Biggest trash taker in MMA history?

Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2012/04/28 18:16:05
Chael Sonnen
Josh Koscheck
Nick Diaz
Frank Mir
Michael Bisping
Jason "Mayhem" Miller
Rashad Evans
Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
Tito Ortiz
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Georges St. Pierre, Junior Dos Santos, and Forrest Griffin are some of the few nice guys in the sport. These are people who don't really like to "trash talk" or hype a fight and just let their skills do the talking. There are a few fighters out there who love to talk more than fight. Who has the biggest mouth?

1.) Chael Sonnen:
Dana White has compared Chael Sonnen to Muhhamed Ali in terms of trash talk. Everything that comes out of his mouth is epic and most of it you can't help but get a chuckle out of. Sonnen has a notable feud with UFC Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva and has trash talked him until he's blue in the face. He even went far enough to say something about his wife cooking him a steak. Other fighters he has angered include Lyoto Machida, Mirko "Cro Cop", Georges St. Pierre, Rampage Jackson (the whole 205 lb class in general), Jason "Mayhem" Miller, Wanderlei Silva (all Brazilians in general), and Alistair Overeem. Chael doesn't seem like too much of a jerk, but he's definitely someone who tries way too hard to hype a fight.

2.) Josh Koscheck:
"Kos" is somewhat of an instigator, something that he admits. From his days from being a contestant on the first ever season of The Ultimate Fighter, one season as a TUF coach and as a fighter in general Koscheck has always been known for his big mouth. This makes him one of the most loathed UFC fighters by fans today. He was known to talk alot of trash as a TUF contestant, especially towards Chris Leben and Diego Sanchez. He was known to get under the skin of both Georges St. Pierre and his fighters, making people instantly hate Koscheck because "GSP" is a huge fan favorite. Out of all the people on this list... Koscheck seems to have fun doing this and seems like the biggest jerk. Even UFC fighter Dan Hardy put it perfectly... If you like Josh Koscheck you obviously haven't met him. He's got a point. Koscheck is a good fighter not gonna lie, but he's someone that really needs a beating.

3.) Frank Mir:
Frank Mir has never shied away from trash talk either, especially towards Brock Lesnar. Correct me if I'm wrong but he said he hopes Lesnar is the first one to die of UFC related injuries. This sparked alot of controversey and even Dana White wasn't happy with Mir's remarks. it's one thing to talk trash.. But Mir's comments were very inappropriate.

4.) Nick Diaz:
You either hate or love this guy. Diaz has the talent and the makings of a very special fighter. His aggressive style is something you have to respect as well. Diaz however hasn't shied away from speaking his mind, even towards fan favorites. He's called out Georges St. Pierre several times, and when he finally got an immediate title shot against him he failed to show up at a mandatory press conference. Other fighters he has trashed talked have been Jason "Mayhem" Miller, KJ Noons, Joe Riggs, BJ Penn, Carlos Condit, Paul Daley, or just about every single one of his opponents. Diaz differs from everyone else on this list. I don't think he's trying to accomplish anything here. This is just how Nick Diaz is, he's real. I don't think he enjoys trash talking, he's just an ornery problem child. Who doesn't remember "Don't be scared homie"... that seems to be a trash talking classic. Diaz has gotten alot of respect after his win against BJ Penn, and there's no denying that he could be something special. But Diaz does deserve to be thrown in to the trash talking list.

5.) Michael Bisping:
Why does everyone hate Michael Bisping. Easily, he's an arrogant snob. Bisping thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread and still complains to this day that he deserves a title shot. Really? Who have you beat that's relevant? Mayhem Miller and Chris Leben? Dan Miller? Even though theyre solid they're not relevant enough for a title shot. All besides the point Bisping is extremely disliked for trash talking fan favorites like Dan Henderson, Mayhem Miller, Wanderlei Silva, and Chris Leben. Even the fact that he had mutual respect for Chael Sonnen, he still had unflattering words to say about him. Bispings bark is bigger than his bite. I think it was a happy moment in MMA when Dan Henderson knocked him out cold on the TUF Finale that season.

6.) Jason "Mayhem" Miller:
Bully Beatdown guy. Mayhem doesn't come off as much as a jerk compared to the other guys on this list, but he's a trash talker nonetheless. After the Strikeforce: Nashville incident Miller taunted Nick Diaz by using his "Don't be scared homie" trademark to hype a fight between the two. He trash talked Michael Bisping saying he's the most hated man in America since Osama Bin Laden died. He trashed talked Jake Shields saying his ground for pound sucks. And recently he's had a war of words with Chael Sonnen via twitter saying that he's being a hypocrite berating somebody on a failed drug test. Mayhem doesn't come off as unlikable as most of the guys on the list, and like Sonnen you can't help but laugh at what he says. But I'd be lying if I said he wasn't a trash talker.

7.) Rashad Evans:
Rashad is a show boat and a trash talker. He's had notable feuds with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Phil Davis and Jon Jones. He even trash talked Jones because Jones said he would be willing to fight Rashad Evans even when they were friends at the time. This caused beef between the two. Evans even had the balls to interrupt Jones after defending his title, pulling the same crap Rampage Jackson pulled on him once. Im sorry Rashad, but this is a business. I'm sorry that he's hungrier for a belt more than you are. Like Koscheck and Bisping, Evans hears boos from the crowd all the time. This is part of the reason why.

8.) Quinton "Rampage" Jackson:
Alot like Mayhem and Sonnen, Rampage is hilarious. He isn't someone to shy away from trash talking though. He trashed talked Rashad Evans for obvious reasons and even interrupted him after winning a championship, Jon Jones to hype the title fight, and Ryan Bader saying that he wasn't relevant enough. He even taunted Darril Schoonover, one of Rashad Evan's fighters on The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights. He constantly called him "titties" throughout the show making fun of his weight. Rampage could be funny, but at times he does come off as a bully, making him a trash talker.

9.) Tito Ortiz
Tito was another big trash talker. He trashed talked every fighter he's came across. Whether it was Rashad Evans, Ken Shamrock, Ryan Bader, or Chuck Liddell, Tito had something to say. Hell he even went at it with the president himself Dana White. Somebody who wears a shirt saying "Dana is my Bitch!" explains it all. I'll keep that short and sweet.

those are my guys... did I miss anyone
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