Biggest trash talker in UFC/MMA?

Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2011/12/18 08:46:40
Chael Sonnen
Nick Diaz
Josh Koscheck
Michael Bisping
Tito Ortiz
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Of course there's going to be a certain level of trash talk in this sport. Some fighters do it just to sell the fight and respect each other afterwords, but some take trash talking way too far. Here are a list of fighters who I feel take it to a whole new level.

1.) Chael Sonnen
Sure, he came closest to beating Anderson Silva by far but he's been talking smack till he's blue in the face trying to get this fight. Chael has gone way too far by even making insulting remarks about Silva's family. Sonnen's beef with Silva has been well documented but he's quarrelled with other fighters too, some of them not even in his division. Some victoms of Chael's insults were Georges St. Pierre, Vitor Belfort, and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson. Chael is a person who you shouldn't laugh at but sometimes it's hard not to. Some of the stuff that he says is just hilarious but for the most part he's not trying to be. He might be the king of trash talk right now.

2.) Nick Diaz
Why was Dana White so hesistant about bringing Nick Diaz back to the UFC? A kid with his talent would become a big star now wouldn't he? He's beating top 10 fighters like KJ Noons, Paul Daley, Frank Shamrock, Robbie Lawler and most recently BJ Penn. So what's the hold up? Well Nick Diaz has earned a reputation of having huge attitude problems. He's talked trash about Georges St. Pierre for years now trying to get a fight with him yet he skips a press conference and loses his opportunity. Nick's trash talking has lead to fights with other fighters outside of the ring, notably Mayhem Miller, Joe Riggs and KJ Noons. Diaz's "don't be scared homie" line to KJ Noons is considered a classic. He flipped off Frank Shamrock at a Strikeforce weigh in just when Shamrock was ready to shake hands with Diaz. Nick Diaz definitely has the tools to be a UFC star, but he's the type of person who's not afraid to piss anyone off or say what's on his mind. He's earned a reputation at that.

3.) Josh Koscheck
Koscheck might just be the most hated person in the UFC. He might be better at running his mouth than actually fighting. Fighters that he has gotten into media wars before have been Georges St. Pierre, Tito Ortiz, and Matt Hughes. Tito Ortiz has even accused Koscheck of being two faced, saying that one minute he was shaking his hand saying it's an honor to meet him and the next he's bashing him in an interview. Koscheck responded by saying he'll fight Tito next after he heard him say he hopes GSP kicks his ass, claiming Tito hasnt won a fight in a while. Tito just ended this war of words saying that he was the one who started this whole thing, and that he has to do stuff like this to be known he can't win a world title. If Tito's side of the story is true, Koscheck really is a douchebag.

4.) Michael Bisping
Out of all the people on this list, I think Bisping is the most arrogant and the biggest douchebag of them all. He wasn't well liked on either season of the Ultimate Fighter, and will be infamous for spitting at Jorge Rivera after he knocked him out. Just the things that this guy says in interviews regarding fans or fighters makes you really think that this guys just an asshole. Both Dan Henderson and Mayhem Miller found it extremely hard to get along with Bisping when they coached against him in both Ultimate Fighters respectively. Henderson is considered one of the classier/nicer fighters in the sport and even though Mayhem's a bit of a nut I don't really consider him a mean spirited jerk, Bisping definitely is. He made alot of comments about Bully Beatdown to Mayhem which visibly upset him and when the fans booed him at the weigh in he responded by flipping them off and telling Joe Rogan that he doesnt care about fucking love all he wants to do is kick Mayhem's ass... Fuck you all! Bisping is a good fighter but just a cocky prick.

5.) Tito Ortiz
Not gonna go into too much detail... but someone who wears a shirt that says Dana is my Bitch! explains it all.

that's my list. who did I miss
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