Bob Costas Advocates Gun Control During NFL Halftime: Should Politics Interrupt Sports? [VIDEO]

Fef 2012/12/03 17:49:57
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Bob Costas, the NBC sports broadcaster, used his halftime segment on "Sunday Night Football" to talk about gun control in the wake of the murder-suicide of Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher.

People, including young children, watch NFL football for entertainment, not heavy handed politics or tragedy. Bob Costas interrupted this moment to inject his personal politics and to inform everyone of the murder. Critics swiftly condemned Costas for interrupting sports with politics and tragedy.

Watch the video of Bob Costas at NFL halftime:

Read More: http://www.foxnews.com/sports/2012/12/03/costas-ad...

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  • NoBama Man 2012/12/03 19:10:48
    NoBama Man
    Reporting on the issue is one thing....using your position to spout your OPINION or the OPINION of your network, is quite another...What's Bob's opinion about drug and alcohol use....it's been reported by the team that the player had been abusing drugs and alcohol for some time...didn't hear any of that in Bob's report...
    gun control

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  • Donna 2012/12/26 11:59:08
    Sports should not dominate the airwaves. When will men ever give up their childhood toys? Guns, high school sports, etc.? Women don't continue to play with their toys into adulthood. We waste way too much money on sports.
  • Mopheadmusic2000 2012/12/23 03:02:44
    I don't want politicians playing ball. I don't want " sports commentators" playing politics. If he feels the need to go in that direction then he should find a new post where that commentary is sought.
  • Roy Munson **SL, BD** 2012/12/18 15:34:35
    Roy Munson **SL, BD**
    hell no!
  • sue 2012/12/17 05:52:19
  • CommieH... sue 2012/12/17 06:48:54
    CommieHunter - AFCL- PWCM
    That's a good article at your link Sue & everyone who wants the truth about guns saving lives should copy it. Thanks for posting it.
  • Quazimoto 2012/12/14 17:54:08
    No because apparently the public was not smart enough to understand where he was coming from or going withe his statements in his eyes.
  • Ramón 2012/12/10 02:31:21
    No matter what ignorance Costas demonstrated (he talked later about worrying that automatics weapons would get out into the hands of some deranged individual WHILE NOT KNOWING CURRENT LAW RESTRICTS THE OWNERSHIP OF THESE WEAPONS), he is part of the insipid politically correct movement. Being part of this movement means putting your brains on a chair and sitting on them as you chant the latest liberal garbage.

