Biggest surprise baseball team in 2012?

Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT 2012/06/15 07:47:40
Washington Nationals
Baltimore Orioles
Pittsburgh Pirates
LA Dodgers
NY Mets
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Teams like the Yankees, Rangers, and Rays are expected to be at the top of their division and be in the postseason. Teams like the Cubs, Astros and Mariners were picked to lose 90+ games. But here are the teams this year that werent expected to compete and have blown everyone out of the water. Which one of these teams has taken you by surprise the most.
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  • jayshawksnotboth 2012/07/04 14:09:26
    NY Mets
    ... given these choices. The Mets have certainly had an improved year.
  • Yankee:... jayshaw... 2012/07/04 19:52:00
    Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT
    yeah... the orioles have improved too but they kind of tailed off a little. but the mets have been a surprise this was a team everybody picked to finish last in the division.. they're in second place in a competitive NL east.
  • jayshaw... Yankee:... 2012/07/05 04:54:36
    ... except now my team (Blue Jays) are feeling the blunt of being in this division.
  • Yankee:... jayshaw... 2012/07/05 14:36:54
    Yankee: The A-Hole of PHÆT
    Theyre above .500.. The al east is just really competitive
  • KeithL 2012/06/18 21:02:40

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