Books with the worst ending?

Breaking Dawn made numero 1, I totally agree.

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  • Raindropkitten™~the author ... 2009/11/16 16:12:13
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    I agree with a lot of those books but I swear up and down that Harry Potter 7 had the WORST ending ever! I was very dissapointed with the outcome. Stupid children have to ruin everything.

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  • ƙʊɱɪ ɧɒɲɑβʋʂɑ →ρᴊατσ←
    I agree with you on Breaking Dawn.
  • Cara Heart~*In Harry Potter... 2009/11/22 01:19:24
    Cara Heart~*In Harry Potter I Trust*~
    no shit, pardon the language. It sucked!
  • mel 2009/11/20 23:23:17
    Totally agree. breaking dawn was a rushed unfinished ending. I hated it!
  • ReaperGirl 2009/11/19 22:48:48
    I agreed with most.
  • lydia 2009/11/17 23:22:24
    i agree,about Breaking dawn,

    and i'm kind of depressed that people thought that the harry potter books had bad endings. :(
  • theelderwand14~*In JK Rowli... 2009/11/17 20:53:26
    theelderwand14~*In JK Rowling I Trust*~
    The book I've read most recently with the worst ending was Feed by MT Anderson. Terrible ending.
    I agree with Breaking Dawn, but I don't think just its ending was bad--the entire book was just made of absolute fail.
    I highly disagree with the Harry Potter books, although I'll admit that I was a little slightly disappointed with the Deathly Hallows ending.
  • Astoria... theelde... 2009/11/17 21:03:31
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    I think the epilogue on Deathly Hallows was maybe not necessary. But Half Blood Prince was really good, and the end was as good as the others.
  • theelde... Astoria... 2009/11/19 21:58:13
    theelderwand14~*In JK Rowling I Trust*~
    I liked the epilogue, but I just think it needed a little more information. And yes Half-Blood Prince was amazing and it should not be on the list.
  • Brosia - KarmaRaven 2009/11/17 06:16:23
    Brosia - KarmaRaven
    Breaking Dawn - boring, pointless for the last 1/3 of the story.
    From a Buick - actually, the whole thing was stupid
    The House of Thunder - climbing, climbing, climbing...and with 10 pages left, an ending that was out of left field and made no sense
    Eleventh Hour - horrible from beginning to end, but mainly because it is as if she has never heard people speak before.
  • dredogg 2009/11/17 01:54:49
    the last book in the Hanabil Lecter series https://store.evolutionstore....

    i threw the book across the room!
  • Lyana 2009/11/16 22:30:48
    Breaking dawn definitely the worst ending or book in general X(

    OFF with it's head

    breaking dawn book general head
  • mezime aka' zae baby' la be... 2009/11/16 21:52:29
    mezime aka' zae baby' la bella morte
    breaking dawn didn't just have a bad ending but my apologies to all the twilight likers it was just a bad book
  • Potter_Rules 2009/11/16 19:48:46
    I'm not surprised.
  • fairiefang -annoying fashio... 2009/11/16 18:50:22
    fairiefang -annoying fashion snobs everywhere-
    Breaking Dawn definitley wins for the Worst Ending category!

    Another book I hated the ending to was Blood Roots...it grossed me out...especially since I was about 12 when I read it. definitley wins category book hated blood roots grossed 12 read
  • Gir Fan #1 (Demetrius) 2009/11/16 17:48:19
    Gir Fan #1 (Demetrius)
    Harry Potter on that list THREE times. Whoa. I agree on the last book of the series, though.
    And I see it says "Lord of the Flies", which i'm currently reading. I hope it doesn't suck.
  • ykjy 2009/11/16 16:43:54
  • cupcake 2009/11/16 16:34:19
    i love the books but i agree they couldve made the ending way better
  • Raindropkitten™~the author ... 2009/11/16 16:12:13
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    I agree with a lot of those books but I swear up and down that Harry Potter 7 had the WORST ending ever! I was very dissapointed with the outcome. Stupid children have to ruin everything.
  • αυвzzz☣... Raindro... 2009/11/16 17:26:52
    αυвzzz☣ßαmf☣►One Hit Rage Quit◄
    I think J.K. really played to her younger audience in that book and she shouldn't have. Harry should have died instead if it being "happily ever after" like a fairy tale.
  • Raindro... αυвzzz☣... 2009/11/16 18:33:14
    Raindropkitten™~the author of þhαετ~
    My thoughts exactly
  • Lovable One 2009/11/16 14:04:45
    Lovable One
    Breaking Dawn dose have to the worst endin out of the seires but its not the worst ne ive ever read.
  • Lady Jules ♥♥ in Lestat I trust ♥♥
    I totally agree with Breaking Dawn being one of the worst. That series kept promising things to the readers and then it just fell flat. It's just part of the evidence that Smeyer wasn't going to use the word vampire in her books and just added it in at the last minute.
  • Killjoys Queen 2009/11/16 10:29:31
    Killjoys Queen
    I agree wholeheartedly!!!
  • purpleicecreamvan<3 2009/11/16 10:22:00
    i really didn't like the ending to breaking dawn, i was all geared up for a bloody, vicious battle and they just walk off and stay peaceful. argh!
    but i thought the deathly hallows didn't deserve to be on that list, i think even though it's a predictable happy ending, it's very well written and emotional :)
  • Not Alone 2009/11/16 07:22:58 (edited)
    Not Alone


    but i loved the ending to the Giver! and I think the end of DH was good, just not the epilogue
  • ..00 2009/11/16 06:43:48
    I do not like books that end with "and then, they woke up" or "then I woke up"
  • Charmedtears♥ 2009/11/16 06:37:44
    probs the goblet of fire .. i was really bored readin it .
  • TreeHugger 2009/11/16 06:26:19
    i agree that breaking dawn is number one on that list
  • Theodon 2009/11/16 06:26:07
    The Bible.
  • runningintriangles 2009/11/16 06:23:04
    No arguments there, haha. When stories end with a lame wrap-up and "they lived happily ever after," they're not worth my time.
  • running... running... 2009/11/16 06:25:00
    I disagree with a lot of that list. I think that list ought to be retitled "The Most Unsatisfying Endings," because a lot of the books mentioned are fantastic, they just don't end how you wish they would.
  • Astoria... running... 2009/11/16 06:26:43
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    I don't think the end of Hald Blood Prince was bad. And I think Deathly Hallows was good, just the last line, I could do without it. .
  • running... Astoria... 2009/11/16 06:31:10 (edited)
    ...the epilogue is the problem with Deathly Hallows, it tied up all the loose ends, and that's just lame.

    But The Grapes of Wrath was there, and I actually thought Steinbeck ended that book very well. Yes, you felt unsatisfied, but it was how it had to be.
  • Astoria... running... 2009/11/16 06:34:03 (edited)
    Astoria Malfoy♥ Bass Redfern ~*In Harry Potter I Trust
    I think that's the main problem people have with it. The epilogue was not what they wanted.
  • running... Astoria... 2009/11/16 06:36:28
    It tied up loose ends that should have been left alone. There was no need for it.
  • Tw!stəd_S!stər 2009/11/16 06:21:36
    yep, breaking dawn numero 1 no numerisimo 1. XD
  • Astoria... Tw!stəd... 2009/11/16 06:22:41
  • Tw!stəd... Astoria... 2009/11/16 18:37:04
    I voted XD
  • TessIsabella 2009/11/16 06:20:06
    Yep, boring as.

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