    He is a Carl Rowan clone. Rowan, if you recall wrote in the 1980s that anyone found with a handgun (except a police officer) should go to jail. He was a strict gun control freak until someone tried to rip him off and he shot that person with an illegal gun.
  • Dave 007 2012/12/09 16:21:40
    Dave 007
    NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A Lionheart 2012/12/08 01:41:18
    A Lionheart
    He did not advocate gun control, any one who thinks he did is being very simple minded. He lamented the "gun culture" that encourages gun ownership. They may still have been dead, we don't know the motivations yet. But having the gun made it really quick and definitive didn't it?
  • Ramón A Lionh... 2012/12/10 02:34:24
    Yeah, like Canada. Strict control of guns and yet a man on a bus used a kitchen knife to decapitate another rider. Guns don't kill people, people kill people using knives, fists, rocks, limbs, crowbars, yard tools, or any number of things they can put their hands on. Guns just happen to be the safest way to keep someone away from your property. I do not want to go hand to hand or knife to knife with an intruder. I am just too old, but I can aim.
  • A Lionh... Ramón 2012/12/10 04:24:06
    A Lionheart
    So you're a wimp, noted. Although that has nothing to do with what I said.
  • Ramón A Lionh... 2012/12/18 02:55:54
    Recognizing limitations does not make one weak. I simply prefer to use the appropriate tools for the job. And by the way, all of our military use weapons, as do police... mmm? Must be wimps. I bet you are so tough you eat chew rocks for desert, or is that rocks in the head?
  • A Lionh... Ramón 2012/12/18 03:31:26
    A Lionheart
    In fact I do chew rocks. Still has nothing to do with my original post. I am not un-armed but if I need a gun I will just take yours.
  • Ramón A Lionh... 2012/12/25 00:01:18
    Good luck with that. I don't own a gun. Not that I don't know how to use a variety. M-14, Mossberg, .45 and so on, but never bothered to own, just learned how to use them.
  • A Lionh... Ramón 2012/12/25 04:38:47
    A Lionheart
    Yay!! you know how to use a couple different types of guns LOL.amateur. So I will not take your guns, I will take your neighbors..
  • Ramón A Lionh... 2012/12/26 03:09:32
    Can you read? Or is someone reading this for you? I said I don't own a gun.
  • A Lionh... Ramón 2012/12/26 22:46:38
    A Lionheart
    Can you read? Why do you think I said I would take your neighbors then?
  • Bonita Colley 2012/12/07 23:30:58
    Bonita Colley
    Sure he has the right to say his opinion, but then he better be ready to hear many other peoples opinions! What's good for the goose is good for the gander! BTW GUNS don't kill people, it is the person's choice! Google how many suicides are committed by those without the guts to do it themselves but force a police officer to do it for them! Evil has been on the earth well before guns came along!!!!! If people are stupid enough to turn in their guns for free vaccines and stuff then they deserve the chains of tyranny and the brutality of someone assaulting them and they have no way to protect themselves! The Second Amendment was established well before our "government" was truly formed! This was done because those who wrote the Constitution and more so those who demanded the Amendments 1 thru 10 knew the tyranny of a government, it was brits then, now our own paper dragon Federal Government!
  • Ramón Bonita ... 2012/12/18 02:56:35
    YES! Evil has been on Earth before guns! Well said!
  • monkeyman 2012/12/07 15:42:38
    politics and sports do not go together that's like peanut butter and fish eggs
  • thomas.ilgenfritz 2012/12/07 15:12:06
    I agree with everything Costas said. He is a person that most sports fans look to for opinions that can change and improve sports. This was not mixing sports and politics..just his opinion that is shared by many sports fans. We sport fans do have a brain and we can think !!!!!!!!!!!
  • RogerH 2012/12/07 06:49:19
    Yes, but only meaningful politics. Gun control is meaningless. It doesn't save lives. At most, it just gets people killed with something other than guns.

    That's why you always hear gun control activists talking about gun deaths and gun death rates. They don't want you to realize that gun control has little or no effect on *total* violent death dates, or *total* suicide rates.
  • American Girl 2012/12/07 03:46:22
    American Girl
    Never ever!
  • Southern Man 2012/12/07 03:34:37
    Southern Man
    Bob Costas Should be Fired
  • Diane 2012/12/06 22:58:31
    I agree with the statements about the gun culture.

    But it's not just the gun issue, it's the football issue. This is not a political issue; there are football fanatics who are liberals and conservatives. This is a moral issue.

    Repeated head trauma causes brain damage. Often the damage doesn't become apparent for years or decades. For years, the football industry has tried to hide the dangers of repetitive head trauma, which causes chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE).

    CTE causes brain shrinkage, which causes a host of problems including depression and loss of emotional control. A lot of football players have committed suicide, including former Philadelphia Eagles safety Andre Waters, former University of Pennsylvania football captain Owen Thomas, and former NFL safety Dave Duerson. It also causes problems with memory and reasoning.

    This is a fascinating article by sportswriter Patrick Hruby, called Game Over. He's not going to be watching football anymore.


    And even if you feel you have to support football, if you want to protect your children's brains, don't allow them to play football in school.
  • EvilMonkey 2012/12/06 20:42:28
    Bob is a dumbass.
  • Josh Robinson 2012/12/06 20:41:49
  • average Joe blow 2012/12/06 19:21:59
    average Joe blow
    what happened to the good ole days.
  • txtum#Clinton'sCovertCash 2012/12/06 19:21:04
    Surely he had the permission of the network brass to air his opinion. Even so, football, no kind of sports venue, is an acceptable place for what he did.

