    Never miss it. As captivating as the Sopranos.
  • Ben 2012/08/20 10:25:28
    Or at least I watched the first series that was shown over here. It's not been seen since, but I'm sourcing the dvds!
  • John Walker II 2012/08/20 10:11:52
    John Walker II
    I usually don't watch TV, period.
  • Joe Six pack 2012/08/20 08:04:58
    Joe Six pack
    Love the show tried to turn on some friends too it and most didn't like it. Although the best show on TV now for me is the Walking Dead also AMC. Best Show of all time for me is The X-Files so stands to reason I like Breaking Bad, with Vince doing the show.Second best TV show of all time tie between "The Wire" and "The Soprano's" both HBO. Honorable mention "the Larry Sander's Show" and "Californication" If you haven't wacthed " The Wire" you guy's should.
  • CAPISCE Joe Six... 2012/08/20 09:57:49
    I like your choices---Hell on Wheels, AMC is also good
  • Jon Peter 2012/08/20 02:40:23
    Jon Peter
    I'm waiting for this meth making fiend to get nailed.
  • Mr. Won... Jon Peter 2012/08/20 03:21:07
    Mr. Wonderful
    It only has 14 shows left. Hope they have a better ending than the Sapranos. This year in my opinion the show has got a bit too crazy with the plot line. It has started up, in the 3rd or 4th new show already. It has some excellent acting and the lead, a nice guy with cancer turned bad guy to make some money being a meth cook because he taught chemisty in high school is bit of a stretch played by the guy that was the wacko father on the comedy Malcolm in the Middile. Go figure. He's actually excellent in a serious role.
  • hasher 2012/08/20 01:21:57
    i LOVE THAT SHOW!!! i cant wait for it to start up again. i heard theyre only going to do one or two more years and that willbe it. it is so well acted and well written. i also like sons of anarchy. both are great!!!
  • YourCompanionCube 2012/08/20 01:12:59
    No but it sounds like a great show, lol.
  • hasher YourCom... 2012/08/20 01:23:03
    you should get the dvds and catch up on whats been happening so far.
  • Rob 2012/08/20 01:12:26
    Yes, love that show. I can't think of any show I like better right now.
  • AmericanVirus 2012/08/19 22:33:05
    It's really a great show. AMC just knows what they're doing.
  • El Prez 2012/08/19 21:41:53
    El Prez
    But I would. Or I will see on disc.
  • Eienias ~ Comic Master 2012/08/19 21:38:20
    Eienias ~ Comic Master
    actually just started after hearing SO MUCH about it
    really enjoying it, good choice on my part
  • SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPengu... 2012/08/19 20:50:48
    SebaTheSociallyAwkwardPenguin 平和
    awesome show
  • dear•LT13☻ 2012/08/19 20:14:58
    rather watch these:
    Hell on wheels


  • Fredric... dear•LT13☻ 2012/08/21 22:38:58
    Fredrick House
    My top three!
  • dear•LT13☻ Fredric... 2012/08/21 22:57:57
    great taste!
  • AnonRanGER dear•LT13☻ 2012/11/12 07:38:29
    Deadwood was pretty badass too. Most realistic depiction of the Wild West I have ever seen.
  • dear•LT13☻ AnonRanGER 2012/11/12 11:57:21
    One of my favorites - ended too soon :/
  • Derbyhat 2012/08/19 19:24:01
    Have no interest in promoting the life of a bad man on TV or in the movies! I have no interest in watching about John Gotti, Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson, Julian Assange or Barney Frank. I would like to watch "Barack Obama, the College Years" and "Bill Ayers and the Community Organizer Years", to make my decision one way or the other!
  • AnonRanGER Derbyhat 2012/11/12 07:44:57
    It's not "promoting the life of a bad man". See, your problem is that you only see things in black and white, while Breaking Bad is about moral grey areas - you know, LIFE.
    It's about a man doing what he has to do to ensure the well-being of his family, which he puts before anything else in his ending life. He's neither a good guy nor a bad guy. He's thrown into a bad situation and tries to deal with it.
    And JULIAN ASSANGE in a list with Dahmer, Bundy and Manson? Are you HIGH?
  • Derbyhat AnonRanGER 2012/11/19 08:30:28
    A moral person would NOT be walking that path. Assange pulled the safety net from hundreds who help keep many countries safe, without regard for their lives. We have not have stats on how many have died as a result of Assange's passion fro destroying the secrecy must have to maintain their world wide shield. For that reason Assange fits right in with the murderer crowd.
  • Katie 2012/08/19 15:23:58
    I could never get into it. I am obsessed with Mad Men, which is on the same channel though.
  • Dave 007 2012/08/19 14:32:42
    Dave 007
    Never seen it.

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