    Talk about 'crossing the line', dang Bob, not getting enough attention lately?
  • t.eliot, topbard 2012/12/06 17:06:38
    t.eliot, topbard
    It is impossible to separate politics from the multi-billion dollar sports industry. Stadium deals at tax payer expense, economic activity and ancillary jobs attached to sports, traffic issues, politically charged events like the Olympics... The list goes on and on.
    Bob Costas was making a commentary on the biggest event in football that week end. That is a true statement. The unfortunate Mr. Belcher was, in part at least, a product of the football culture which cannot be divorced from life. Further, Mr. Costas never advocated gun control. He merely raised the legitimate question of whether both Belcher and his girlfriend might still be alive if Belcher had not owned a gun.
    I am not a fan of Bob Costas, but I assert that he was doing his job and people slamming him for it are out of touch with reality and with what is important in society and life.
  • t.eliot... t.eliot... 2012/12/06 17:48:22
    t.eliot, topbard
    ...not to mention that he was quoting from a column by Jason Whitlock in the KC newspaper.
  • EvilMonkey t.eliot... 2012/12/06 20:55:09
    Yes he did advocate gun control. Belcher isn't unfortunate, he was a MURDERER. After co-hosting with OJ, Bob should now that you don't need a gun to kill the mother of your children. The posession of a gun wasn't the question, the gun is only a tool, like the baseball bat that another man used to beat his girlfriend to death with the same day. The question should be about domestic violence and what caused the state of mind in this man who killed the mother of his child and then himself. Was he a serial abuser, did brain injuries caused by footbal play contribute? Bob Costas is a coward who blamed an inanimate object instead of probing how the sports world fosters and protects a large number of domestic abusers. How drug use and steriods contribute. How claims of repeated concussions may factor in. Bob took the easy road and should be hectored and shamed for it. I have no sympathy for him.
  • ThePerfessor 2012/12/06 16:21:41
    There is a different time and place for politics. Sports is our entertainment diversion to decompress from the constant bombardment of politics in so many other media outlets.
  • ehrhornp 2012/12/06 15:25:29
    A dramatic event had just taken place. I think it was appropriate for him to acknowledge it. Find it amazing that many feel it should just be ignored and pretend that it didn't happen.
  • mountainman 2012/12/06 15:11:09
    He was quoting Jason Whitlock. I am not sure of what his opinion was on the subject. Besides, there was drugs and alcohol involved in this incident. What if they had died from an overdose? Would you have called for a law making drugs illegal? (already are) We will NEVER know the whole truth. Leave guns out of the story. Lets celebrate the living!
  • T-bone 2012/12/06 14:04:36
    Bob Costas needs to find another media location to voice his oppinions on gun control. The suicide of Belcnher was tragic, but was not the place to inject his personnel oppinion on gun control. One has nothing to do with the other. These incidents will unfoertunately occur, regardless of the gun laws. He can ulogize all he wants but don't use your position for a political soap box. You are not speaking for sports or anyone else, just yourself, so do it somewhere else, we don't want to hear it. You want to be political, Bob, run for office and get off NBC Sports.
  • Brian 2012/12/06 13:14:33
    I'm advocating Sports Announcer control, Too many innocent people are being hit with the stupidity being shot from their mouths.
  • shawn.mcleod1 2012/12/06 11:40:13
    Bob is a idiot.
  • TheBorg 2012/12/06 05:10:47 (edited)
    Hell yes!!!!!

    I cannot count the number of times some lame *ss sport would interrupt what I want to watch so why the hell shouldn't some lame *ss interrupt sports?
    The only sport worth watching is pole dancing
  • happyday49 2012/12/06 03:56:24
    Excuse me, but Bob and others that think the same - kiss my gun!! lol!
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